Archive for June 4, 2019

Why Dark Phoenix Left Out Wolverine, and It’s Not the Obvious Answer

Hugh Jackman won't be back as Wolverine in Dark Phoenix but there's a good reason for that, according to director Simon Kinberg.

Shaft Red-Band Trailer: Samuel L. Jackson Delivers More Heat Than You Can Handle

Three generations come together in the latest action-packed look at Shaft which revives the series with franchise originals Richard Roundtree and Samuel L. Jackson.

New Ghosts in Annabelle Comes Home Might Get a Conjuring Spinoff Next

Director Gary Dauberman discusses The Ferryman in Annabelle Comes Home and whether or not the character has a future in the franchise.

Ghostbusters 3 Targets July Shoot Date in Calgary

Director Jason Reitman will reportedly begin production on Ghostbusters 3 this summer and wrap in the fall.

Wild Rise of Skywalker Theory Claims Comics Already Revealed Rey’s Biggest Secret

The latest Star Wars theory explains how Emperor Palpatine plays into Rise of Skywalker and what it may mean for Rey.
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