Archive for June 12, 2019

Batman: Mask of the Phantasm Villain Heads to the Pages of DC Comics

Writer Tom King will bring The Phantasm to the DC Comics canon via his Batman/Catwoman comic book series in 2020.

Men In Black: International Arrives with Franchise Worst Rotten Tomatoes Score

The early reactions to Men In Black: International are not at all out of this world, as its Rotten Tomatoes score is on the low side.

Just How Finished Is the Justice League Snyder Cut?

Jay Oliva claims the Snyder cut of Justice League may be a lot further along than many thought.

Paul Rudd Not Sure Ant-Man 3 Will Happen, Asks Fans to Campaign

The Marvel Cinematic Universe's Phase 4 is getting ready to kick off next year, but will Ant-Man 3 be in it?

Rick James Biopic Is in the Works

The wild and influential life of Rick James is preparing to be told on the big screen in a new music biopic.
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