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Spider-Man Director Addresses Sinister 6, Gwen Stacy & Other Big Rumors

Jon Watts addresses several big rumors regarding Spider-Man: Far From Home, including the Sinister Six and Gwen Stacy.

Heather Langenkamp Would Love to Return as Nancy in Nightmare on Elm Street Sequel

Scream queen Heather Langenkamp wants to come back for another A Nightmare on Elm Street, but she also has her doubts.

Carrie Fisher’s Naughty Whisper in That Long Rise of Skywalker Hug Revealed

Carrie Fisher was very much herself on the day she had to hug Daisy Ridley and whisper a message in her ear, which is shown in The Rise of Skywalker trailer.

Tom Holland as James Bond? Spider-Man Star Is Definitely Down with It

Spider-Man: Far From Home star Tom Holland wouldn't mind taking over the James Bond franchise at some point down the line.

Disney+ Marvel Series Will Change the MCU and Its Characters in a Major Way

Marvel Studios boss Kevin Feige says the upcoming Disney+ shows will have some big and lasting surprises for the MCU.
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