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Goriest IT Chapter Two Scene Is Carrie on Steroids with 4.5K Gallons of Blood

Jessica Chastain pushed for more blood in IT: Chapter Two, which resulted in a record-setting amount.

Are We Ever Getting a Key & Peele Movie? Keegan-Michael Key Weighs In

Peele's former Key & Peele co-star also says he's up for starring in a 'traditional Jordan Peele film.'

Finn Wolfhard Throws FaceApp Shade at IT Chapter 2 Co-Star Bill Hader

FaceApp is all over social media right now as users share what they might look like when they get older.

Netflix Announces The Movies That Made Us Series from the Creators of The Toys That Made Us

Nostalgia will always be big, which is why Netflix has expanded their The Toys That Made Us docuseries into the movie side of things.

Top Gun 2 Has a Shirtless Sports Scene, Tom Cruise Wasn’t Joking

Many thought Tom Cruise was either kidding or on autopilot when he said Top Gun 2: Maverick might feature another volleyball scene.
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