Archive for July 23, 2019

Why Disney’s Lion King Remake Is Considered Live-Action and Not Animation

There is only one actual live shot in The Lion King but it's not being considered an animated movie.

Joker, Hustlers, Knives Out & More Will Premiere at TIFF 2019

The Toronto International Film Festival 2019 lineup includes many Oscar hopefuls and surprises.

PlayMobil the Movie Trailer #3 Brings Epic-Sized Adventure for Tiny Toys

STX has unleashed an all-new trailer for their upcoming animated adventure Playmobil The Movie, featuring Anya Taylor-Joy and Daniel Radcliffe.

Natalie Portman Secretly Locked Down Thor: Love & Thunder Deal Months Ago

Director Taika Waititi met with Natalie Portman quite some time ago to discuss Thor 4, long before the big reveal recently.

Fast & Furious 9 Temporarily Halts Production After Stuntman Suffers Major Injury

Stuntman Joe Watts suffered a major head injury while filming a scene for Fast and Furious 9 in London.
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