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Freddy Fan Meets Robert Englund as Elm Street Make-A-Wish Dream Comes True

Freddy Krueger actor Robert Englund has made a young Nightmare on Elm Street fan's wish come true.

New Mutants Reportedly Drops X-Men References, Could Join the MCU


The current cut of Fox's The New Mutants has reportedly dropped all references to the studio's X-Men movies, and could eventually become part of the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Writer-director Josh Boone's adaptation of Chris Claremont and Bob McLeod's X-Men spinoff comic books was one of the last Fox Marvel movies produced before the Disney-Fox deal was finalized in March, along with Dark Phoenix. The latter hit theaters in June and was poorly received by critics on its way to becoming Fox's lowest-grossing X-Men film of all time.

New Mutants' release date had already been delayed a few times prior to the completion of the Disney-Fox acquisition, in order to allow the movie time to undergo reshoots and bring it closer to Boone's initial vision (a PG-13 haunted house film with young mutants, basically). It's no longer expected to undergo reshoots, however, and is now scheduled to arrive in April 2020, leading some fans to wonder if Disney has simply moved it there until it reveals it's shelving the movie altogether. Not so, according to a new report.

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FandomWire is reporting The New Mutants' latest cut removes all references to the previous Fox X-Men movies, including any lines suggesting "mutant" is a common term in the film's universe. This changes were apparently made in case Marvel Studios president Kevin Feige decides he wants to make New Mutants part of the MCU and bring its main characters back in either Phase 5 or beyond.

Although FandomWire hasn't always been reliable when it comes to their exclusives, they have started to improve recently. They broke the news about Black Lightning appearing in the Crisis on Infinite Earths crossover before it was confirmed, and their report about the Disney Plus Loki TV series (namely, that it follows Loki on a journey throughout human history) lines up with what's been revealed about the series so far. It also just makes sense for Disney and Fox to cut any connections to the previous X-Men movies from New Mutants. Between Dark Phoenix failing hard at the box office and the X-Men gearing up to be rebooted for the MCU down the line, New Mutants arguably has a better shot at success as a standalone Marvel film that may or may not take place in the MCU than one with clear-cut ties to Fox's X-Men series.

It's also been reported that a recent re-edit of New Mutants - one that brings the film closer to Boone's original horror-driven vision - is playing unexpectedly well with test audiences, after an earlier iteration failed to impress Disney's executives. Assuming that's the case, it's possible the Mouse House will stick to the movie's current Spring 2020 release date after all and release The New Mutants in theaters, minus the X-Men references and with additional scares. Disney just barely ignored the film during its D23 presentation, though, so best to not jump to any conclusions just yet.

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Source: FandomWire

Justice League: Rob Liefeld Supporting Release The Snyder Cut At NYCC


The Justice League Release the Snyder Cut movement will get some support at New York Comic Con from Deadpool co-creator Rob Liefeld. Before it hit theaters in late 2017, the road to release for Warner Bros. and DC Films' Justice League was fraught with production troubles, including director Zack Snyder's exit after his daughter died by suicide, leading to Joss Whedon joining the project for reshoots. Much of Snyder's original vision for Justice League was changed by Whedon's reshoots, and many criticized the theatrical cut of being a Frankenstein job of the two directors' styles. These events inspired fans to start the Release the Snyder Cut movement, which hopes to convince the studio to release Snyder's version of Justice League.

Although there are various opinions about whether the Snyder Cut exists and, if it does, in what form, the Release the Snyder Cut movement has persevered and evolved over the last two years. For San Diego Comic-Con 2019, the Snyder Cut movement raised money for billboard and bus stop advertisements that were placed around the convention center. Further, the movement raised nearly $15,000 for The American Foundation for Suicide Prevention in honor of Snyder's daughter Autumn. Now, Release the Snyder Cut is turning to next month's New York Comic Con, where they'll get some support from Deadpool co-creator Liefeld.

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On Twitter, Liefeld posted about wearing a Release the Snyder Cut T-shirt to NYCC 2019, later confirming he'll be attending the convention Friday Oct. 4 - Sunday Oct. 6. Liefeld has long supported the director's cut, voicing his desire to see the Snyder Cut of Justice League as early as November 2017, shortly after the movie hit theaters. See Liefeld's tweet below.

Earlier this summer, the Release the Snyder Cut community outlined their plans for next month's NYCC, launching a GoFundMe to again have both a presence at the convention and raise money for the AFSP. They've already raised more than their goal of $6,000, half of which will go to the AFSP while the other half goes to buying a digital billboard in Times Square and funding a ground team that will distribute merchandise and leaflets. Now, given his tweet, it seems Liefeld is unofficially joining the ground team for Release the Snyder Cut at NYCC by confirming he'll be sporting a shirt supporting the cause.

Of course, it still remains to be seen whether all these efforts will eventually lead to the actual release of the Justice League Snyder cut. Though Aquaman star Jason Momoa claimed he's seen the Snyder Cut, so we know it exists in some form, there are many hurdles to clear before the director and/or Warner Bros. make it available for the public - including possibly finishing the VFX for sequences that weren't in Whedon's theatrical cut. Still, as evidenced by the continuing efforts of the Release the Snyder Cut movement, there are those incredibly interested in seeing Snyder's vision for Justice League come to life. While Liefeld is the latest to voice support for Release the Snyder Cut, he won't be the last as hope remains alive that fans will one day get to see the Snyder Cut of Justice League.

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Source: Rob Liefeld/Twitter, #ProjectNewYorkComicCon/GoFundMe

FF8 GF Guide: All Locations & Abilities Explained | Screen Rant


FF8 Remastered is introducing a whole new generation of players to GFs (and their locations and abilities), just an example of innovative but misunderstood features in one of the most underappreciated games in franchise history. The GF system is extremely divisive among fans, with opinions ranging wildly between assertions it's one of the best or worst summon mechanics in Final Fantasy. A design that allows players to accidentally miss some of the most powerful summons in the game is sure to invite some less-than-favorable feedback.

As is often the case, though, the truth about the FF8 GF system is somewhere in between. FF8 Remastered is in an interesting position. A re-release two decades after its initial launch could be disastrous, but it's also a chance at redemption. One of the first things players will notice about FF8 Remastered is that many of its gameplay elements that were targeted as flaws during its time on the PlayStation One have aged miraculously well. In fact, as JRPGs have gotten more complicated and storytelling has gotten more ambitious, it's well worth considering whether or not FF8 Remastered is better suited for 2019 than it ever was for 1999.

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Controversial opinions aside, FF8 Remastered GF locations and abilities are a fundamental element of the game that isn't necessarily explained well. Squall's turn in the remastered spotlight of FF8 Remastered's improved graphics has been criticized as somewhat obtuse about many of its features, and FF8 GF locations and abilities are unfortunately a very real part of that. Luckily for those who don't want to miss out on a summon or a chance to use them in a really fascinating - or sometimes broken - way, Screen Rant has compiled a guide to help players navigate FF8's choppy summoning waters like an expert JRPG navigator.

This will be player's first GF and, as a result, Quezacotl is unmissable. It's either obtained automatically during the trip to the Fire Cavern for the SeeD Exam mission or any time Squall accesses his study panel before that mission. Quezacotl is the Thunder-based summon in FF8 Remastered and has one of the most important abilities in Card and Card Mod, two useful options that will help players obtain cards outside of Triple Triad and convert them into useful items later.

  • Important Abilities: Card, Card Mod, Mid Mag RF, MAG +20%/40%
  • Best Compatibility: Rinoa, Irvine
  • Worst Compatibility: Squall, Selphie
  • Summon Attack: Thunder Storm (deals Thunder damage to all enemies)

Shiva is also unmissable, and can be obtained early by using Squall's study panel and watching the tutorial on GFs. Otherwise, Quistis will give Squall Shiva before leaving for the Fire Cavern. Shiva is the Ice-based FF8 GF that allows players to unlock Doom as an ability. Otherwise, she offers two key stat bonuses after meeting the requisite AP requirements during battle training.

  • Important Abilities: VIT +20%/40%, SPR +20%/40%, Doom
  • Best Compatibility: Rinoa, Quistis
  • Worst Compatibility: Zell
  • Summon Attack: Diamond Dust (deals Ice damage to all enemies)

We promise that some FF8 GF locations are important to know and can be missed, but Ifrit is yet another that will be simply given to the player for progressing through the game's first real mission at the Fire Cavern. Ifrit is fought as FF8's first boss and will then be added to Squall's roster of GFs once he is defeated. Ifrit has a unique ability in Mad Rush that has been abused by some party builds that focus heavily on physical attack damage to push through difficult enemies.

  • Important Abilities: Mad Rush, Ammo RF, STR Bonus (grants +1 to STR stat every time a character levels up), STR +20%/40%
  • Best Compatibility: Rinoa, Zell
  • Worst Compatibility: Quistis, Irvine
  • Summon Attack: Hellfire (deals Fire damage to all enemies)

Finally, a FF8 GF that can be missed! Siren is actually available very early in the game and is thus one of the most commonly missed GFs in the game, as players are still acclimatizing to the many complex systems in FF8 and might not think to cast Draw on a boss monster. Siren is held by Elvoret, one of the bosses during the Dollet SeeD Exam mission that players fight at the top of the communication tower. Players simply need to Draw Siren from Elvoret before defeating it. If Siren isn't obtained during that fight, it will be available as a Draw from another boss - only during the game's final dungeon, which severely hinders Siren's potential effectiveness over the game.

  • Important Abilities: Treatment, Move-Find, Tool RF, ST Mag RF, L Mag RF
  • Best Compatibility: Selphie
  • Worst Compatibility: Squall
  • Summon Attack: Silent Voice (deals Non-Elemental damage and inflicts Silence on all enemies)

Diablos is one of the reasons the FF8 GF system is so heavily criticized. The extremely powerful summon resides in a magical lamp that headmaster Cid gives Squall before he leaves Balamb Garden for Timber, warning him not to use it until he's properly prepared and powerful. Using the lamp summons Diablos, who must be beaten before he joins the party as a GF. The issue is that it's significantly better for players to attempt to beat Diablos as soon as he's available rather than waiting until later in the game. FF8 uses a system that sees enemies scale in strength with the player's level, so waiting until late game makes Diablos a much more difficult fight overall.

Diablos can be cheesed early, too. Diablos' best attacks are all physical, and if he's struggling to land them, players can take their time and ensure they're tackling him safely. Diablos has some incredible abilities for players willing to go the extra mile to acquire him as quickly as possible, including massive stat bonuses, the ability to damage enemies while thieving from them with Mug, and Enc-Half and Enc-None, two abilities that reduce the encounters players have with enemies or outright prevents them altogether. It's worth noting that FF8 Remastered has built-in cheats that allow players to disable encounters whenever they like, which does make Diablos a little less appealing but nevertheless useful.

  • Important Abilities: Mug, Enc-Half, Enc-None, HP +20%/40%/60%/80%, MAG +20%/40%, Ability x3, Darkside, Time Mag RF
  • Best Compatibility: Squall
  • Worst Compatibility: Zell
  • Summon Attack: Dark Messenger (deals Non-Elemental damage that is determined based on how much HP an enemy has)

Brothers is found in the Tomb of the Unknown King, but is buried deep inside the location, much further than players are required to navigate during the FF8 narrative. The tomb first becomes accessible when Squall reaches Deling City for the first time.

Here's a quick breakdown of what to do once inside the tomb: go right, left, right, left, right, straight, and interact with the statute. Battle Sacred until Sacred flees. Then leave the room and go straight, right, left, right, left, right, straight. Pull the lever on the left side of the room, then leave and go straight, right, left, right, left, right, and straight again. This will have players exit the temple. Immediately turn around, go straight repeatedly, and eventually enter a battle with Sacred and Minotaur, collectively known as Brothers. Defeating them earns the Brothers GF - it's actually pretty easy, too. Casting Float on the party renders nearly all of Brothers' Earth damage inept.

Unfortunately, Brothers isn't exactly the best FF8 GF in the game. Earth damage sometimes matters and for completion's sake, it's worth grabbing, especially since many players will have missed it during playthroughs without guides.

  • Important Abilities: Cover, Move-Find, HP Bonus, HP +20%/40%/80%
  • Best Compatibility: Rinoa, Zell
  • Worst Compatibility: Irvine
  • Summon Attack: Brother Love (deals Earth damage to all enemies)

Carbuncle is obtained by using Draw on Iguions, two lizard monsters that are revived from their statue state and attack Squall and company during the Deling City Parade. Carbuncle has some amazing abilities that can make party compositions very flexible, so make sure to grab it. If missed, Carbuncle can be gained from using Draw on Krysta in the final FF8 dungeon.

  • Important Abilities: Auto Reflect, Counter, VIT Bonus, Recov Med RF, Ability x3
  • Best Compatibility: Selphie
  • Worst Compatibility: Squall
  • Summon Attack: Ruby Light (casts Reflect on all party members)

Leviathan is obtained by using Draw on NORG, a boss during the Civil War event. If missed, Leviathan is also available as a draw from Trauma in the game's final dungeon.

  • Important Abilities: Auto Potion, Recover, Supt Mag RF
  • Best Compatibility: Rinoa
  • Worst Compatibility: Irvine
  • Summon Attack: Tsunami (deals Water damage to all enemies)

Another Draw FF8 GF that can be easily missed. Pandemona is in Fujin, the blue-garbed friend of Seifer that players will fight in their return to Balamb Garden. If missed, Pandemona is available as a GF Draw from Red Giant, another boss in FF8's final dungeon.

  • Important Abilities: Initiative, Absorb, Supt Mag RF
  • Best Compatibility: Rinoa, Selphie
  • Worst Compatibility: Quistis, Irvine
  • Summon Attack: Tornado Zone (deals Wind damage to all enemies)

Cerberus is an optional boss in Galbadia Garden. It's found in the Atrium, in the middle of the yellow beam there. Beating Cerberus automatically recruits him as a GF, and he can be obtained as a Draw from the Gargantua boss in the final FF8 dungeon as well. Gargantua has Auto Haste, which is an extremely useful ability that can build out some interesting party compositions.

  • Important Abilities: Auto Haste, Ability x3, Alert, Initiative, SPD +20%/40%
  • Best Compatibility: Rinoa, Selphie
  • Worst Compatibility: Quistis, Zell
  • Summon Attack: Counter Rockets (casts Double and Triple)

Alexander is available as a Draw from Edea, who is fought in Galbadia Garden as well. If missed, Alexander is available as a draw from Catoblepas in the final FF8 dungeon. Holy damage is a nice complement to party comps and Alexander also offers Revive, which makes it a great GF for the healer of the party.

  • Important Abilities: Revive, Initiative, Med LV up, High Mag RF, Ability x3
  • Best Compatibility: Selphie
  • Worst Compatibility: Irvine
  • Summon Attack: Holy Judgement (deals Holy damage to all enemies)

Easily in contention for being one of the best Final Fantasy names ever, Doomtrain is a gigantic train possessed by a demon that is summoned by using clues found in the Occult Magazines players can collect while playing. The game doesn't differentiate between those who have collected Occult Magazines and those who have not, though, so following guide requirements without the Occult Magazines is fine. Players will need Solomon's Ring, 6 Malboro Tentacles, 6 Remedy+, and 6 Steel Pipes, and will then need to use the Solomon Ring. This will acquire the powerful GF, which has several unique abilities, and is the only way to get Doomtrain in FF8.

  • Important Abilities: Absorb, Auto Shell, Junk Shop, Forbid Med RF
  • Best Compatibility: Rinoa
  • Worst Compatibility: Irvine
  • Summon Attack: Runaway Train (Bad Breath, Petrify, Doom & Vit 0 inflicted on all enemies)

Cactuar can only be obtained once players get the Rangarok Airship. Fly to a desert island east of the Centra Ruins. Occassionally, something green will spawn on the island. Coming into contact with it will start a fight with the Jumbo Cactuar, and defeating it obtains the Cactuar GF in FF8. Cactuar has some really nice passives that are worth investing in.

  • Important Abilities: Auto Potion, Luck +50%, Eva +30%, Kamikaze
  • Best Compatibility: Selphie
  • Worst Compatibility: Quistis
  • Summon Attack: 1000 Needles (deals damage equal to the first digit of Cactuar's level times 100 to all enemies; at level 100, 1000 Needles will always do 10,000 damage)

Bahamut, perhaps the most iconic summon in Final Fantasy history, is in the Deep Sea Research Center. Bahamut is only available once players have acquired the Ragnarok Airship, and then they'll need to fly to the bottom-left corner of the map and land there to access the center. There's a blue light in the middle of the room that players need to access - after engaging in battles throughout - and then answer three questions correctly. Here are the FF8 Deep Sea Research Center answers:

  • Question 1: It is not our will to fight.
  • Question 2: Never.
  • Question 3: There is a "hidden" third option - choose that.

Answering a question will summon an enemy. The final question will summon Bahamut, which will need to be beaten before it is acquired as a GF. Bahamut is, predictably, one of the most powerful GFs in the game and nearly all of its abilities are worth picking up.

  • Important Abilities: Auto Protect, Ability x4, Rare Item, STR +60%, MAG +60%, Mov HP Up, Mug
  • Best Compatibility: Rinoa
  • Worst Compatibility: N/A - after Rinoa, everyone else is pretty well on the same level in terms of Bahamut compatibility
  • Summon Attack: Mega Flare (deals significant Non-Elemental damage to all enemies)

Eden is only accessible before the final dungeon after acquiring Bahamut. Bahamut's defeat opens up a deeper section in the Deep Sea Research Center that contains Ultima Weapon, which Eden can be Drawn from. Ultima Weapon is an incredibly difficult optional boss, however, and Eden can also be obtained by using Draw on Tiamat in the final dungeon as an alternative method.

  • Important Abilities: Devour, Mad Rush, Luck +50%
  • Best Compatibility: Rinoa, Selphie
  • Worst Compatibility: Irvine
  • Summon Attack: Eternal Breath (deals Non-Elemental damage to all enemies)

Odin is a rare instance of a non-junctionable GF in FF8. Once Odin joins the party, he will simply appear at random and instantly kill enemies. Odin is found in the Centra Ruins as well, and can be obtained as soon as players go there. Upon entering the ruins, players only have 20 minutes to reach and defeat Odin. This is much easier if the player followed this guide's advice and grabbed Diablos early, because Enc-Half or, ideally, Enc-None make the journey a breeze. There are a few puzzles that require players to place eyes into a statue to open a door, but they're very simple, especially with no encounters. Fighting and defeating Odin recruits him as a GF automatically - although, again, unlike most of the summons outlined in this FF8 GF locations and abilities guide, Odin will not be usable.

Tonberry is also in the Centra Ruins, but it's much easier to acquire once Odin is defeated and the time limit on the ruins is removed. To get Tonberry, players need to beat 20 Tonberry enemies while in the ruins. Tonberry enemies are not the easiest in FF8 by any stretch of the imagination, so come prepared with healing items ready. After the 20th kill, the Tonberry King will appear. Defeating it will have it join the team as a GF and offer up some of the weirdest and unique GF abilities in FF8.

  • Important Abilities: LV Down + LV Up (manipulates enemy level to change their item pool and spell Draws), Haggle (reduces cost of items in shops by 25%), Sell-High (allows player to sell items for 1.5x sale price), Familiar (allows player to buy rarer items at shops), Call Shop (allows player to visit any shop they have previously visited in the game from the menu screen)
  • Best Compatibility: Selphie
  • Worst Compatibility: Zell
  • Summon Attack: Chef's Knife (deals Non-Elemental damage to a random enemy)

Phoenix a non-junctionable summon that can be summoned randomly by using a Phoenix Pinion item in battle. Once it's summoned for the first time, Phoenix has a random change to appear and prevent a Game Over. Phoenix Pinions are acquired from the 5th Floor Card Player in Prison, the Vase Pieces in Winhill, the Shumi Tribe sidequest, or by refining Mega Phoenix items with Med Lv. Up.

The popular FF5 villain Gilgamesh is also a non-junctionable FF8 GF. To get him, players need Odin before entering Lunatic Pandora and fighting Seifer. Having Odin causes an event and gives another turn after the event to summon Gilgamesh. Like Odin, Gilgamesh can randomly appear during battle, but unlike Odin, Gilgamesh has several different potential attacks upon being summoned - some of which are significantly more useful than others.

These summons are obtained through the Chocobo World mini-game. All of them are non-junctionable.

  • Boko the Choboco - summoned by using Gyshal Greens during battle
  • Minimog - obtained using the Mog's Amulet item acquired in Chocobo World; revives and heals all the party's GFs
  • Moomba - summoned using the Friendship item, obtained via Chocobo World; attacks an opponent to leave them at 1HP, or deals 9,999 damage to an enemy with more HP than that

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Hellboy Characters Sorted Into Their Hogwarts Houses | ScreenRant


Just thinking about Hellboy attending Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry is anxiety-inducing for any educator. You think the Weasley twins and Harry Potter stirred up enough shenanigans? At least they didn't blast down any of the castle walls or shoot any of the dragons at the Triwizard Tournament with Big Baby.

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Still, there's something incredibly fun about imagining HB, Liz Sherman, Abe Sapien and the rest of the Bureau of Paranormal Research and Defense all attending Hogwarts together, maybe as part of their defensive training or maybe to learn a bit of magic, which should come in handy up against Anubis, Baba Yaga and Hitler himself.

10 Hellboy: Gryffindor

Those who think this half-demon, half-human being belongs to Slytherin just because of his heritage simply haven't met him. HB is the kind of person to charge right in without thinking, with either his five-fingered Mary or gun pointed ahead for the sake of the adventure. He will take on just about anyone by the seat of his pants, not only to get the job done but for the glory of it all.

Movie-Hellboy isn't supposed to be seen or heard by people, but he's dying for the recognition he deserves for doing a job well done. Comic-HB can be much lazier at times, but he's just as fearless and willing to charge a monster at any moment's notice.

9 Liz Sherman: Hufflepuff

Liz is a harder person to place: sometimes the lure of her powers consumes her, much like a Slytherin, and she's proven herself to be the bravest person in the room, often the only one who can save everyone, like a Gryffindor. She's one of the most introspective people on the team, a true Ravenclaw quality, but it's her loyalty and dedication to not only the BPRD but the human race that makes Liz a Hufflepuff.

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Liz is constantly exiling herself from the Bureau for causing damage that she did not mean to cause with her pyrokinesis, yet she always returns because she's either needed or finds herself doing the same outside the B.P.R.D. This makes her one of the most torn people in the entire Hellboy universe.

8 Abe Sapien: Ravenclaw

There's no doubt that Abe is a Ravenclaw to the core. Why else would David Hyde Pierce voice the character? In all seriousness, Abe finds the pursuit of knowledge to be one of the most worthwhile uses of his time. He wasn't only a Victorian scientist in his previous life, but an empath, thereby making him a master of both intellectual and emotional intelligence.

Abe definitely does have qualities from other houses, such as his incredible hand-to-hand combat abilities, particularly those underwater, in the comic books, but Ravenclaw is where he would be best suited and most happy.

7 Agent Manning: Slytherin

Duplicitous Agent Thomas Manning is one heck of a Slytherin, duping the American people at large on national television to keep Hellboy a secret while simultaneously bribing and shaming Hellboy to do what he wants. In the comics, he had a bomb put into someone's chest to purposefully go off should the person become hostile, but he did later admit that it wasn't his call.

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Comic-Manning isn't nearly as prideful and cruel as movie-Manning, but he definitely struggles between being a leader and following the orders of his superiors. Movie-manning is all about his own selfish desires.

6 Agent Myers: Slytherin

Another B.P.R.D. agent who likely belongs in Slytherin House is John Myers, an audience surrogate created for the first del Toro Hellboy film. Myers comes off as a "Boy Scout" at times, making him appear to be a loyal Hufflepuff, but he makes his true intentions known when he seeks out Liz Sherman, with whom he becomes interested in upon seeing her with Hellboy.

Not only does Myers know that his charge is already in love with Liz, but he also knows that she's self-committed into a facility and doesn't want to return to the B.P.R.D. He doesn't care. He sees her, wants her and pursues her, all for naught.

5 Johann Kraus

More likable in the comics than in his film role in Hellboy 2: The Golden Army, Johann Kraus is a Ravenclaw who pursues knowledge not only through academic pursuits, but through psychic ones, which might make him good friends with Luna Lovegood as a student. Kraus speaks multiple languages and is very organized, so the Ravenclaw House would help him flourish and become a better agent.

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Like the other agents, Kraus does have multiple abilities that could place him in other houses, most notably his well-liked personality and great interpersonal skills, which might make him suitable for Hufflepuff as well.

4 Professor Broom: Ravenclaw

Professor Trevor Bruttenholm walks a fine line between the Ravenclaw and Slytherin Houses, depending on which incarnation is being presented. John Hurt's Broom is almost all Ravenclaw, while Ian McShane's is much more Slytherin-prone. When comic--Bruttenholm is averaged with his film counterparts, he is mostly a Ravenclaw at heart.

The academic doctor is an occult expert who graduated from Oxford University. He's the reason why Hellboy wasn't destroyed on sight, and while his motive could be chalked up to fatherly instinct, it was also out of his keen intellect: he knew there was more to the demon child than meets the eye.

3 Ben Daimio: Gryffindor

Militaristic Ben Daimio was a Marine in a past life before he was taken out and cursed with shape-shifting abilities, and it's an experience that still guides him when he works for the B.P.R.D. Blunt, direct and always acting with a preference of action and force rather than diplomacy, Daimio is a Gryffindor.

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Daimio doesn't care about his looks or his own safety, as he has often demonstrated, and it would appear that he's never sought out reconstructive surgery after his attack that left him without an ear. His were-jaguar form is much more sinister in the comics, resulting in the loss of many agents, which leaves him with heavy guilt.

2 Alice Monaghan: Gryffindor

In the Hellboy reboot, Alice is a gutsy young woman who always wants to be along for the ride, even at great personal danger. The psychic is snarky and funny, and if developed in a better film, could be a really cool addition to the B.P.R.D. As it stands, she's a Gryffindor who risks her life to help Hellboy, who helped her as an infant.

In the comics, the Irish woman, who always appeared to have not aged much due to her time among the fairies, took up the duty as fairy protector after Nimue took out Queen Mab, choosing to remain with the fae.

1 Kate Corrigan: Ravenclaw

One of the biggest losses of the Hellboy films was the lack of Kate Corrigan, one of Red's closest friends and the most practical, wise person on the team. An academic at heart, Dr. Corrigan is a history professor who begins as a consultant for the B.P.R.D. The author of over a dozen books on the occult, Corrigan is a huge asset to the team, but she doesn't want to get into the field.

Ultimately it's Hellboy who convinces his friend to join the team in field operations, which takes ten years for him to do, and she is shaken upon seeing him in action. She's still quite gutsy and comes in handy in action, as fans have seen when she's appeared in the Hellboy animated features.

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