Archive for September 7, 2019

Alien Xenomorph Becomes a Trick-or-Treat Bucket This Halloween

Super7 has unveiled its new Xenomorph trick-or-treat bucket just in time for Halloween.

Doctor Sleep Recreated Overlook Hotel from Kubrick’s The Shining Blueprints

Mike Flanagan spent days ensuring that The Overlook would be identical to the sets used by Kubrick.

Mel Gibson Returns as Mad Max in Fury Road Deepfake Video

Mad Max: Fury Road takes a new approach with Mel Gibson looking like he did 25 years ago.

Rian Johnson’s Star Wars Trilogy Still on Track, Will We See It Before 2030?

Lucasfilm and Rian Johnson are still working together to figure out the next steps away from the Skywalker saga.

Mission: Impossible 7 Brings in Agent Carter Star Hayley Atwell

Marvel Cinematic Universe actress Hayley Atwell has chosen to accept her Mission: Impossible 7 casting offer.
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