Warning: SPOILERS for Wonder Twins #7

Fans know all about DC's greatest heroes, but the Justice League has just revealed their top secret member, Repulso, who possesses what may well be the worst superpower ever. But what makes Repulso's story truly tragic is that his power makes him an outcast even among the World's Finest heroes. The League heroes may respect him for making the best of a difficult situation... but still can't stand to be around him.

The Justice League has inducted some questionable DC superheroes into their ranks in the past. With braggarts like Guy Gardner and Booster Gold having openly served on the team, it might be safely assumed that the League would never actually 'hide' the existence of one of its members from the general public. And certainly not out of a fear of their embarrassing the rest of the team. But in the case of Repulso, hiding his existence from the general public is a necessity, considering how his powers might make him a target for super-violence.

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Repulso makes his debut in the latest issue of Wonder Twins #7, shortly after a hockey riot breaks out when the Washington Ice Cubes win the championship game. Contained within a special bunker at Fort McNair (not too far from the Hall of Justice) Repulso is summoned to deal with the riot by utilizing the power that is both his gift and his curse: body odor so foul, it's capable of instantly incapacitating entire mobs. Accompanied by two specially trained soldiers who carry him around on the end of a crane, Repulso makes short work of the rioters, scattering from the scene trying not to vomit.

Despite generally being a positive and upbeat fellow, Repulso's life seems rather sad. His handlers prove unable to fake basic civility when dealing with him on missions, and they ignore Repulso's invitations to come over to the bunker for a movie night or to play board games (he has Strategno!). Even Superman finds it impossible to be around Repulso for long, presumably because the Man of Stench's powers are even more painful to a Kryptonian with an enhanced sense of smell.

Despite this, Superman has nothing but respect for Repulso, and speaks of him with the same reverence he holds for Batman and Wonder Woman. He even uses Repulso as an example to offer Wonder Twin Jayna some advice regarding her own feelings of isolation as a junior Justice League member. "Lonely and isolated though we may be," Superman notes, "Life always provides us with one consolation... the ability to bond over our mutual isolation." Jayna takes Superman's words to heart, and the final panel of the comic depicts her playing board games with Repulso... while in the form of a giant ant with no sense of smell.

Wonder Twins #7 is now available from your local comic book shop, and direct from DC Comics.

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