The former Teen Mom 2 star, Jenelle Evans claims that her marriage to David Eason is "stronger" after the current legal accusations. She says that the custody battles and media storm following them have only brought the couple closer together.

Eason has been with Evans since 2015 and they share a daughter together, Ensley Eason. Eason was featured on Teen Mom 2 with Evans before February 2018 when he made headlines for posting homophobic Tweets. MTV decided to cut ties with Eason but continued to film Evans, Ensley, and their four other children. In May 2019, Evans claimed Eason shot and killed their family dog, Nugget. He fessed up to the crime, insisting it was to protect his family as he claimed the dog had nipped at their 2-year-old daughter. The whole situation got very messy as Evans then claimed she never made a statement to the police and that the whole situation was blown out of proportion and just a publicity stunt.

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The investigation was then dropped, but that didn't stop MTV from deciding to cut ties with Evans because of it. After the Teen Mom lost her dog and her job, Child Protective Services got involved and temporarily took away custody of her children and they were placed in family member's homes. The couple fought and got their children back, but the media storm hasn't let up since then. She spoke specifically about how losing temporary custody of their children back in May was one of the hardest times of their marriage. Evans told People, "I mean, especially because of the [child protective services] thing that happened. We had to be so strong during that." She said it was especially tough because "it was so hard to just hear accusations as a parent that aren’t true."

It's been a roller-coaster year for the couple through all of the legal issues and with Evans out of her job, but she claimed that the hardships have brought her and Eason closer together. The 27-year-old Teen Mom spoke about her marriage, claiming it's "stronger than ever." She reflected on the two months she was separated from her children, saying, "Having to go through that as a couple, sorry," she began to tear up. She continued, "Not being around your kids for two months for no reason and there was no evidence or anything against us. And that's why it was ultimately dismissed." She said she spent those two months "at home every day, like, just crying." Now that the ordeal has passed, Eason finally admitted, for the first time, that he had, in fact, shot and killed the dog, saying that it was to protect his daughter's well being after he claimed that dog bit her in the face multiple times.

It seems as though things are as back to normal as it can be for the family after such an ordeal, as they have even adopted two new dogs. Even though Evans will never have her dog, Nugget, back and likely never return to the Teen Mom franchise because of it, she still is happy that her and Eason's marriage has remained intact. Even though the Teen Mom 2 star has forgiven her husband and moved on from Nugget's death, it's unsure if fans will be able to do the same.

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Source: People