When it comes to horror movies, silence is golden. The shadows are both friend and foe and anything above a whisper makes it more difficult for the hunter to find its prey in A Quiet Place (2018). The movie takes place in the not so distant future, and aliens have invaded the Earth with the sole intention of wiping out the human population. The creatures are blind and rely on sound to find their victims which means survivors have adapted accordingly.

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At the center of this post-apocalyptic nightmare is the Abbott family: Lee (John Krasinksi), his wife Evelyn (Emily Blunt), son Marcus (Noah Jupe), and their daughter Regan (Millicent Simmonds) who is also deaf. The family is adapting to this new life and while they try to retain some sense of normality and routine, every day the goal is simply survival through silence. Here are the 10 scariest scenes in A Quiet Place, ranked.

10 Raccoons On The Roof

Left to right: Noah Jupe plays Marcus Abbott and John Krasinski plays Lee Abbott in A QUIET PLACE, from Paramount Pictures.

Jump scares are a horror movie staple and while A Quiet Place relies more on a slow burn type of fright, director Krasinski doles out a few cheap thrills.

As day 472 (presumably since the invaders arrived) draws to an uneventful close, Marcus knocks over a lantern, and the family is immediately on high alert. All they can do is wait and listen. The tension is broken by a loud clatter on the roof, but it turns out to just be some raccoons with a death wish.

9 The Old Man And The Scream

Lee drags an unwilling Marcus on a scavenging expedition. There's unexpected freedom in the wild, but there are also other survivors. In a fictitious post-apocalyptic or dystopian society, there's a collective understanding that mankind will fail to band together for the greater good.

When Lee and Marcus encounter an old man (Leon Russom), he's grieving the recent death of his wife. Lee sees an immediate threat. Even though the life of a young boy is at stake, this man's grief overrides any desire for self-preservation or the safety of others. Lee's only hope is a finger to the lips as part of an unspoken negotiation with life or death consequences.

8 Marcus Gets Trapped In The Silo

Left to right: Noah Jupe and Millicent Simmonds in A QUIET PLACE, from Paramount Pictures.

As their meticulously orchestrated life crumbles around the Abbott family, Regan and Marcus find themselves even more vulnerable, waiting for a rescuer who may not come. Beau's (Cade Woodward) abduction on the bridge jump-starts the viewers' adrenaline, and it's a relentless rush throughout the film. The characters don't have any place to escape to or even a clear understanding of the enemy, so the audience never gets to take a breath.

As the siblings weigh their options on top of the silo, it feels inevitable any impending threat is outside. Marcus' sudden fall is both oddly specific and commonplace. Kids have accidents all the time, but now Marcus and Regan are distracted by another life or death scenario occurring simultaneously with the siege on their home.

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7 Beau's Death

A family skulking around in an abandoned drugstore. A children's toy handled like a live grenade. The first few minutes of A Quiet Place establish there's something to be scared of but what? The rocket foreshadows a confrontation, and the bridge becomes the O.K. Corral.

Everything falls apart quickly and family members' reactions are caught on camera along with glimpses of the thing the Abbotts have been dreading. Regan's surprise turns to terror, and any shred of hope Evelyn harbors almost immediately gives way to grief, knowing that Lee's attempt to save their son is a futile one. Beau's gone so quickly, it's as if he evaporates down to the size of a grain of the sand padding the Abbott's path.

6 Regan Alone In The Cornfield

Left to right: Millicent Simmonds and Noah Jupe in A QUIET PLACE, from Paramount Pictures.

There's something ominous about a cornfield, especially at night which is why they show up in horror movies so often. They are ideal spots for hiding, but they can also provide cover for any number of sinister things.

Regan kneeling in the cornfield as the monster emerges into view behind her is a familiar scenario, but her inability to hear a twig snap or the alien's tell-tale chattering means her only hope is utter silence which is becoming increasingly difficult for every member of the family to sustain. Nothing and nobody is off-limits in this place, but fear mixes with anger and a sense of injustice that Regan doesn't have access to all the senses she needs to survive.

5 Evelyn Gives Birth

Not only does Evelyn have to evade the predator stalking her throughout her home, but she also has to do it while giving birth. She sinks into the bathtub and a river of blood trails between her legs. The agony on her face is unmistakable, her pain is unimaginable, and every second standing between her and the baby's arrival draws the creature closer in. Its razor-sharp talons scrape against the wallpaper in the hall as Evelyn stifles even the slightest sob.

Unlike Rosemary's Baby where the threat is undermined by Rosemary losing consciousness, Evelyn is present through every nail-biting moment.

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4 Alien Invades The House

All it takes is the sound of shattered glass to bring a monster into the Abbott's home. As Evelyn endures contractions while hiding in the basement, the creature is fully revealed for the first time. A bizarre hybrid born out of Predator, Alien and Starship Troopers, its most menacing feature is its rows of razor-sharp teeth.

The Quiet Place infuses originality into situations horror fans have seen before. The scene in the basement is reminiscent of Ripley's (Sigourney Weaver) game of cat and mouse during the final moments of Alien. Only Ripley isn't in labor. Evelyn never appears weak, but there's a fragility about her due both to the pregnancy and her role as the nurturer in the family.

3 Creature Attacking The Truck

The threats to the Abbott family come in quick succession during the latter half of the film. Marcus and Regan find themselves stuck in a truck while their father is ambushed. Regan's hearing aid provides a distraction, temporarily sparing Lee.

Kids trapped in a vehicle with a screeching monster eager to eat them has been done before (Jurassic Park), but monsters aren't always the biggest thing to fear - it's what the monster takes and what's left behind. In A Quiet Place, it's a loving father who sacrifices himself for his family while they watch.

2 The Flooding Bunker

Emily Blunt plays Evelyn Abbott plays Lee Abbott in A QUIET PLACE from Paramount Pictures.

The bunker - the family's last remaining haven - is flooding and lurking in the corners is an alien. Evelyn's newborn sleeps exposed and utterly defenseless. To amp up the fear factor, the creature slides beneath the dark water.

What is scarier: what you can see or what you can't? The creature resurfaces just a few feet from mother and child: a menacing threat in such close proximity it's inconceivable there's any way to escape since there's nowhere left to run.

1 The Final Face-Off

The final moments of A Quiet Place pit Evelyn and her children against one of the relentless predators. It's inconceivable what remains of the grieving family will be wiped out, but nobody is guaranteed safety.

The boogeyman is in the basement, and this taps into childhood fears that overpower the impending triumph of good over evil.

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