In the past year, fans of Brooklyn Nine-Nine were forced to say goodbye to show regular Gina Linetti (Chelsea Peretti). Gina was known to be Jake's (Andy Samberg) childhood best friend and the precinct's civilian administrator. She was seen to be completely narcissistic, but would occasionally show her softer side if any members of the squad needed emotional support.

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Fans were split down the middle when it came to Gina as she sent them on an emotional rollercoaster. On one hand, she has proven herself to be an amazing friend to Jake; however, she could also be cruel when it came to Amy (Melissa Fumero) and Boyle (Joe Lo Truglio). Here are 5 moments that prove Gina to be a great friend (and 5 moments she was the worst).

10 Best: Helping Jake with his debt (S1 Ep18)

When Jake's apartment building goes co-op, Gina volunteers to help find him a new place. The childhood best friends reminisce about their Nana before taking a look at Jake's financial situation. When they realize he is bankrupt, Gina and Jake decide to go apartment hunting.

Jake has no luck finding a new place so Gina comes up with a solution. She could buy the apartment and rent it out to Jake until he could afford a new place. He turns her down but agrees to sublet the apartment she was living in. Gina then becomes Jake's landlady.

9 Worst: Being dramatic about her relationship with Boyle (S2 Ep1)

It came as a shock to fans when the season 1 finale revealed Gina and Boyle had a one-night stand. It was more surprising when it turned into a casual relationship. However, the way she acts towards Boyle is quite rude as Gina implies she is out of his league.

In the episode "Undercover", Gina is worried that Boyle will tell Jake. She then spends the episode being dramatic, referencing to her social standing taking a dive and wearing a naked-mole rat sweater because she's disgusting. She also calls her night with Boyle a "disgusting mistake". It's quite horrible to watch Gina demean Boyle considering he is a nice guy.

8 Best: Gina looks after six-drink Amy (S2 Ep12)

The episode "Beach House" saw the squad decide to take a mini-vacation together. Fans were also introduced to 'six-drink Amy'- a running gag that sees her personality undergo a major transformation under the influence of alcohol. Gina decides that she wants to see what six drink Amy is.

Gina was disappointed to discover that six-drink Amy was lonely. However, fans did see that Gina cared for the sergeant as she was the only member of the squad who made sure she hadn't passed out. It was the least she could do since she had been encouraging Amy to drink.

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7 Worst: Gina makes the squad drink cement (S4 Ep15)

In "The Last Ride" the precinct was on the verge of shutting down. While the squad is upset and is trying to bond, Gina says she is unaffected. Instead, she decides to make matters worse by pranking her co-workers several times.

Gina may have saved the precinct by the end, but it is only because fans of Ginazon protested. The squad hates that she kept spiking their food and drinks with cement. She takes way too much pleasure out of it, knowing the substance could make them seriously ill. It's surprising she still has friends after this.

6 Best: Growing the Boyle 'mother-dough' (S4 Ep18)

In "Chasing Amy" Charles informed Gina that Great Nana Boyle had left something for her in the will. When Gina opens the box, Boyle reveals that she got the mother-dough; a sourdough starter that helps create the Boyles' tangy bread.

Gina then asks Charles to pay for the dough if he wants it. However, she refuses to sell when she reveals she accidentally burnt it. As a result, the other Boyles arrive at the precinct and banish them from future family events. Boyle is devastated so Gina decides to create another dough for the family. She requests 'The Boyle Cousins' to let Charles back into the family because she's come to love him as a brother.

5 Worst: Removing all the tires off Amy's car (S4 Ep19)

In "Your Honor", Amy decides to teach Gina how to change a tire after the administrator reveals she doesn't know how to. Amy gives her step-by-step instructions but Gina doesn't pay attention, deciding to watch videos on her phone.

After Amy accidentally slashes a stranger's tire, Gina takes it upon herself to change it. She could have made Amy feel appreciated, but tells her that she only knew how to do it through a video. Gina also admits that she practiced on Amy's car, leading fans to see that she stripped the vehicle of all its tires. Gina doesn't even offer to put them back on.

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4 Best: Worrying about Rosa (S5 Ep20)

Gina may have pretended she didn't care about her colleagues, but the episode "Show Me Going" proved differently. When the squad hears Rosa (Stephanie Beatriz) respond to an active shooter, Gina tells Amy that she is anxious. Amy suggests fixing the toilet would distract them from worrying.

When Amy decides to give up, it was Gina who encouraged her to carry on as it would be a nice gesture for Rosa. She tries to lighten the mood by saying its also fun to watch Amy get "destroyed by a toilet", which makes the sergeant laugh. The episode ends on a nice note with Rosa, Amy and Gina hugging.

3 Worst: Her lack of interest in Jake's wedding (S5 Ep22)

In the episode "Jake & Amy", Gina proved herself to be inconsiderate as she insulted the couple several times. While Holt (Andre Braugher) was preparing Cheddar for Jake and Amy's wedding, he receives an email from the mayor's office. Gina responds by saying there is now "something to care about today".

Considering it was her best friend's wedding, it was upsetting to see her lack of interest in the big day. Not only was she planning on wearing a white gown but she was also at fault for the cake being destroyed. It was Jake and Amy's big day, but she seemed ready to take the spotlight off them.

2 Best: Gina saved Jake's future (S6 Ep3)

In "The Tattler", Jake and Gina are invited to their 20th high school reunion. Jake is shown to be resentful of his time at school as his junior year saw him involved in "tattle-gate". This was an incident that saw Jake's rise to popularity halted as students believed he tattled on "the most popular kid in school".

Fans find out 'The Tattler' was Gina, who did it to protect Jake. She tells him that he was mixing in with the wrong people, revealing the most popular kid was now on parole. She makes the point that he could have followed the same path if he was caught. Gina tells him that she hid the truth to protect their friendship.

1 Worst: Lying to Jake and Terry (S6 Ep15)

The episode "Return of the King" saw Gina make her first appearance since she decided to leave the nine-nine. Fans learn that Gina has become successful since leaving the precinct, rising to fame with the G-Hive. However, she hasn't kept in touch with the squad.

Terry (Terry Crews) and Jake take on her case when Gina reveals she needs police protection. Gina invites the two detectives for a catch-up drink but stands them up because she was 'ill'. Jake and Terry get mad when they find out she chose to go to a work event instead. Gina's not wrong in having a career but lying would only make the situation worse.

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