We all know how complicated the relationship is between Lorelai Gilmore and her parents. While Lorelai certainly has her share of differences with Richard, it is Emily with whom she has the most dysfunctional relationship with. Throughout the entire seven seasons of Gilmore Girls and into the revival, we can see the evolution of the Gilmores.

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In the revival, Emily and Lorelai are in a much better place, but it took a full seven seasons of ups and downs for them to get there. When they were fighting, things could get really ugly between them. But it did make their good moments that much better. We're looking at some of our favorite moments of Emily and Lorelai genuinely getting along.

10 They have a spa day together

What do you do when you have a spa gift certificate and you don't plan on using it? Offer it to your daughter, of course. Emily gives Lorelai the chance to take a relaxing spa trip and then decides to join her, going out of her way to spend time with Lorelai.

Initially, Lorelai is reluctant to spend the day with Emily, but then they go to a bar and wind up having a nice evening. Unfortunately, it ends badly, but they do wind up stealing bathrobes together.

9 Emily tries to help Lorelai with her back spasm

In the Season one episode about Rory's first Chilton dance, we get a few really sweet scenes with Lorelai and Emily. Lorelai is nursing a painful back spasm, so Emily decides to stay and take care of her daughter.

Emily fixes her up on the couch and even tries to make her a meal she used to make when Lorelai was a child. The snack is a piece of toast with mashed bananas on top. Both Lorelai and Emily agree it's disgusting in a humorous moment where Emily actually tries to eat it.

8 Lorelai takes care of Emily after her eye surgery

Later in the series, Emily has to get eye surgery and since she can't drive, Lorelai is tasked with driving her mother around town on her various errands. One of her errands takes her to an open house on the border of Stars Hollow.

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Lorelai panics that her mother is considering moving so much closer to her, but it turns out Emily is actually trying to buy a house as a wedding gift for Luke and Lorelai. Emily puts quite a bit of thought into the gift too, considering she thinks about how many bedrooms they'll need if they want to have children.

7 Lorelai and Rory take Emily to a food court after a shopping meltdown

When things start to sour between Richard and Emily, she goes on a crazy shopping trip to vent some of her frustration. Lorelai and Rory run into Emily at the mall and get caught up in the whirlwind of her shopping spree.

They eventually cajole her into joining them for lunch in the food court. Any scene that involves Emily trying food way outside her comfort zone is always amusing. Lorelai and Rory introduce Emily to the wonders of eating foods on sticks.

6 They take part in a fun fashion show together

There's nothing more heartwarming than watching Lorelai and Emily getting along and having a good time. They have a moment like this during a fashion show held at the inn where they are dressed in matching outfits.

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It's a sweet moment and it helps that the background music is "Girls Just Wanna Have Fun."  It takes place early in the series and is a hopeful look at what could possibly develop between this mother/daughter pair.

5 Lorelai and Rory throw Emily a bachelorette party

Lorelai and Rory are forced to throw Emily an impromptu bachelorette party during the fifth season before her vow renewal with Richard. Who could forget her face when Lorelai gives her a box of inappropriate pasta? Plus, it's funny to see Emily get drunk and bond with people like Babette and Miss Patty.

There's another scene in Season 2 when Emily goes to Lorelai's bachelorette party at a drag show and winds up having a great time and regaling the group with stories about her past with Richard. It shows Emily can let loose and have a good time when she wants to.

4 Lorelai helps Emily pick out a birthday gift for Rory

Emily may seem like she has it all, but she still gets nervous and vulnerable just like everyone else. That is especially true when it comes to impressing her granddaughter, Rory. Emily has a hard time picking out the perfect gift for Rory during the Season 1 episode where she is planning to throw her a birthday party.

This leads to one of the rare occurrences that find Emily and Lorelai getting along. Emily remembers how much Lorelai likes pudding and serves it at dinner, and the two bond further while out shopping. Emily ultimately gets Rory something she would really enjoy.

3 Richard's funeral

Richard's funeral was a particularly somber moment in the Gilmore Girls revival. It was made even sadder by the fact the actor, Edward Herrmann, died in real life.

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The funeral is deeply sad to watch for fans of the show, but there is something comforting about seeing Lorelai and Emily immediately embrace when they see one another. You can tell their relationship has come a long way since the early days of the series in that one hug. It's genuine show of affection in a moment of deep sadness.

2 Lorelai tells Emily about the end of her marriage to Christopher

When Lorelai and Christopher's marriage ultimately fell apart in Season  7, fans were pretty happy. Most people were not thrilled about their pairing, as it split up Luke and Lorelai, which was easily the series' most notable relationship.

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When Lorelai ultimately tells Emily the truth, you might anticipate Emily blaming Lorelai or having a poor reaction. To the surprise of fans and Lorelai, Emily just gives her some scotch and the two get drunk together. It's one of the best moments of the series.

1 Lorelai decides Friday night dinners will continue without obligation

When Rory finally goes off to begin her career after graduating, she gets the proper send-off from Stars Hollow. Lorelai and Emily also share a nice moment where Lorelai assures her mother that the Friday night dinner tradition will continue.

Now Lorelai can do it without obligation; it will be simply because she wants to do it. The amount of development in this Lorelai and Emily's relationship is truly heartwarming.

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