In the early '90s, Saved By The Bell was the epitome of teen television. Following a group of friends at Bayside High, the show featured all kinds of wacky hijinks and very special episodes.

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It also featured a few characters who enjoyed their magic tricks, but none who were bona fide witches and wizards like the characters in Harry Potter. The Saved By The Bell characters likely would have gotten a kick out of Harry’s own adventures and would have been waiting for their Hogwarts letters just like the rest of us. If they did get an invitation to attend, this is where they would be sorted.

10 A.C. Slater: Gryffindor

Slater was all bravado during his time on Saved By The Bell. Everyone he knew was given a nickname, and he never met a sport he couldn’t master ⁠— even dance.

Though Slater was a teenager, he didn’t often allow himself to succumb to peer pressure. Knowing who he was, so much so that it could get him into arguments with people trying to change his mind, is just one aspect of his Gryffindor personality. He led with his heart, not his head, jumping to conclusions and judgments just like Harry Potter himself.

9 Jessie Spano: Ravenclaw

Jessie was outspoken, loyal, and funny, but most of all, she wanted to know everything. That’s why the Sorting Hat placed her in Ravenclaw.

During her time at Bayside High, Jessie devoured her subjects. That sometimes led to problems with her social schedule ⁠— and a memorable turn to caffeine pills ⁠— but it didn’t stop her from pushing herself to be the most informed student she could be. Jessie was always the first to have an answer and an explanation for any question her friends had.

8 Lisa Turtle: Hufflepuff

Lisa’s head for fashion and her creative thinking made her come very close to being a Ravenclaw. But her Hufflepuff traits are even stronger.

Lisa, despite hating some of her friends’ friends, never removed herself from the group to find a cooler crowd. Instead, she stuck by the few friends she was close with in high school, even when they drove her crazy. In Saved by the Bell: The College Years, Lisa even came all the way across the country to be a bridesmaid in Kelly and Zack’s wedding, despite there being no indication that they’d kept in contact after high school. 

7 Tori Scott: Gryffindor

Tori only appeared in nine episodes of Saved By The Bell, but she slotted herself right into the friend group without too much fuss. A teenage girl whose family moved around a lot, Tori had to either be content with sitting in the background or make herself by seen. She chose the latter.

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A little different than her new California friends, Tori was never seen without her leather jacket. She wasn’t afraid to speak her mind, and much like Slater, she knew exactly who she was in high school, not giving in to the pressures of fitting in. Also like Slater, she was a Gryffindor.

6 Richard Belding: Ravenclaw

Principal Belding didn’t seem like a Ravenclaw at first glance. After all, he spent a lot of his time oblivious to the schemes of Zack Morris. But Mr. Belding definitely fits the mold when you look a little deeper.

For one thing, Mr. Belding had to be a teacher before he became principal. There’s at least subject that he would have taught ⁠— and likely loved enough to pursue it as a career. He also worked to then share that knowledge with his students. Belding's entire career path is about making sure kids don’t just become responsible adults, but knowledgeable members of society who can pursue higher education if they want to. 

5 Kelly Kapowski: Hufflepuff

Kelly Kapowski had a reputation at Bayside High. She was pretty, popular, and the nicest girl in school. Her tendency to befriend everyone definitely made her a Hufflepuff.

Kelly didn’t like conflict and always wanted to smooth it over if she could. Sensitive to the plights of others, she even tried to be nice to Screech more than any of her other friends. She also had to be one of the hardest working people in her friend group. She was a cheerleader, involved in school politics, in the glee club, performed plays, had an after school job, babysat her siblings, and even kept her grades up with the help of a tutor. She must have had amazing time management skills.

4 Jeff Hunter: Slytherin

Jeff Hunter became the manager of The Max when the owner (Max himself) disappeared from the series. When Kelly got a job at the diner in Season 3, she and Jeff became close.

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Jeff was a few years older than the Bayside High students and he knew Kelly had a boyfriend, but he still pursued her. Of course, while dating Kelly, he also dated at least one other young woman. Jeff was pretty duplicitous, but he was also focused on making The Max the best hangout. Ambition and duplicity made him a sure fit for Slytherin.

3 Violet Bickerstaff: Gryffindor

Violet only appeared in a handful of episodes, but she certainly made an impression. One of the self-identified nerds in school, Violet hung out with the smart kids, but she also wanted more. With Screech’s encouragement, Violet became a soloist in the glee club and saved it from being shut down.

Violet also stood up to her parents when they decided Screech wasn’t good enough for her. She might not have been out there performing heroic deeds on a regular basis, but she was definitely a Gryffindor.

2 Screech Powers: Hufflepuff

The Sorting Hat’s first instinct would be to sort Screech into Ravenclaw thanks to his incredible intellect. This is, after all, the teenager who built himself a robot companion that became his best friend. Screech, however, isn’t all about learning. Instead, he’s all about loyalty.

Screech spent the entire series in the shadow of Zack Morris. If Zack needed something done, Screech would volunteer. It didn’t seem to matter how strange (or potentially illegal) the request was, Screech was up for it. Zack didn’t exactly return the favor, but Screech’s Hufflepuff tendencies made sure he always took care of his bestie.

1 Zack Morris: Slytherin

Was there any character who looked for a shortcut more than Zack Morris? The sometimes-narrator of Saved By The Bell, most of the stories told on the program involved his schemes going awry.

Zack used whatever means necessary to get what he wanted. Sometimes, that meant an excuse to cut class, while other times, that meant a date with a pretty girl. Zack could lie his way out of nearly any situation. Over the course of the series he did grow to be less selfish, but he never outgrew his mischievous nature. Zack belonged in Slytherin.

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