Superhero movie fans have become crazy competent at fishing out spoilers about MCU movies in the last couple of years, but everyone was taken by surprise when Sony announced it had ended its partnership with Marvel over letting Spider-Man stay in the MCU. 

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After a month’s worth of grieving from shattered fangirls, Sony announced just as suddenly that Spider-Man would be returning to the MCU, making all the memes made at this event’s expense outright funny, rather than people trying to get a laugh out of a bad situation. Now that we’re free to laugh about it, here are the 10 best memes you can find.

10 Three's Quite Enough

The biggest drag in watching another Spider-Man movie would’ve been having to see yet another version of Uncle Ben die. We already saw this happen twice before, with Tony Stark’s death in Avengers: Endgame also feeling around the same ballpark. 

For this reason, the Spider-Man reboot would’ve suffered from a lack of interest from fans who definitely would not have responded the same way they did on the first couple occasions Uncle Ben bit the dust. Plus, we didn’t even get to find out yet how the MCU's Uncle Ben died in the first place.

9 No Home For You

It seems like the MCU has a certain style of titling its films, as the Spider-Man movies so far have the word “Home” in each of its titles. It goes without saying that the third film will probably also have this word employed in some way, but here we got a suggestion that was appropriate for its time.

Since the first movie’s title signaled an arrival back home, and the second took Spider-Man far away from it, it made sense that the cancelled film would have him be homeless, especially considering he really was without a home at the time.

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8 Why Not?

Tom Holland fans were beside themselves with anger when they found out that he was out of the running as Spider-Man, with several ridiculous suggestions being made by these fans over who could be the next actor to portray him.

Clearly, the person behind this meme had no respect for Sony, since they figured whoever would be the next Spider-Man would only be a knock-off of the one we wanted, and so here we have what looks like Danny DeVito as Spider-Man. Joke’s on that person, though, because Danny’s already DC’s Penguin.

7 That Oughtta Do It

Adding to the frustrations of the fans over Spider-Man’s exit was the fact that we wouldn’t be finding out what happened with the cliffhanger at the end of Far From Home. Spider-Man seems poised to become a hunted suspected killer, and the joke after his exit from the MCU was that Mysterio maybe did his job too well.

After all, the only place Spider-Man could hide was outside of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, and Sony probably would’ve had Peter jump into another universe entirely in order to make this cliffhanger a non-issue.

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6 Zip It, Peter

Then again, throwing Spider-Man into a different universe would’ve meant Sony still had to explain how this guy suddenly had a completely different life all of a sudden, as almost none of Spider-Man’s supporting cast from the MCU could’ve been referenced.

As characters like Iron Man don’t exist within Sony’s Marvel Universe, it would’ve meant that Spider-Man would all of a sudden have to keep his mouth shut about everything that happened to him in the MCU. This would make lawyers the ultimate antagonists for Peter Parker.

5 Let Me Back!

From what we’ve seen from Tom Holland so far, the guy loves being Spider-Man and will happily portray him for another decade if he has to. This is why we can easily imagine this scenario being what actually happened, as Sony would have had to drag Tom out of Marvel Studios.

This meme is appropriate both in-universe and in our world, as we see the characters taking part in a training session while a distraught Spider-Man is being taken out of the equation in chains.

4 I Don't Feel So Good...

The same thing of not being able to reference Spider-Man films and the characters would’ve applied to Marvel as well, and the mention of Spider-Man would not have come up ever again in subsequent films.

Unlike what the meme suggests, Spider-Man can be used in already released films, but who knows if Sony would’ve played so dirty that even YouTube clips of the character would have been taken back due to copyright issues. Imagine how Avengers: Infinity War would play if that happened?

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3 Missed Chance

There’s a mistaken notion in this meme that it was Sony’s fault for Spider-Man leaving the MCU since Disney was the one who wanted a new deal. Regardless, fans also messed up big due to their complaining, as we could’ve had the chance to see former Spider-Men meet Tom Holland’s version

A Spider-Verse storyline was seen in the comics about half a decade back, which was an absolute treat where we got to see all versions of Spider-Men from all universes meet. A similar scenario could’ve been possible in live-action too, something that won’t happen in the MCU.

2 Toby Puts Dirt In Tom's Eye

No matter how popular Tom might get in the role of Spider-Man, we’ll have a special place for Tobey in our hearts. He’s the first Spider-Man for most people who have set sight on this character, and the Sam Raimi trilogy still eclipses all other superhero films for the most part. 

Most of all, Tobey’s Spider-Man has the benefit of having a truckload of quotable lines, one of which is when he announced it was “Pizza Time” in Spider-Man 2. Had Tobey really been happy about being the only one with a Spider-Man trilogy, then you can be certain he enjoyed his pizza very much.

1 Learning To Shut Up Isn't Easy

One of the most lovable things about Tom being in the MCU is watching him navigate around spoilers, something Marvel is annoyingly guarded about. Like any person would be, Tom doesn’t think twice about letting slip a thing or two about a future movie, but Marvel freaking out about the smallest of spoilers has made this a dynamic where Tom’s habit of giving out spoilers has become a favorite for the fans.

He got much better at keeping secrets in recent times, but had Spider-Man been taken out of the MCU altogether, then all of Tom’s efforts in learning how to keep his mouth shut over these spoilers would’ve gone to waste. Thankfully (or is it something to be thankful about?), he can go back to perfecting the art of being silent.

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