The Property Brothers' Jonathan and Drew Scott have revealed they have their sights set on their next big project after they've finished renovating the former Brady Bunch house: they want to tackle the Golden Girls' house (and maybe star in a reboot.)

The brothers were involved in the process of renovating the Brady Bunch house for the HGTV series A Very Brady Renovation, which premiered on HGTV in September 2019. The Scott brothers were two of the HGTV designers for the Brady Bunch project including Good Bones' Mina Starsiak & Karen E. Laine and Hidden Potential's Jasmine Roth. All six of the surviving Brady Bunch cast members also made appearances as themselves for the series, including an emotional reunion during the first episode before renovations started. HGTV purchased the TV home for $3.5 million back in 2018, and now that the renovation is finished, The Property Brothers have a new project in mind.

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The Scott brothers revealed on The Kelly Clarkson Show (via People) that they're interested in renovating the infamous home from the Golden Girls series, which is located in Brentwood, California. Much like with The Brady Bunch, the majority of the scenes for The Golden Girls were filmed on a soundstage but the house in Brentwood was used for the exterior shots, and is still frequented by tourists and fans of the shows. Clarkson was very supportive of the idea, saying that she wanted them to remake The Golden Girls, and Drew joked that "[he] will play Blanche!" Unfortunately for The Property Brothers (and Clarkson) HGTV does not currently own the property in Brentwood — and it's not for sale. Zillow estimates the property to be worth a little over $3 million, but the house is not on the market and is privately owned so Drew and Scott may have to move on to a new dream renovation project.

The brothers also talked with Clarkson about the process of renovating during the filming of A Very Brady Renovation, the point of which was to renovate the house so that it would resemble the home fans were used to seeing on the series, despite it being filmed on a soundstage. Drew said "it was amazing" when the house was finished and all the cast members from The Brady Bunch came back through the home to see the finished house. He added that "The emotions in the end when all the Bradys came back through the house, emotions were on high,"  which is to be expected considering the filming of the show was the first time all the living cast members had been reunited in fifteen years.

Though they may not be able to renovate The Golden Girls' house any time soon, the brothers still have plenty of other projects to keep themselves entertained including their HGTV show The Property Brothers and many other appearances on other home renovation shows. Perhaps this will be the start of new show for them where they renovate houses from classic cult TV shows. Next could be the house from The Mary Tyler Moore Show or the house from Happy Days, maybe?

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Source: People