Archive for December 1, 2019

The Batman Isn’t a Superhero Declares Robert Pattinson

The debate about Batman and guys like Tony Stark being superheroes is about to start raging again.

Joker Weird Trailer Brings in Harley Quinn and Other Movie Jokers

Even Tommy Wiseau gets his version of the Clown Prince of Crime thrown into the blender for the Joker Weird Trailer.

Shazam Costume Was ‘A Little Padded’ Admits Zachary Levi

Before Shazam! hit theaters, there was a lot of talk in regard to the suit and how much of it was actually Zachary Levi.

Danica McKellar Responds to Knives Out Name Drop and Hallmark Movie References

Wonder Years star Danica McKellar had no idea she would be mentioned in Rian Johnson's Knives Out.

Disney+ December Trailer Teases Everything New Coming This Month

After launching just last month, Disney+ is about to add a whole bunch of new content in December.
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