Archive for January 3, 2020

Joker Director Wants to See a Batman Movie Set in Arthur Fleck’s Universe

There's a possibility that we could see a different version of Batman set through the Joker lens.

Bill & Ted 3 Image Goes Into the Garage with the Wyld Stallyns and Their Daughters

Our heroes are going to get some needed assistance from their daughters in Bill & Ted Face the Music.

No Time to Die Photo Has James Bond Armed and Ready for Action

Daniel Craig returns as James Bond in No Time to Die and a new image from the movie has made its way online.

Is Spider-Man in Venom 2? Sony Won’t Deny It

It's beginning to look like those Tom Holland Venom 2 cameo rumors may turn out to be true.

New Star Wars Comic Plants the Seeds of Luke’s Self-Doubt in The Last Jedi

Luke Skywalker's first feelings of self-doubt took place after the events of The Empire Strikes Back, according to a new comic book.
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