Both The Witcher franchise and Supernatural are known for their large variety of monsters and beasts. Each story follows a monster hunter or two, for the video game it revolves around the witcher Geralt of Rivia and for Supernatural, we follow the journey of Sam and Dean Winchester. There is a great deal of overlap between the creatures of night the Winchesters fight and the monsters Geralt gets contracted to kill.

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And if you're a fan of both, you might have seen different versions of the same entity. The following list details some of the monsters in Geralt's world that the Winchesters could easily defeat, and some they would struggle with.

10 Could: Wraiths

Wraiths appear in a variety of forms in The Witcher series, some are much deadlier than others, but overall, a Wraith is essentially a ghost. They haunt the places where they died. They're not dissimilar to the ghosts and demons that Sam and Dean have faced off against in their own series.

There are even Wraiths in the Supernatural world, although they're much different from those in The Witcher. Either way, they wouldn't pose too much of a problem for the Winchesters.

9 Could Not: Higher Vampires

Higher Vampires are no joke. Yes, Sam and Dean have conquered their fair share of vampires throughout all fifteen seasons of Supernatural, but Higher Vampires are a different ballgame altogether. In fact, vampires in The Witcher world are very different. They're much less human than we've seen in other stories and there is a wide variety including Bruxa, Ekimma, and more.

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The Winchesters could hold their own against most of them, especially the lower-grade creatures, but the Higher Vampires are immune to most magic and they're extremely intelligent. They also know how to stay hidden and give Geralt himself plenty of trouble.

8 Could: Ghouls

Ghouls are all over the place in The Witcher world. They like to hang out near graveyards and dead bodies as part of the Necrophage family. The Winchesters have actually faced off against ghouls before, although they were more human in appearance in Supernatural.

Despite the fact they're much uglier in The Witcher, it's likely that the boys would be able to kill their fair share of the monsters if they ever ran into them.

7 Could Not: Leshen

Remember Paris Hilton's episode of Supernatural? Technically, the being she played was a version of the Leshen, but the Witcher-version is far more formidable. Both are forest gods but the Leshen in The Witcher is much scarier.

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They are very cunning and territorial. The Winchesters would be at a disadvantage due to the fact they don't have Geralt's magic-casting abilities. They would have to make do with bombs and oil instead, and they're not exactly the sword-wielding type.

6 Could: Drowners

Drowners are among the most common enemies you'll face off when playing any of The Witcher games. They are a type of Necrophage-like Ghouls and they like to hang out wherever there is fresh corpses around.

They're a nuisance more than anything, but they're not hard to defeat. Imagine Sam and Dean whipping out a few flamethrowers, they could probably take out quite a few Drowners in one go. The hardest thing about the Drowners would be the fact they tend to roam around in packs.

5 Could Not: Archgriffin

Griffins are pretty magnificent monsters that look like a cross between a majestic lion and a giant bird. They're basically flying lions, to be blunt. They also come in a few different types including Royal Griffins and Archgriffins.

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In The Witcher games, you'll encounter several Griffins of various degrees of difficulty. The Griffin fights are never easy and Archgriffins are particularly tricky thanks to their ability to spit acid. Sam and Dean aren't exactly equipped to take on a giant flying monster, they probably wouldn't exactly fare well against a massive Archgriffin.

4 Could: Sirens

Like some of the other creatures we've listed on this page, Sirens are some of the lower-denominator monsters who show up in packs but aren't necessarily difficult to defeat, although they can be annoying. Actually, the Sirens in Supernatural are more formidable than those in The Witcher.

The Sirens in The CW television series have the ability to disguise themselves as beautiful women and lure people to their deaths, while those in The Witcher fly around and screech, and that's about it. There are higher-grade Sirens that are much deadlier, but the Winchesters have dealt with worse.

3 Could Not: Draconids

There are "dragons" in Supernatural, but they're nothing like the mythical and legendary creatures we all know and love from mythology and shows like Game of Thrones. The Draconids in the world of The Witcher would probably be too much for the Winchesters, especially if there happened to be more than one.

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Between Basilisks, Forktails, Wyverns, and Slyzards, these beasts are even too tough to defeat for Geralt sometimes if the player isn't adequately prepared.

2 Could: Werewolves

The werewolves in The Witcher world are very similar to werewolves everywhere else in fiction, including Supernatural. They can be defeated by using silver, as they're extremely vulnerable against it. As such, we don't expect the Winchesters would have any difficulty holding their own against these furry monsters.

They've taken on their fair share of werewolves already and this is one place where the lore between the two different franchises isn't all that different. Their track record proves they would be fine.

1 Could Not: Djinn

Unlike werewolves, Djinn are extremely different in The Witcher and in Supernatural. However, even in Supernatural, the Winchesters have had their butts handed to them a few times by Djinn. They're tricky creatures in both worlds, but in The Witcher, they're downright terrifying.

Like a Genie, a Djinn is a powerful air spirit that can great astounding wishes. Geralt learns that first hand. The Djinn in the quest "The Last Wish" is extremely hard to beat and in The Witcher TV show, the Djinn is no joke. Odds are, even the Winchesters would struggle while tangling with The Witcher's version of this being.

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