Archive for February 3, 2020

The Way Back Trailer #2 Gives Ben Affleck One Shot at a Second Chance

Ben Affleck reunites with The Accountant director Gavin O'Connor for upcoming movie The Way Back.

Swift Clip Takes Flight with a Rather Unusual Seagull [Exclusive]

Kate Winslet and Willem Dafoe lend their voices to the Shout! Studios animated family adventure Swift clip that teases the gorgeously animated family movie.

The Star Wars Fandom Advice Ron Howard Got from George Lucas

Ron Howard took over for Phil Lord and Chris Miller on Solo: A Star Wars Story in the middle of production.

Aubrey Plaza Is She-Hulk in Fan-Made Poster for Disney+ Marvel Series

New fan art from ApexForm imagines Legion star Aubrey Plaza as she might appear in Disney's upcoming She-Hulk series.

How Is Han Alive for His Fast and Furious Return in F9?

A surprise character is returning to the Fast Family in F9, but there may be an explanation as to how this can happen.
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