Archive for February 3, 2020

Watch Vision Crush Corvus Glaive’s Heart In Avengers: Infinity War Test Footage

The Infinity Saga boxset continues to drop some awesome nuggets from the past decade of MCU movies.

A Future Star Wars Movie Will Absolutely Be Directed by a Woman Promises Kathleen Kennedy

Kathleen Kennedy promises a Star Wars movie will be helmed by a female director but it's not clear when.

Why MCU Deaths Are Important for Marvel According to James Gunn

Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3 could feature some major deaths, which James Gunn believes could be a good thing.

Rick Moranis May Return in Disney’s Honey, I Shrunk the Kids Reboot Shrunk

It appears that Rick Moranis and Disney are currently in negotiations that would see the actor come out of retirement.

Indiana Jones 5 Script Isn’t Finished Yet But Harrison Ford Is Raring to Go

Kathleen Kennedy has provided an update on the status of Indiana Jones 5, which will see Harrison Ford return.
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