As one of humanity's closest genetic kin, primates are interesting creatures, ones that mirror the best and worst qualities in people. While the evolution of the species has propelled humankind into cities, technological landscapes, and language, apes stand as a reminder of everyone's humble metamorphic origins, origins that prove people are animals, too. The cinematic implications of this ancestry have been explored time and time again by science fiction and horror directors.

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Unfortunately, not all movie apes prove to be as suave and iconic as King Kong. In fact, some of them are downright absurd. Thanks to low budgets, poor special effects, and laughable scripts, the apes on this list inject their respective films with more buffoonery than fear. From the earliest days of creature features into the indulgent B-movie present, these apes rise above the rest as the worst in horror movie history.

10 Link (1986)

In Link, a graduate student played by Elisabeth Shue, Jane Chase, arrives at the home of Dr. Steven Phillip, an anthropologist. When she knocks on the door, a chimpanzee named Link answers, and he's dressed in a butler's suit. This is a sign of what's to come. Apparently Dr. Phillip, portrayed by British actor Terence Stamp, is studying the link between humanity and apes, and he keeps three chimpanzees around his home for research purposes.

Chase hangs around the mansion, becoming familiar with Link and his chimp buds Imp and Voodoo. After Voodoo dies under mysterious circumstances, Link's behavior continues to worsen as he displays increasingly violent behavior. This cigar-smoking chimp apparently has it out for Ms. Chase.

9 Flying Monkeys (2013)

After the success of Sharknado, SYFY has done its best to make terrible, low-budget films with unbelievable plots and worse special effects. Now convinced there is a large audience for its indulgent, silly cinema, SYFY keeps churning them out.

One example is 2013's Flying Monkeys, which gets its inspiration from the Wicked Witch's monkeys in The Wizard of Oz. These D-versions of the classic villains are completely computer-animated, and it's obvious. The plot of the film doesn't matter much, but it involves a neglectful father who buys his daughter a monkey that turns out to be a demonic entity, one that mutates into a winged primate by night.

8 Night Of The Bloody Apes (1969)

The ape-man at the center of this distasteful Mexican exploitation film finds himself between species after his mad scientist father attempts to save his life by switching out his defective heart with one from a monkey. While his life is saved, he instantly transforms into a murderous mutant with an ape's face.

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As it goes, the ape-man embarks on a murderous rampage, and he seems to really enjoy assaulting women. Fortunately, a female wrestler, known as a luchadora, arrives on the scene to take out the crazed killer.

7 Monkey Shines (1988)

In this peculiar George Romero revenge tale, a Capuchin monkey develops an unhealthy relationship with the human she has been assigned to help rehabilitate. After Allan Mann loses the ability to use his arms and legs after an accident, he eventually crosses paths with a scientist named Kate. She is working with animals specially trained to assist handicapped humans.

Mann's new monkey companion, Ella, seems cute and innocuous at first. He realizes, though, that the little furball has been bestowed with some special abilities after receiving injections of human brain tissue. Mann comes to realize that Ella's attachment to him involves her sneaking away to perform acts of violence against his perceived enemies. That's a lot of movement and action from one small monkey.

6 Congo (1995)

One of the classic silly monkey films, Congo is loosely based on Michael Crichton's book of the same name. It involves murder, intrigue, telecommunications companies, and savage gray gorillas in Zaire.

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These rugged, scarred, deformed gorillas just so happen to be defenders of the Lost City of Zinj, which contains the gems and diamonds the telecommunications company TraviCom demand for their new laser technology. Things don't go well for the multiple teams that embark upon the ill-fated journey to track down the diamonds. The crazed gorillas will stop at nothing to keep their treasure guarded.

5 The Ape Man (1943)

The plot of this Bela Lugosi film is so convoluted that it's almost completely pointless to attempt to restate it here. Instead, let it be known that the apes in The Ape Man are Lugosi's Dr. Brewster and his simian side-kick, which is literally an actor in a cheap gorilla suit.

Dr. Brewster has been conducting a lot of experiments on himself, and now he finds himself looking and feeling more monkey-like every day. The only cure is to inject himself with human spinal fluid, which causes him to go on a wild, bloody murder spree. Eventually, Dr. Brewster's hairy companion turns against him, bringing an end to his reign of terror.

4 Swamp Ape (2017)

According to this film, the biggest threat in the Florida Everglades isn't giant snakes or alligators, but an elusive swamp ape. Filmed on a $20,000 budgetthe title villain is clearly a person in a tannish off-brand bear costume. The poor actor underneath probably sweated profusely while waltzing through the damp Florida landscape.

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The premise of this movie is that a group of student researchers decide to camp out in the Everglades. Against the warnings of locals and signs along the way, they enter Native American land. This is where they encounter the titular ape.

3 Son Of Kong (1933)

Before the original 1933 King Kong could leave theatres, its production company decided to profit from the film's success and released this sequel. Some of the original film's cast, along with a few fresh faces, return to Skull Island here, hoping to retrieve treasure rumored to be buried there.

While on the island, the crew crosses paths with King Kong's benevolent son, Little Kong. This 12-foot white gorilla is loving and doting, and he even sacrifices himself to protect his new human friends. Talk about boring.

2  Konga (1961)

Another mad scientist meets creature feature mash-up, Konga tells the story of a biologist who experiments with his cute, friendly chimpanzee, causing the cuddly animal to turn into a murderous, XXL gorilla.

The scientist, seeing a chance to take out his enemies, sends the gorilla to London, where it smashes up all its human companion's British adversaries. As it usually goes in these cases, the creation turns on its creator, and the British government must intervene to keep this Cockney Kong from wreaking havoc across the isles.

1 White Pongo (1945)

This bumbling British science fiction film set in Africa features a rare white gorilla believed to be the missing link between people and apes. There are plenty of problematic scenes that involve the ape targeting and kidnapping blonde heroines, and the action culminates with the light-haired creature finding himself wounded, caged, and on the way to England.

White Pongo involves dank monkey lairs, cliff fights, and gold-hunting thieves. It also involves some questionable costumes and ape-like bodysuits.

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