Archive for February 10, 2020

Birds of Prey Gets a New Title After Stumbling at the Box Office

Warner Bros. has decided to change the Birds of Prey title in an effort to get people into theaters.

Clue Remake Goes After Dora Director James Bobin

James Bobin is in talks to direct 20th Century's upcoming Clue movie remake with Ryan Reynolds in a lead role.

Birds of Prey Isn’t Living Up to Box Office Expectations, So What Went Wrong?

Warner Bros. released Birds of Prey over the weekend and it seriously underperformed, leaving to questions as to why.

Don’t Speak Trailer Gives A Quiet Place the Mockbuster Treatment

Wicked Thrilling Freaks has revealed the first trailer for Don't Speak, which gives A Quiet Place the mockbuster treatment.

Turner and Hooch Disney+ Series Gets Josh Peck in the Lead

Drake & Josh actor Josh Peck is all set to star in the upcoming Turner and Hooch series for Disney+.
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