Archive for February 19, 2020

Can Call of the Wild or The Boy 2 Beat Sonic at This Weekend’s Box Office?

20th Century Studios' The Call of the Wild and STX Films' Brahms: The Boy 2 both arrive at the box office this weekend.

Original Predator Script Is Becoming a Dark Horse Comic Book

Dark Horse Comics is continuing their screenplay adaptation series with Predator: The Original Screenplay, which launches this summer.

Doc Savage Movie Becomes a TV Show Instead, The Rock Probably Won’t Do It

Sony Pictures Television is bringing Doc Savage to the small screen with a new TV series.

Back to the Future Deepfake Video Won’t Change Tom Holland’s Mind About a Remake

The Back to the Future DeepFake video quickly went viral and Tom Holland is fully aware of it and its popularity.

Jennifer Lawrence and Anchorman Director Team for Netflix’s Giant Meteor Comedy

Anchorman director Adam McKay is set to direct Don't Look Up, a comedy about an asteroid heading toward Earth.
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