Archive for February 21, 2020

New Star Wars Movie Is Happening with Sleight Director and Luke Cage Writer

Lucasfilm has begun development on a new Star Wars movie as the franchise moves away from the Skywalker saga.

Ben Affleck Has Lost His Passion for The Batman, But Not for Robert Pattinson

Justice League star Ben Affleck discusses his exit from The Batman, explaining he last his passion for it.

#ReleaseTheSnyderCut Has Ben Affleck’s Full Support

The mythical Snyder Cut of Justice League is still a major topic and fans are lobbying hard for HBO Max to stream the director's original cut.

Bad Education Trailer: Hugh Jackman Headlines HBO’s School Scandal Expose

HBO has released a new trailer for Bad Education, which stars Hugh Jackman and comes from director Cory Finley.

Friends Cast Reunion Special Arrives with HBO Max Streaming Launch in May

The Friends cast are finally able to open up about their upcoming HBO Max reunion special after months of speculation.
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