Ever since the first Frozen movie was released, many fans of Disney princess movies have been comparing it with Tangled. These two princess movies were released within a few years of each other and had similar animation styles and compelling, independent princesses. While there are some similarities between these two films, there are also many differences. Frozen has also had a sequel movie that came out last year, but comparing the original two movies is still common.

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Here are the five reasons why Tangled is a better movie than Frozen and five reasons why Frozen is better.

10 Frozen: Elsa and Anna are more interesting than Rapunzel

All three of the princesses from these movies are unique and have their own personalities. While they are all really likable as protagonists, and everyone has their favorites, Elsa and Anna combined make for more compelling leads than Rapunzel. The contrast of the two sisters’ personalities combined with the family drama makes their story a bit more interesting than Rapunzel’s.

However, they are all interesting in their own right so the margin of which is better is quite thin.

9 Tangled: The love story is more compelling

In Frozen, Anna gets a love story while Elsa does not. Anna’s relationship with Kristoff is the main romance in the series and it can be compared to the romantic relationship with Rapunzel and Flynn. While Anna and Kristoff make for an endearing couple, the dynamic between Rapunzel and Eugene is definitely more interesting.

These two seem to care about each other really deeply and grow a lot together as they fall in love.

8 Frozen: The songs are catchier

When comparing the songs from these two movies, it’s rather hard to pick which is better because they have different strengths. However, on pure popularity and how catchy the songs are, Frozen wins out.

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There are few Disney songs that are as memorable or as well-loved as “Let It Go.” The power of that song and how it changed the game for Disney songs can’t really be argued against. So, in the sense of how impactful the music was, Frozen definitely wins.

7 Tangled: The plot is stronger

Frozen has a lot going for it with compelling characters, a beautiful setting, and a lot of dramatic moments, but, as far as plot, Tangled executes the story better. From start to finish there is a clear plot, and it’s easy to follow. The villain of the story is clear and the end foal is rather obvious. The story also flows well and is interesting all the way through. Frozen has a lot of great story moments, but there are some moments that lag and it fumbles a bit at times.

6 Frozen: The characters are more compelling

The characters from both of these movies can be extremely interesting, and they are overall well-rounded for animated characters. However, the Frozen characters are just a little bit more interesting.

Elsa is definitely a kind of Disney princess that hasn’t been seen before given that she doesn’t have a love interest and has magical powers. Elsa’s journey is one of the most compelling things about that movie.

5 Tangled: The songs are more hard-hitting

While the music from Frozen might be catchier and extremely popular, the lyrics and impact of the songs from Tangled are actually stronger. Since this list is looking mostly at the first film, not at Frozen 2, it’s clear that Tangled has songs that have more meaningful lyrics.

These songs also relate more clearly to the plot and move the story and character development along. Many of the songs from Frozen felt almost meaningless as far as the plot is concerned.

4 Frozen: Has a richer backstory that connects to the real-world

The worlds of both of these movies are beautifully crafted and make viewers want to learn more. The kingdoms and castles are pretty in both films, but the world of Frozen connects more to real-world history and folklore from different Scandinavian countries.

It seems to have more of a connection to the real world as opposed to just a fairytale setting in Tangled and that makes the world more compelling overall.

3 Tangled: Doesn’t have near as many plot holes

The first Frozen movie had many great moments and positive things about it, but it also had some flaws. There are quite a few plot holes in that movie that are rather obvious.

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First of all, it makes no sense how Elsa’s parents were able to keep the kingdom that closed down for so long. The fact that Elsa and Anna hadn't seen each other in years was also hard to believe. Secondly, the fact that Hans turned out to be the villain basically came from nowhere and wasn’t very good storytelling. While Tangled isn’t perfectly constructed, the plot has fewer major issues.

2 Frozen: Better side characters

Most of the story in Tangled revolves around Rapunzel and Flynn Rider. There aren’t that many side characters who aren’t villains except for two animal characters. In Frozen, there is an animal sidekick but there’s also Olaf who is a more well-rounded character.

Plus, there are a few other characters such as the trolls. And, with three somewhat main characters in Elsa, Anna, and Kristoff, there’s more going on.

1 Tangled: Has a much more compelling villain

The main problem with Frozen is that there is a lack of a central villain. Elsa isn’t a villain but ends up causing a big problem that has to be solved. Hans is the main villain, but this is poorly executed.

In Tangled, Mother Gothel is an obvious central villain who is interesting and complex. She is a scary villain and the story works quite well. Her villainous ways give the main characters someone to fight against and work toward as the plot progresses in a way that doesn’t happen with the Hans.

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