Brahms: The Boy II is about to leash the mysterious, murderous doll of the same name back out on the world, but Brahms’ co-star has some interesting thoughts on how his predator would fare against the horror genre’s other tiny terrors.

Brahms: The Boy II is a sequel to 2016’s The Boy, which first introduced the unnerving Brahms to audiences everywhere. Both the original Boy and its sequel cleverly play with limits of perception and tease the characters and the audience with what is actually happening. Brahms: The Boy II goes even further than its predecessor and it feels even more determined to turn Brahms into a notable villain of the horror genre. As far as killer dolls go, he’s making quite the name for himself.

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In a recent interview that Christopher Convery of Brahms: The Boy II did with ScreenRant, he was put in a tough position when he was asked how Brahms would do in a killer doll grudge match against Chucky from Child’s Play and Annabelle from The Conjuring extended universe. Convery had no hesitation in his response:

The winner would definitely be Brahms. There are just so many different sides to Brahms. In the first movie he has a certain way of attacking, but here he's just much more mentally manipulative. I feel like Brahms is definitely the smartest of the three. Chucky might be really strong, but I feel like Brahms would just win because of his brain. That'd be such a cool movie!

Convery, who plays Jude in the upcoming Boy sequel, brings up some good points regarding Brahms’ versatility. This a killer doll that has a much more complicated, mysterious history than both Chucky and Annabelle, who don’t exactly have simple backstories, either. The original Boy plays with the idea that there’s a real person causing the mischief, and the Brahms doll is just subterfuge, but it looks like Brahms: The Boy II expands and complicates the character’s lore in some frightening ways. Even though Chucky has the spirit of a murderous lunatic trapped inside of him and Annabelle is controlled by a vengeful demon, they are both characters who have met their supposed ends multiple times over. The extent of Brahms’ resilience remains to be fully seen, but the sequel will likely provide some answers.

Convery’s enthusiasm towards a crossover versus film between Brahms and other killer dolls isn’t unfounded. With the success of ventures like Freddy Vs. Jason and Alien Vs. Predator, there’s certainly a precedent that something like this could work. Frankly, the popularity of Chucky has only become more extreme in recent years and Annabelle already has three films under her belt. Whether Brahms: The Boy II performs well enough to warrant another sequel, Brahms at least deserves the opportunity to appear in a killer doll crossover feature.

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