Thanks to her human and Kree birth parents, Captain Marvel is possessed of strength and powers most superheroes can only dream of. But when the new king of space arrives in Marvel's upcoming Empyre event, he's giving Captain Marvel a brand new role -- and more power than she's ever wielded before.

While the seasoned comic fans may know the Kree and Skrull empires as mortal enemies, times are changing in Marvel's Universe. As destiny foretold, the failing empires are being united as one by the new king of space, formerly known as Hulkling. The story of how Teddy Altman AKA Hulkling went from embracing his nature as a Kree-Skrull hybrid to claiming the throne of an amalgamated armada will be told in Marvel's coming Empyre event. But even if the reasons for Teddy invading Earth aren't yet clear, Marvel has confirmed one hero of Earth that he will be recruiting to his side. Until now she has been known as Captain Marvel. But soon, Carol Danvers will be chosen as the new Supreme Accuser.

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The rank is best known (in both the comics and Marvel's movie universe) as that belonging to Ronan, played by actor Lee Pace in both Guardians of the Galaxy and Captain Marvel. While the films only alluded to the role of Accusers, the comics established them as a pivotal part of the Kree Empire's power structure. Effectively the military judges, Accusers were given the authority to enforce Kree law and sentence those who broke it... and with their Universal Weapons, given the power to punish the guilty personally. With Captain Marvel #18 arriving in May 2020, Carol Danvers is going to be chosen as Supreme Accuser in Teddy's new Kree-Skrull empire. With a new Universal Weapon of her own, as if her already ridiculous powers weren't enough. Check out the first look at Captain Marvel in her Accuser role below, courtesy of Jorge Molina's cover art:

Before any readers assume that this allegiance to her Kree people means Captain Marvel is suddenly a villain, the plot synopsis for the issue suggests otherwise. The first crime Carol is sent to investigate and adjudicate is perpetrated by a rebellious (or patriotic?) Kree, who attacked a unified Kree-Skrull city in Teddy's new empire. But with Empyre looking to pull the Avengers, Fantastic Four, and more into open war, fans can expect Captain Marvel to find her way back to the front. But after Empyre... will Carol return to Earth, or accept the role for the foreseeable future? Only time will tell. For now, check out the full solicitation details and plot synopsis below:

  • Release Date: May 2020
  • Written by: Kelly Thompson
  • Art by: Cory Smith
  • Cover by: Jorge Molina
  • In the throes of war, Carol finds herself with a bold new role – and a brand-new weapon – the Universal Weapon, in fact. When a Kree soldier bombs a unified city of the Empire, Emperor Hulkling sends his new Accuser to bring down the swift and necessary hammer of justice. But what at first seems like a relatively simple directive will end up challenging Carol on a personal level she had never imagined.

The vast assortment of Empyre tie-ins will show every side of the coming conflict, but fans will want to begin their homework with Road to Empyre: Kree-Skrull War, releasing in March before Empyre #1 arrives in April 2020.

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Source: Marvel Comics