The recently released Dragon Ball Z Kakarot provides players with an open-world reimagination of the classic series's story. Providing fans of the series the opportunity to reexperience to classic series with a new visual style and an engaging combat engine. Kakarot challenges player's skills by pitting them against the most powerful villains from the Dragon Ball Z universe. From Vegeta to Majin Buu, players must train and level up their character to overcome the massive obstacles provided. On top of these well-developed combat missions, Kakarot provides players with a multitude of optional missions and collectibles throughout its well-developed world.

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Kakarot provides its players with a massive list of missions and collectibles to engage with. From learning how to drive a car with Piccolo to collecting the 7 Dragon Balls players are spoiled for choice in terms of things to do. One of the most engaging aspects of Kakarot is its fishing mechanic. With the ability to catch gargantuan beasts, Goku uses his Saiyan tail to capture the larger than life fish of Kakarot's world. This guide will teach players the essentials of fishing inside of Dragon Ball Z Kakarot.

The action of fishing is one that will mainly test a player's timing. The event is truly a matter of being proficient in quick time events. Once players understand how to fish, the mini-game will be trivial.

As you approach a body of water press the prompt that will allow Goku to fish. A short cut-scene will play showing Goku reattaching his tail and dipping it in the water. By moving the control stick Goku will begin to wiggle his tail. This will make the makeshift rod an enticing item for the fish in the body of water.

As you wiggle your tail you will see fish begin to approach the Saiyan warrior. Whichever fish gets there first will be the one to bite onto Goku's tail. As it bites players will be given a short meter, filled with red coloring in the center of the meter. Be sure to press the provided button as it reaches this red center in order to ensure you pull the fish from the water. As Goku hurls the monster from the water a quick time even will pop up prompting players to press a button. Be sure to press it as it closes in on its provided circle and Goku will punch the fish.

And that's all there is to catch the massive fish inside of Dragon Ball Z Kakarot.

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Dragon Ball Z Kakarot is available on PS4, Xbox One, and PC.