Grand Theft Auto 5 Online's newest casino heist update brings along tons of old and new content. Here's a guide on how to find and unlock Packie McReary in Grand Theft Auto 5 Online. The newest update for Grand Theft Auto online, the Casino Heist has brought along plenty of new content, including a new casino to gamble in, and a new heist. Aside from the main event, the Casino Heist update brought several side events including the Los Santos Slasher and several new properties to purchase at the casino itself. A standard penthouse at the casino will cost the player $1.5 million dollars, bringing in arcade machines, a spa, bar, and more. Not only that, but Packie McReary from Grand Theft Auto 4 and Grand Theft Auto 5 makes his return in this update.

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Packie McReary is a reoccurring character in the Grand Theft Auto series. In Grand Theft Auto 4, players are introduced to Packie when he meets the protagonist, Niko Bellic, through a cocaine dealer. Both become chummy and Packie quickly introduces Niko to his family and his gang. Packie also appears in several of the Grand Theft Auto 4 expansions like The Lost and Damned and The Ballad of Gay Tony. Packie even shows up in the early game of Grand Theft Auto 5's story mode. He's holding up a drug store and requests that the player helps him find a getaway car. By helping him, this makes him available as an accomplice to future heists. The player also has the option to kill Packie instead of helping him. Although, the canonical ending is the player assisting Packie, as he appears in Grand Theft Auto 5 Online with the casino heist update. Here's how to find and unlock Packie McReary.

Packie McReary is a unique case in Grand Theft Auto 5 Online, as there's no specific way or location to find him. There are a few minor criteria in order for him to appear though. There must be at least three people in an active session. Aside from this, getting him to spawn in completely random. Players do not need to purchase arcade in order for him to spawn. Important though, if players are able to get him to successfully spawn and he or the player dies, they will be given another chance for him to spawn again at a later time.

Play the game as normal. Explore the world of Los Santos in free mode. An alternative option is to stay put inside of a vehicle, as when he does spawn, players will have to pursue him. Wait until players hear police sirens off in the distance. Head into the direction of the police sirens. Eventually, a blue dot will appear on the screen. This blue dot is a police van with Packie McReary inside. It may take a while for the police van to show up. Alternate sessions every 15-20 minutes to keep the spawn fresh.

Kill the cops in the front two seats and steal the vehicle. Players must now escape from the cops. They can either drive away normally and find somewhere to hide or call Lester to remove their wanted level. Once the players have escaped, Packie McReary will provide a location to his safehouse. Drive over to his safe house and drop him off the unlock him. What unlocking Packie McReary does is make him an optional accomplice for the Casino Heist. He will act as a gunman and request 10% of the total cut.

Grand Theft Auto 5 online has so much additional content outside of its initial casino heist. Bringing in Packie McReary makes the world of Grand Theft Auto feel alive as this character has appeared in several titles in the series. Although, earning him as a gunman for the casino heist can really push players' patience, as its completely random. But if the player is set on making him a part of their team, relax, turn on the radio and wait until those sirens go off. Packie McReary is an excellent addition to any players heist crew.

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Grand Theft Auto 5 is available now on Playstation 4, Playstation 3, Xbox 360, Xbox One, and PC.