While Victoria Fuller has irritated many a fan with her behavior on this season of The Bachelorshe's also managed to annoy Bachelor Nation sweetheart and former star of The Bachelorette, Hannah Brown. In a recent Instagram Story post, Brown threw a little shade at the emotional contestant. It's safe to say Brown isn't rooting for Victoria to end up with Peter Weber.

Since the very start of the season, Peter's relationship with Victoria has been an emotional roller coaster. Although the contestant describes herself as "meek," her behavior has become increasingly erratic. She freaked out over a modeling date, only to strut down the runway in lingerie. She can't get through a conversation with Peter without crying, yet she told him he was "always in a mood" when they talk. On her first one-on-one date, Victoria's ex-boyfriend showed up, and she walked away from the conversation with Peter rather than talking things through. On her second one-on-one date, she told Peter that she didn't know if she could do this and again stormed away in tears. On the most recent episode, she started yet another tiff with the Bachelor when she got defensive after he asked her a benign question. To her credit, in an in-the-moment interview (ITM), she then stated "it's annoying to be around me," showing that she maintains a sliver of self-awareness.

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Well, Hannah Brown wasn't going to let that comment pass with a response. Hannah has started posting Instagram videos of herself watching The Bachelor on Monday nights. This past Monday, she started a video just as Victoria's ITM started. When Victoria said "it's annoying to be around me," Hannah paused, looked at the camera, and said, "Well...you said it." Fans immediately jumped on the comment, reposting it to their own Instagram accounts and praising Hannah for her honesty, chedck out the video below (via @alifxrous):

While Hannah's known for speaking her mind, her comment holds a little more weight this season considering her long history with Peter Weber. When Peter appeared on Hannah's season of The Bachelorettehe fell deeply in love with the Alabama native. However, Hannah didn't return his feelings and sent him home after Fantasy Suite dates. At the season of his Bachelor season, however, Hannah returned to lead a group date where she broke down into tears and admitted she wasn't over Peter. At one point, Peter even asked her to join his season, though they both ultimately decided that it was best to move on. With all that history, it's pretty bold of Hannah to comment on any one of Peter's relationships.

If there's one thing we can rely on with Hannah Brown, it's her honesty. She says what she's thinking, often before she really thinks it through. Even though her history with Peter adds some extra layers onto her commentary, the woman speaks the truth – Victoria is annoying. Anyone with two eyes can see it. Can we really blame Hannah Brown for saying what we're all thinking? We think not.

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Source: @alifxrous