Zack Snyder unveils a new image of The Flash from his unseen version of Justice League. The campaign for the famed Justice League Snyder cut continues to remain strong, with a series of events in the past few months pushing it into the mainstream discourse. In particular, the Snyder cut was given an enormous boost this past fall following a rapidly ballooning number of cast and crew members voicing their support for its release, along with a slew of big stars and media personalities not connected to Justice League also joining in on its two year anniversary.

It is now well-documented how radically the theatrical version of Justice League departed from Snyder's vision, but Snyder himself has held interest in his original cut of the superhero ensemble by releasing still images and storyboards on social media displaying the contrast between the two versions. Snyder's more recent teases have also grown increasingly revealing, with the director dropping such bombs as the revelation that General Swanwick, played by Harry Lennix, was actually Martian Manhunter. What's more, with the very existence of the Justice League Snyder cut having been heavily debated from the start, the director definitively put the matter to rest by releasing a photo of his cut of the movie.

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Snyder's latest tease on Vero shows The Flash in action, with a lightning bolt crackling as he appears to be rescuing a group of people. What's notable about the image is that it clearly showcases multiple Flash's, indicating there being an after-image effect at work as Barry Allen moves at super speed. Additionally, Snyder has added the words "Happy 214" to the image, an obvious play on both today's date and the 214-minute Snyder cut runtime. Check out the image below.

Additionally, the image marks a notable departure from the majority of Snyder's previous social media teases by the fact that it is in color. Though Snyder has dropped countless images from his cut of Justice League, the vast majority have been in black and white. This new image of The Flash also comes after Snyder released another color image of Alfred last month. Between them, Snyder is seemingly establishing a new pattern of releasing color images from his version of the movie.

This latest practice by Snyder is sure to further fuel the demand for the release of the Justice League Snyder cut, especially coming off of Ezra Miller's very unexpected cameo on The CW's Crisis on Infinite Earths crossover. It also isn't the only means by which Snyder has poured gasoline on the fire, either, with the director having released a T-shirt and hoodie through Ink to the People that dubs the movie "Zack Snyder's Justice League." That's also on top of Snyder also currently judging over 1,200 entries in a contest to create best fan-made poster his Justice League.

All of these factors combined continue to add an aura of immense curiosity towards the Justice League Snyder cut, especially with the impending launch of the HBO Max streaming service. Indeed, that curiosity is only likely to grow as Snyder releases more material from the movie in color. As the world waits to see what the latest development will be for the Justice League Snyder cut, and which fan poster he selects as the winner, interest will surely continue to rise among the growing legions eager to see the movie.

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