There are few things in this world that have as little overlap as Once Upon a Time in Hollywood, Quentin Tarantino's Oscar-winning film, and Harry Potter, J.K. Rowling's global phenomenon franchise, do. One is the story of a period of time in American filmmaking with adult themes and long, drawn-out character moods.

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The other is the tale of a boy wizard, thrust into the war that he has to conquer against all odds. And yet, at the core of it, each character in OUATIH, real or otherwise, maintains a philosophy that could categorize them into a number of different Hogwarts houses.


10 Rick Dalton (Gryffindor)

Rick Dalton, the main character portrayed by Leonardo DiCaprio, is a Gryffindor. He is such a complex person that it is hard to pigeonhole him into one specific category, but it seems like Gryffindor is the best way to go at Hogwarts. He has immense passion and feels things deeply on intimate levels.

When it seems like his career is winding down, he digs his heels in and he never says "die." A passionate actor, Rick Dalton is a Gryffindor for all of his fiery, can-do attitude that carries him through life.

9 Cliff Booth (Ravenclaw)

Cliff Booth, the character for which Brad Pitt just won an Oscar, is a Ravenclaw. Often times, it might seem like Cliff's way of life is cunning, but his lack of ambition seems to paint him as more savvy. He has immense intuition when it comes to the motivations of the people in his orbit.

While he may not have the quintessential book smarts that are associated with Ravenclaw, he is extremely intelligent throughout his way of life. When the situations become life or death, these kinds of smarts are most crucial.

8 Sharon Tate (Hufflepuff)

Sharon Tate, played by Margot Robbie, is a Hufflepuff, at least in terms of how she is portrayed in the movie. Obviously, Tate was a real person, but when it comes to this movie, the audience can only derive what Tarantino gives to them.

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The world sees Sharon Tate portrayed as a beam of light in a troubling world. She cares for the people around her, always strives to have a fun day, and has a streak of people-pleasing within her. If she loves a person, they never get cut out of her life and that is a trademark Hufflepuff attribute.

7 Pussycat (Slytherin)

Pussycat is Margaret Qualley's character in the film and she is a Slytherin. Granted, as a member of Charles Manson's cult, it can be interpreted that a number of her actions are not of her own volition. However, when she is of sound mind, she is incredibly cunning, resourceful, and always aiming for some higher ambition.

She is a quick talker and a fast liar and can be quite rueful if someone crosses her. Her relationship with Cliff, and how fast it deteriorates, suggests something sinister behind Pussycat's daily motivations.

6 Trudi Fraser (Gryffindor)

The Julia Butters-portrayed child actor on the set of Lancer is Trudi Fraser. As opposed to Rick Dalton, Trudi fits the more traditional model of a Gryffindor because she undeniably has the heart of a lion.

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When it comes to the craft of acting, Trudi marches to the beat of her own drummer and maintains a strict code of professionalism. The best evidence for her status as a Gryffindor and someone far ahead of her years comes when she reads a biography on Walt Disney, who might be similarly described as a Gryffindor, in addition to being a role model of Trudi's.

5 Marvin Schwarz (Ravenclaw)

Marvin Schwarz, as performed by Al Pacino, is a Ravenclaw, not only because he is intelligent, but also because he is clever and creative. Schwarz understands the entertainment industry on a fundamental level and he implements this knowledge into his crafty maneuvering around Hollywood.

His idea to cast Rick in Italian westerns because he can spot the waning manipulations of his acting persona is pure Ravenclaw material and a solid burst of creativity. Schwarz has the most insight into the sixties state of Hollywood of anyone in the entire film.

4 Bruce Lee (Gryffindor)

Bruce Lee, as impersonated by Mike Moh, is the third Gryffindor on this list. However, he does not have the strong moral code of Trudi or the ardent passion of Rick. Instead, his lion's heart is much more applicable to his palpable sense of superiority. Bruce Lee, as shown from Tarantino's interpretation, sees himself as a champion and will spit on the face of anyone who challenges him. There are strong streaks of arrogance to him, but there is also a need to prove himself.

If he attended Hogwarts, he would steadily grow into a leader, but he would begin as a difficult person to be around.

3 Jim Stacy (Hufflepuff)

Jim Stacy is the lead of the television western, Lancer, and he is played by Timothy Olyphant in the film. Based on this role, Stacy can be seen as a Hufflepuff. By the logic of the film, Stacy could eventually end up in a similar boat as to Rick Dalton where he is replaced by younger actors.

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However, at the current moment of 1969, he is the lead, but he is nowhere near arrogant about it. He is confident, to be sure, but he is also genial and welcoming. Stacy is the kind of actor to lend a helping hand and allow for space for performers to do what they do best. He's the sort of Hufflepuff people want to be around.

2 George Spahn (Hufflepuff)

George Spahn, the owner of Spahn ranch, was also a real person. In the film, he is played by Bruce Dern for just one scene. But what a memorable scene it is! In those quick moments, Spahn can be seen as a Hufflepuff, as well. He wants to make everyone happy, as evidenced by his gratitude for Cliff's visit and his eagerness to watch FBI with Squeaky.

However, he also suffers no fools. Except for himself. In the movie, it is clear that Spahn is being duped in a parasitic way by the people in his life, which equates him to the doormat stereotype that many Hufflepuffs tend to occupy.

1 Francesca Capucci (Gryffindor)

Francesca Capucci is Rick Dalton's fictional wife from Italy in the movie and she is played by Lorenza Izzo. While there are plenty of other supporting characters, especially in the Manson realm, who could be labeled as Slytherins, Francesca is the rare Tarantino supporting player who is a Gryffindor. Typically, such categorization can be reserved for feature players.

Francesca has only a few scenes, but she is clearly a fiery spirit. When push comes to shove, she holds her own against home invaders, showing immense courage in the face of danger. She also knows when to quit and protect her loved ones, which is definitely an attribute that Harry Potter himself could stand to learn better.

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