If you grew up as a kid in the late '90s or had an older sibling, Power Rangers were a big deal on television. Saban released its first Mighty Morphin Power Rangers show back in 1993 on FOX after years in development and legal issues. The show went on to be one of the top children's shows on the market, and it was nothing like anyone had ever seen before in America.

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Power Rangers were ordinary civilians who were chosen to defend the Earth by harnessing immense power and could call upon zords to defeat their enemies. One of Power Ranger's top-selling and most recognized item was the original morphers. Some Power Ranger morphers outrank others in power, and here's how.

10 Power Rangers Wild Force (2002)

The morpher for Power Rangers Wild Force is an exception compared to the original design of the other morphers on the list. This is because it was the first time the company strayed away from its original look. Previous morphers were all designed to be like wristwatches with the morpher attached to a wristband.

This time they decided to take a different route and develop a morpher that was meant to go with the times. The power rangers in Wild Force got a "Growl Phone." This was a first. You cant forget the rangers flipping the phone open when it was time to morph and screaming "Wild Access!" The morpher then turned into a humanoid form that would allow them to switch into their gear.

9 Power Rangers In Space (1998)

Power Rangers In Space took the power rangers to space, while still living on Earth part-time. The previous Turbo rangers are traveling through space when they encounter Andros, who gives them Astro Morphers to become the new power rangers. The morphers are activated by the catchphrase "Let's Rock It!" and pressing the three-digit combination, 335.

Audiences never really see the morphers having any real special abilities or where they really manifested from. They are primarily used as communicators and a way to morph accessing the Morphin Grid.

8 Power Rangers Lightspeed Rescue (2000)

In 2000, Power Rangers Lightspeed Rescue aired on television. Unlike the other power rangers, Lightspeed Rescue was the result of a government organization that was successful in using power from what's called a Morphin Grid to create a new group of power rangers.

Their Rescue Morphers were simple in design and only allowed rangers to access their ability to morph and call on their zords when needed. It also served as a communication device. Later on, their morphers could call upon a Battle Booster that would intensify their physical strength and conjure new weaponry.

7 Power Rangers Dino Thunder (2004)

Despite the show coming out after Wild Force, they went back to the original design for the morphers. The rangers morphers would start as bracelets to then transform into their wrist morphers. In Power Rangers Dino Thunder, their morphers would represent their chosen Dino animal steaming power from Dino Gems.

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Their morphers did allow them to power up to gain more strength during a battle, and it also came with an upgraded suit design. In a certain episode, the yellow and blue ranger used their morphers to transfer their ranger energy to the red ranger, who is imprisoned in a dream.

6  Power Rangers Ninja Storm (2003)

Three students at the Wind Ninja Academy are given the opportunity to become power rangers after their academy is attacked by the evil Lothor. They are given wind morphers to become the Wind Power Rangers. Each student has the ability to zone in on a specific element; air, earth, or water.

The morphers serve as a way to activate their ranger powers as well as having access to weapons. Their morphers also allow them to power up and gain special armor and more strength to defeat their evil foes. The morphers are also used to communicate with Cam to summon their zords.

5 Power Rangers Turbo (1997)

Power Rangers Turbo wasn't one of the top favorite power ranger shows after Mighty Morphin Power Rangers and Power Rangers Zeo. Their morphers were a bit more complex than others. Their communicators would transform into their Turbo Morphers after saying, "Shift Into Turbo!"

The morphers abilities were introduced during the 1997 film Turbo: A Power Rangers Movie. The morpher was comprised of two parts: the morpher and a key. The key was fashioned after Lerigot golden key. It would power up their vehicles, and the morpher would give them access to their powers. It also allowed the blue ranger to grow into a more appropriate fight ready body.

4 Power Rangers Time Force (2001)

Power Rangers Time Force took an interesting spin with its backstory. Four, Time Force rangers from the year 3,000, travel back in time to find stop an escaped villain called Ransik. Their Chrono Morphers are locked until they can be activated with the Red ranger's DNA.

The Chrono Morphers are synced to each ranger with their specific DNA. The morphers are used as communicators, as well as a way to communicate back to Time Force to send zords. Much like other morphers, they are also used to power up like the Red Ranger'"red battle warrior."

3 Power Rangers Zeo (1996)

Power Rangers Zeo was a continuation of Mighty Morphin Power Rangers. After the destruction of their Command Center, the power rangers have no powers. They find the Zeo Crystal among the rubble that leads them to a hidden Power Chamber. There they use the Zeo Crystal to become the Zeo Rangers.

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What makes the morphers a bit more powerful than others is the fact that they source their power from the Zeo Crystal. The Zeo Crystal holds immense power that becomes stronger as time goes on. It is comprised of five sub crystals. The five crystals allow the rangers to access the Morphin Grid.

2 Mighty Morphin Power Rangers (1993)

While the Mighty Morphin Power Rangers, were the original and the frost to hit television screens, it doesn't necessarily mean they have the most power. Five ordinary teenagers with attitude are selected by Zordon to defend Earth from Rita Repulsa.

The Power Morphers is one of the most iconic power ranger morphers in the history of the show. The rangers gain their powers from a Power Coin. The Power Coins were created by Ninjor in the Temple of Power. The Temple of Power is a place of great capabilities in the Desert of Despair. Only those worthy can harness and obtain a Power Coin. The Power Coins gives the rangers access to the Morphin Grid as well as transform the coin into a Power Crystal.

1 Power Rangers Lost Galaxy (1996)

Compared to the other power rangers, Power Rangers Lost Galaxy morphers hold the most power. This is due to the fact that the five chose rangers pulled the Quasar Sabers from a stone altar. The Quasar Sabers are ancient swords that were used by warriors 3,000 years ago.

The Quasar Sabers combine with their Transmorphers to harness the three thousand years old true power of its previous warriors. By shouting "Go, Galactic!", the rangers have access to the Morphin Grid and the Quasar Sabers powers. Later on in the show, the Transmorphers combine their powers with the Light of Orian: a mystery ancient energy source.

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