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Some Shows and Movies CAN’T Release Early On Streaming, Here’s Why


Here's one reason why certain shows and movies can't be released early on various streaming sites like Amazon Prime and Netflix. At a time when most people are (hopefully) staying home because of the coronavirus outbreak and practicing social distancing, the demand for new streaming content is higher than ever. More and more people are hopping onto places like Netflix and Disney+ in search of something new to watch, and some outlets have managed to add new content to capture their attention. For example, Disney+ released Frozen II months ahead of schedule, and some film studios have opted to send some recent releases to VOD. However, that isn't enough for some people.

Due to the outbreak, most major movie releases for the next few months have either been moved to new dates way off in the future or postponed indefinitely. In the cases of Disney's releases, some fans have called for the delayed films to be put on Disney+, such as Marvel's Black WidowThis is unlikely to happen because of financial reasons, but there is also another reason why certain films and movies can't be added to streaming services ahead of time.

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Arrow alum Stephen Amell has begun hosting daily chats on Instagram Live to connect with fans during the outbreak, and yesterday he included his cousin Robbie Amell, who will star in the upcoming Amazon Prime original Upload. Upload currently has a release date of May 1. Fans have begun begging Amell to convince Amazon to release Upload earlier so they have something new to watch, but Robbie explained that's not possible for one specific reason: Foreign language dubs. As he explained:

I was trying to convince them to release it early ‘cause like every other comment was like, “Release it now! Release it now!” It has to do with– because Amazon Prime releases everything globally at the same time, they’re still dubbing foreign languages. So it will end up being May 1st.

As the entire world seems to be dealing with the coronavirus pandemic, streaming services don't want to alienate their international viewers or make things available to some instead of all. Like Amazon, Netflix releases its content internationally at the same time, so bumping up certain releases when the dubs are incomplete likely isn't an option for them. Disney+ is a little different because as of right now, it isn't even available everywhere, but it could have a similar policy.

While most of the entertainment industry is faltering as a result of the coronavirus outbreak, streaming services look to be doing okay aside from ongoing productions being forced to shut down. The outbreak has led to much uncertainty about the state of the industry's future. However, if one thing seems certain, it's that streaming services are here to stay.

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Source: Stephen Amell/Instagram

Walking Dead: Everyone Who Died After The Whisperers’ Hilltop Attack


Not everyone made it out alive when Hilltop and the Whisperers clashed in the latest episode of The Walking Dead season 10. The conflict between the various communities and the Whisperers has been building for a while, and it finally led to a large-scale battle when Alpha (Samantha Morton) led her forces (and a horde of zombies) into a fight with the people of Hilltop.

After a brutal and bloody encounter with Daryl (Norman Reedus) and a conversation with Lydia (Cassady McClincy), Alpha decided it was time to take on Hilltop. Upon discovering that a battle was coming, Daryl, Ezekiel (Khary Payton), Rosita (Christian Serratos), and all the others made preparations for the Whisperers. Armed with medieval weapons and shields, the survivors formed a line outside Hilltop and defended their home from the Whisperers. Hilltop was defeated, and the characters were forced to flee and seek refuge elsewhere.

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Of course, with this being The Walking Dead, some characters didn't survive the battle, as there were casualties on both sides. The Walking Dead season 10, episode 12, "Walk With Us" adds to the death count attributed to the conflict with the Whisperers. The series lost several major and supporting characters to the Whisperers in season 9, including Jesus (Tom Payne), Tara (Alanna Masterson), Enid (Katelyn Nacon), and more. This continued in The Walking Dead season 10 with the murder of Siddiq (Avi Nash). The Whisperer War has certainly taken its toll on the characters, and it may get worse. Here's everyone who died after the Whisperers attacked Hilltop.

Earl Sutton (John Finn) is Hilltop's blacksmith and someone who's been on the show since the Walking Dead season 9 premiere, but only in a recurring role. While drunk and overcome with grief over the death of his son, Earl was manipulated by Gregory (Xander Berkeley) into making an attempt on Maggie's life. But Maggie (Lauren Cohan), who understood Earl's pain, agreed to spare his life. Since then, Earl has been shown to be an important part of Hilltop's community. Later on, Earl adopted the Whisperer baby that was left behind by Alpha's people, and lost his wife to the Whisperers during the Fair.

Earl died a hero's death in "Walk With Us" when he helped safeguard the children after Hilltop fell. Ezekiel was supposed to get the children to safety, but was waylaid during the attack, forcing Earl to take Judith (Cailey Fleming) and the children into a building. The problem, however, was that Earl was bitten on the arm at some point during the attack. Earl, knowing what was about to happen, spoke a few encouraging words to the children, isolated himself, and took his own life by forcing his own head through a railroad spike. Somehow, he missed the brain and he reanimated anyway. Judith had no choice but to put him down. With both of the Suttons now dead, it's unclear what will become of the Whisperer child, Adam. Unfortunately, the episode's next death prevents the child's next of kin from taking care of him as well.

Gamma started out as a loyal member of the Whisperers in season 10, but after a while, cracks began to form. Her loyalty to Alpha was shaken after Gamma killed her sister for the Whisperer leader. After speaking with Aaron (Ross Marquand), the third-in-command of the Whisperers began to doubt her allegiances to the Alpha and slowly developed a rapport of sorts with Aaron. Ultimately, Gamma turned on the Whisperers and gave up valuable information to Aaron about Alpha's horde. When her betrayal was discovered, Alpha demanded that she be punished.

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It all came to a head in "Walk With Us" when Gamma escaped Hilltop alongside Kelly (Angel Theory) Alden (Callan McAuliffe), and Adam. After being chased by zombies, the group tried to hide in a vehicle, but Gamma stayed behind to provide a distraction. Her efforts to save their lives was a huge, redemptive moment. She managed to fight off the zombies, and just when it seemed that she might survive the encounter, Beta (Ryan Hurst) appeared out of nowhere and stabbed her. Beta killed Gamma in retaliation for her betrayal.

Gamma's death is important for the current story, because of what it means for the rest of The Walking Dead season 10. Beta murdering Gamma sets up another major comic book death. In the comics, Aaron is the person who kills Beta, and now he has all the motivation he needs to do just that on the show.

Alpha has been the show's main antagonist since season 9, and the series set the stage for her downfall as soon as she agreed to let Negan (Jeffrey Dean Morgan) join the Whisperers. After all, it was Negan who killed her in the comic book version of the story. Beta has been distrustful of Negan this entire time, and apparently for good reason. Alpha, on the other hand, took a liking to the former Savior and his methods. Alpha even used some of Negan's old tactics in her battle strategy against Hilltop, though she rejected his suggestion about forcing Hilltop into surrendering.

Negan's ulterior motives became increasingly clear when he captured Lydia and promised to bring her to Alpha, who believed that Lydia needed to die at her own hand so that she could become stronger. After stepping into the cabin where Lydia was supposedly being held, Negan abruptly slit Alpha's throat. Negan's decision to infiltrate the Whisperers and kill their leader wasn't a surprise to comic readers, as this is how the character was killed off in the comics.

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At the end of the episode, Negan handed the head over to Carol (Melissa McBride), confirming a major fan theory that Carol is the one who let Negan out of his cell. As it turns out, Negan was Carol's secret weapon all along. Carol has been desperate to avenge her son since he was murdered by Alpha in season 9, and her revenge had been denied to her at every turn, but letting Negan out gave Carol a way to get what she wanted. So even though Carol didn't get to take out Alpha personally, she did successfully mastermind the character's death. The actions of Carol and Negan are sure to light a fire under Beta, who will presumably take over as leader of the Whisperers. As dangerous as Alpha was, Beta has proven himself to be an even bigger threat. The Walking Dead may have lost Alpha, but the Whisperers are in capable hands with Beta.

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Starz Offers Free Streaming of Select Series Without a Subscription

Everybody is supposed to be spending as much time at home as possible, which means a lot of TV is being watched.

Could 5G iPhone Launch Be Delayed Due To Coronavirus Pandemic?


It is now being suggested that the ongoing coronavirus pandemic could lead to a delay in the arrival of a 5G iPhone. At the moment, any prediction has to be taken with some degree of skepticism due to how much unknowns remain on how long the outbreak will last, let alone its effects.

Although the coronavirus outbreak now appears to be in a heightened state due to the spread having now reached more countries and the infection rate continuing to increase, the effects on multiple industries were already known. With the outbreak hitting China - a country deeply tied to the smartphone manufacturing industry - in the earlier stages, this led to the shutting down of much of the global manufacturing and supply process. While there are now indications that operations are starting to return to some degree of normalcy in China, similar shutdowns are taking place in other parts of the world.

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A research note to investors by Daniel Ives of Wedbush Securities suggests the likelihood of a delayed 5G iPhone launch. The analyst does not explain how long the delay would be, but comments from the note (published by AppleInsider), assume there won’t be a 5G iPhone launch during the fall, as expected. The reason given is the impact and pressures that coronavirus has placed on the global supply chain. However, Ives did also point out that the prediction is widely open to inaccuracy, due to the unknowns still surrounding the short and long-term effects of the outbreak.

While it remains to be seen if the suggestion is accurate, the wider implications that coronavirus is going to have long-lasting effects on many industries is clear, and that includes the smartphone industry. 2020 has often been touted as a 5G year due to the increase in the rollout expected to take place this year. Another integral part of the 5G expansion plan, and a way to almost instantly increase device adoption at the user level, is a 5G iPhone. With many buyers expected to buy or upgrade to the latest iPhone each year, a 5G version would have immediately added to the number of 5G smartphones that are in circulation. However, if no launch takes place then there evidently won't be that sort of immediate device injection into the 5G market.

Much of the speculation here comes down to when, and not, if. It is highly expected Apple will launch a 5G iPhone and a delay could be something that’s short or long, depending on how long the outbreak continues for, and how far-reaching its effects continue to be. For example, if it just delayed by a few weeks, then that’s vastly different to delayed until next year. Although, in both instances it will likely have an impact on Apple’s own earnings announcements considering the company’s fiscal year ends at the close of September - within the delay period now being suggested. Regardless of whether a delay does take place, and for how long it might be, the latest prediction is just another example of the impact, and the unknowns, of coronavirus.

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Source: AppleInsider

Thor: Ragnarok Referenced Jeff Goldblum’s Failed Hulk 2003 Audition


Before the Marvel Cinematic Universe became what it is now, it went through many ups and downs with different superhero films, among those Ang Lee’s Hulk, which could have had Jeff Goldblum as the title character – something that was subtly referenced in Thor: Ragnarok. The MCU went through a much needed change with Taika Waititi’s Thor: Ragnarok, which not only explained where Thor and the Hulk were during the events of Captain America: Civil War, but also gave the God of Thunder a personality, seizing Chris Hemsworth’s comedic talents, and helped shape Avengers: Infinity War.

Thor: Ragnarok takes place two years after the battle of Sokovia in Avengers: Age of Ultron, and follows Thor’s efforts to escape the other side of the universe in order to save Asgard from Hela (Cate Blanchett) and the imminent Ragnarok. In the meantime, he and Loki reunite with their father, Odin, before he passes away, the two brothers end up in garbage planet Sakaar, and they reunite with the Hulk. Thor and his Avengers teammate were brought together by the Grandmaster (Jeff Goldblum), one of the Elders of the Universe and Sakaar’s ruler, as he wanted them to compete in his Contest of Champions. Little did he know, these two are good friends.

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Many actors from the MCU have previously taken part in other Marvel films, such as Chris Evans as Johnny Storm in Fantastic Four (2005) and its sequel, and others have joined the Marvel Universe after failing to play other characters in past films. Such is the case of Jeff Goldblum, and Thor: Ragnarok wasted no time in referencing it.

Hulk made the jump to the big screen in 2003 in the film simply titled Hulk. Eric Bana was the one in charge of playing Bruce Banner/Hulk, but before he was cast, many actors were considered for the role and even auditioned for it, among those Jeff Goldblum. Of course, that failed audition didn’t stop Goldblum, who worked on a number of films and TV shows before he officially joined the Marvel Universe in Thor: Ragnarok.

As it turns out, the film included a very subtle reference to Goldblum’s Hulk screen-test, and it can be found in the scene where the Grandmaster introduces Hulk at the arena. The Grandmaster says the Hulk is “unique, there’s none like him” and that he “feels a special connection to him” – surely, Goldblum wouldn’t have been interested in playing the character if he didn’t feel some connection to it. Ultimately, losing the role was for the best for Goldblum’s career, and it gave him the opportunity to join the Marvel Universe with a much better character. Both Taika Waititi and Jeff Goldblum are known for not taking themselves too seriously and for their sense of humor, so it’s not surprising that they would go for such a subtle yet fun reference to Goldblum’s Hulk audition, adding more to the special comedic tone of Thor: Ragnarok.

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