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90 Day Fiancé: How Ash Is an Australian Version of Jesse


How is Ash from 90 Day Fiancé an Australian version of Jesse Meester? The two men come off as playboys, and fans wonder if they get their game from the same handbook.

Meester first became notable for dating his American fiancée Darcey Silva. During her visit abroad, the obvious differences between Meester and Silva became all too apparent to viewers. Silva longed for affection and attention, while it seemed the more stoic Meester wished for a more independent woman. Ash, on the other hand, just met the love of his life Avery and seems to know exactly how to sweep her off her feet.

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The similarities between the two men do not start and stop with the fact that they both are very good looking. Fans have noted that both men, who run their own business, Meester a personal trainer and Ash a relationship expert, only seem to work with female clients. The two know how to smooth talk and work their opinion into a conversation without the other knowing. Both dresses impeccably, making sure to show off their chiseled god-like bodies.

Ash and Meester claimed to be in search of the perfect woman that would complement their existence, but viewers have a hard time buying it. Ash had already been seen as a man about town, thanks to his loyal florist who seemed to accidentally rat him out. During the relationship guru’s latest purchase, the TLC cameras cornered the florist, who said that Ash is one of his best customers and was not sure how many women he has dated but hinted that it was a lot. Fans will recall meeting Meester’s parents at an uncomfortable dinner. Both Mom and Dad made it clear that he was a young man who could have any girl he wanted and were shocked at the time he had picked Darcey.

The most symbolic connection between the two is their sense of control. Meester was much more straightforward in his love of controlling Silva. He often mentioned she drank too much and had a drinking problem. The personal trainer tried to curb her drinking by manipulating her to stop when he threatened to leave her. He also enjoyed playing mind games with the Connecticut native, as fans pointed out when he flew to New York City to get her hopes up but then dumped her in their cab ride. Ash, on the other hand, is a bit more low key but audiences are very aware that he knows exactly what to say to keep the women hanging on to his every word. He over-compliments and talks in catchphrases that are meant to ease your worries.

If fans had to choose the worst offender, it would have to be Meester, who still actively tries to stay relevant even though Silva has moved on from him. The TLC personality still likes to make sure his name is in the media, like he did when he made an insensitive post about the ongoing coronavirus. Fans of the show are holding out hope that maybe Ash will turn out better and not like a chip of the old block.

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90 Day Fiancé air Sundays at 8pm EST on TLC.

Spider-Gwen’s Solution to Outlawed Teens? Travel to [Spoiler]


Warning: SPOILERS for Outlawed

The universe hopping Ghost-Spider is leaving Earth 616 in the upcoming Ghost-Spider #8. After the events of Outlawed, superheroes under the age of twenty-one have been banned, resulting in the formation of C.R.A.D.L.E. a law enforcement agency made to round up young heroes. When Ghost-Spider, better known as Spider-Gwen, learns about this from Peter Parker she returns to her home, Earth 65.

Outlawed follows Marvel's young hero team, The Champions, in the wake of a disaster that they partially caused, which leaves a part of New York destroyed, Ms. Marvel in a coma, and Viv Vision seemingly dead. In response, the government passes Kamala's Law, which bans heroes under the age of 21. The event is planned to tie-in to two new series, New Warriors and Power Pack while also continuing in the pages of ongoing books like The Magnificent Ms. Marvel and Miles Morales: Spider-Man. Though Ghost-Spider is not officially a tie-in book, young heroes being banned obviously has consequences for the college-aged hero. Up until this point, Ghost-Spider has been splitting her time evenly between her home of Earth-65 and Earth 616, Marvel's main universe.

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Much like one of Marvel's most famous events, Civil WarOutlawed and the books surrounding all feature characters with wildly different opinions on the regulations set-up to hold heroes accountable. The two sides of the debate are exemplified in Ghost-Spider #8 with a heated debate between Gwen and Peter about the merits of Kamala's Law and C.R.A.D.L.E.. Though Peter doesn't outright advocate for the law, he does caution Gwen against doing any heroics while on Earth 616. Fueled by her own symbiote, Gwen lashes out at Peter and tells him that the law is insulting.

C.R.A.D.L.E isn't the only problem Gwen is facing in Ghost-Spider #8.  A villainous alternate Reed Richards who calls himself the Maker has is looking to take control of the symbiote Gwen is using and has set his sites on Earth 65's Reed after Gwen asks him for information about different iterations of the Fantastic Four. Earth 65's versions of Sue and Johnny Storm have also appeared after disappearing in Latveria 5 years ago. At this time it's unknown what threat they pose to Ghost-Spider, but given that something has been off about them, it can't be anything good.

All of this hints towards big things in Ghost-Spider's future. Plot threads surrounding C.R.A.D.L.E., the Maker, and the symbiote are pushing Gwen down a dark path. Gwen Stacy has always been a popular character with fans of Spider-Man and Marvel's reinvention of her as Spider-Gwen and then Ghost-Spider have earned the character a fandom in her own right. After a prominent role in Spider-Man: Into the Spiderverse, it's no wonder that the character has only become more popular. Fans can only hope Gwen can mend her relationship with Peter after the events of Ghost-Spider #8.

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D.B. Woodside Roles: Where You Recognise The Lucifer Actor


Here's a guide to the career of Lucifer actor D.B. Woodside, who's amassed an impressive body of work. D.B. Woodside started his career with a role in legal drama Murder One from NYPD Blue creator Steven Bochco. Woodside joined during the show's second season and following its cancellation, he made guest appearances on shows like The Practice and The Division. He also made his movie debut with 1998 thriller Scar City and later co-starred with Jet Li and Aaliyah in 2001 action film Romeo Must Die.

Inbetween guest stints on both CSI: Crime Scene Investigation and CSI: Miami, D.B. Woodside landed one of his first big roles on Buffy The Vampire Slayer. Woodside played Robin Wood on the series, the principal of Sunnydale High who turns out to be a vampire hunter with a very personal grudge against Spike. Woodside joined the show in its final season and managed the impressive feat of surviving to the very end.

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D.B. Woodside's next big role was on 24 as Wayne Palmer, brother of President David Palmer (Dennis Haysbert). Wayne served as David's Chief of Staff in season 3 and was the more morally flexible of the two, leading to some ethical clashes. Wayne returned in a key supporting role in season 5 helping Jack uncover a major conspiracy involving new President Charles Logan. By season 6 he became President himself, but despite Woodside putting in a good performance, the sixth season is considered one of the show's weakest due to illogical plotting and recycled storylines. Wayne ended his time on 24 in a coma, though his true fate following this was never resolved, and Woodside has expressed disappointment with how his final season played out.

Following his 24 exit, D.B. Woodside appeared on a selection of hit shows, including Grey's Anatomy, Monk and Castle; he also starred in notorious TV flop Viva Laughlin. He then had recurring roles in shows like Single Ladies and Parenthood in the years that followed. He also had occasional film parts during this period, including Paul Blart: Mall Cop 2. His next major TV role came when he appeared on Suits as Jeff Malone, the boyfriend of Jessica Pearson (Gina Torres). Woodside would later join Gina Torres on Pearson, a spinoff of Suits that lasted for one season.

His most recent role is as Amendadiel on Lucifer. Amenadiel is an angel sent to persuade Lucifer, his brother, to return to Hell. After he resorts to dubious tactics to achieve his goal he's stripped of his divine powers and becomes human. Outside of the show, D.B. Woodside also made an appearance on the rebooted S.W.A.T. series in 2018.

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The Office Fans Are Writing Their Own Coronavirus Episodes and It’s Amazing

Fans of The Office are imagining how Michael Scott and his co-workers would behave in the midst of the coronavirus pandemic.

House MD: Kutner’s Shocking Death & Why Kal Penn Left the Show


A number of characters were killed off over the course of House MD's eight seasons, but the most abrupt and shocking death of all came when Dr. Lawrence Kutner (Kal Penn) committed suicide in season 5, episode 20, "Simple Explanation." Kutner had been introduced in season 4 as one of a large pool of applicants whom House (Hugh Laurie) forced to compete for a limited number of consultant positions.

Though he was fired and rehired numerous times throughout the competition, Kutner ultimately made the final cut alongside Dr. Remy "Thirteen" Hadley (Olivia Wilde) and Dr. Chris Taub (Peter Jacobson). Kutner was smart and passionate about his work, showing no outward signs of depression. In "Simple Explanation," after he fails to show up for work, Thirteen and Foreman (Omar Epps) go to his apartment and find him dead of a self-inflicted gunshot wound to the head.

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Kutner's coworkers are stunned by his suicide - none more so than Dr. House, who first lashes out at his consultants and blames them for missing the signs, and then thinks that Kutner must have been murdered. Ultimately, however, he has to accept that Kutner committed suicide and there may never be a real explanation for it. Off-screen, there actually was a simple explanation for why Penn left the show.

Actor Kal Penn left House MD for a different kind of house - the White House. Speaking in an interview with NPR, Penn recalled that his co-star Olivia Wilde invited him to a Barack Obama event during the 2007 Democratic primaries. At the time Penn had read Obama's book but wasn't interested in getting involved in politics. Attending the event, however, changed his mind:

"I went to this event with [Wilde], really actually liked it...[and] was enamored enough by his campaign. So I'll do three days in Iowa before the caucuses... And then he won! And there was an opportunity to serve in the White House, and... you know, what are you gonna say, 'No Mr. President, I have another stoner movie to make?'"

Penn was offered a position as associate director in the White House office of public engagement in early 2009. The job offer meant that he couldn't continue with his role on House MD, which led to a difficult conversation with the showrunners. Speaking in an interview with EW, Penn recalled:

"We had a very long discussion. And I remember David [Shore] saying, 'Are you telling me that you're unhappy with the show and that you want to leave so you can go off and do a different show?' And I was like, 'Not at all. I'm actually saying the exact opposite, which is I'm having an incredible time, but there's something aching in me to do something completely different and take a break from the acting thing for a while.' And with their blessing, we were able to work it out."

After serving two years in the White House, Penn left in 2011 and joined How I Met Your Mother in a recurring role. He did eventually return to House MD for a guest role in the series finale, "Everybody Dies," in 2012 - appearing as one of Dr. House's hallucinations..

Though Kutner's death was far from the first time that a major character in a TV show has committed suicide, it was unique in that there was never an explanation given for why he did it. Kutner did not leave a series of tapes detailing the thirteen reasons why he took his own life; he was simply showing up to work like normal in one episode, and gone in the next. When asked in the EW interview why they didn't simply have Kutner take a job at another hospital, Shore explained, "The suicide was essential to [the story]. The lack of reason behind it - the lack of answers - was what I responded to and is what I got excited about."

House not seeing Kutner's suicide coming was a key part of the story, since House is the man who's supposed to see everything. Shore elaborated:

"We wanted it to be a character who didn't make sense - or didn't superficially make sense. Obviously, there are reasons, but the notion that the reasons are too complicated for even House to figure out is what was drawing us to it. I like the fact that Kutner is almost the least likely guy to do this. And it gets down to the issue of, 'Do we know anybody? You work with somebody for two years, but do you really know them?'"

Had Penn not received the job offer that he did and made the decision to leave, Kutner might just as easily have continued to be a major part of the House MD cast for years afterwards. As it was, though, his departure made way for one of the most memorable and thought-provoking deaths in the show.

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