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90 Day Fiancé: Anna Confirms She and Mursel Plan For More Kids


Anna and Mursel from 90 Day Fiancé are desperately trying for a baby. The couple has decided to try and use a surrogate to achieve their dreams.

The couple originally connected over their mutual love of beekeeping but realized upon meeting that they have a number of cultural differences between them, including a rather large language barrier that requires the assistance of a translator app. Both reality TV stars are 38 years old, with Mursel hailing from Turkey and being a devout Muslim and Anna being a single mother of three who lives in Nebraska and is a practicing Christianity. Their road to wedded bliss was tainted by Mursel lying to his family about Anna having three children from a previous relationship.

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Recently, Anna went on her Instagram stories for some Q&A moments with her followers. One fan decided to ask if she would be having more children with Mursel now that they are married. The reality star replied “yes.” The TLC personality revealed that the couple has set everything up to work with a surrogate. As of now, Mursel cannot work legally yet as he's still waiting on the proper documents. Fans questioned why he did not decide to make furniture on the side as he made most of their furniture in their home, but Anna was quick to point out it would be breaking the law. The mother of three did say that she split her honey business down the middle with her husband. But when the time comes, he would start making the furniture with the profits he earns, which would go toward having a baby.

After the show aired its season finale Anna and Mursel opened up about the idea of using a surrogate to have a child together and the possible effects it would have on his family back in Turkey. The couple has not had an easy season as Mursel actually went back home to please his strict Muslim family, only to realize that he did indeed want to marry Anna after receiving his family's blessing. Anna’s three sons have also come around to accepting Mursel as their new father figure. Even the eldest Joey has admitted he is happier.

As for now, he's still trying to convince audiences that he no longer cares what his family thinks, and he will have a baby with Anna through surrogacy regardless of what they think. Fans wish the couple nothing but a successful journey to parenthood in one of the  relatively more stable relationships on the show.

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90 Day Fiancé: Before the 90 Days airs Sundays at 8pm EST on TLC.

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Jailed Tiger King’s Joe Exotic TV Had New Videos 2 Months Ago


Joe Exotic's YouTube channel and makeshift reality TV show Joe Exotic TV had new videos posted only two months ago, despite the infamous former zookeeper and star of Tiger King being jailed. Fans were wondering how the channel would have acquired a new format while the host is locked up in prison.

Joe Exotic has taken the world by storm thanks to his eccentric, one-of-a-kind lifestyle. The Netflix documentary showed the Oklahoma native’s love for big cats. Joe made it clear numerous times that he would shoot a human before he ever shot one of his tigers (evidence on his property points to the contrary, although supposedly for euthanasia). The enthralling documentary's troubled protagonist was caught up in a murder-for-hire mystery. Joe Exotic was found guilty by a jury of an unsuccessful plot to kill his arch-nemesis Carole Baskin, who testified against him to clinch the conviction. The suspicious disappearance of Baskin's first husband disappearing years ago will be re-examined now that a Texas sheriff has reopened the case; Exotic has accused, without any evidence, that Baskin murdered her first husband, even getting a look-a-like actress in one of his music videos to feed big cats meat, baselessly suggesting Baskin used the large felines to dispose of the body of the unfounded crime.

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Fans of the streaming service who have binged Tiger King were shocked to find out that even though Joe Exotic had been sentenced to 22 years behind bars, his TV channel was still uploading new content two months ago. Viewers can still go to his YouTube channel, Joe Exotic TVand pick from numerous videos. The new videos appear to be old footage repackaged or published for the first time.

One was a message to President Donald Trump, saying that he would try to boost his polls in Iowa for him. The polls being referred were when Trump was running for election in 2015. The reality TV star also addressed the law that was set to be voted on in Ohio, which would take big cats away from American owners.

Another newly released video again addressed politics, this time for the State of Michigan. Joe Exotic is shown walking around one of his tigers preaching about the importance of him keeping his animals. Exotic also brought up Flint, Michigan's drinking water scandal.

The YouTube channel was started in 2012 and does not look to be monetized. There are no advertisements played on any of the videos. One man who thought he would make a bundle off of Joe Exotic was Rick Kirkham. Kirkham was a producer for Joe Exotic’s professionally-made reality television show, but the footage was lost in a mysterious fire. Shortly before the studio with all the footage went up in flames, Exotic filmed him visiting his lawyer, explaining he was worried Kirkham had damaging footage of him and his employees' daily operations at Joe's tiger zoo. Kirkham started his career on Inside Edition according to Variety and also had a previous drug addiction to crack while working on that show. According to Facebook, he now lives in Norway and is working on a new project that is about a man who is living a double life (sounds vaguely familiar). Kirkham’s reality show was angled to be much more of a standard, full-length reality TV show that had cameras following Joe Exotic all around his wildlife zoo. A stark contract from the YouTube channel which just shows videos of Exotic babbling inside a tiger cage or unstructured videos without a director and editor's touch.

The gift of Tiger King was welcomed by audiences, as they have been forced to quarantine themselves due to the pandemic. Even though most of the “new” footage was put up only two months ago, fans have discovered that it is indeed old news and many of his soliloquies refer to dates and issues that have passed. It just goes to show you how important the storyteller's role is in telling a story right. Sadly the world will never get to watch the bizarre Joe Exotic's reality TV show with the same name as Netflix's explosive, wildly popular doc. Either way, fans are thrilled to have more insane videos to sift through while stuck in coronavirus quarantine for the foreseeable future.

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Source: Joe Exotic, Variety

What Big Brother Canada 8’s Cancellation Means For Show’s Future


With the latest season of Big Brother Canada being cancelled prematurely due to the coronavirus pandemic, there are a lot of questions going around in the fanbase about season 8 and the series as a whole. A reality show like Big Brother that airs weekly as the show is still actively filming, being cancelled in the middle of a season is very rare. It's not like The Amazing Race where they're able to essentially pause the game and pick up where they left off later (although maybe they could?). This has only happened a few times across the international versions of Big Brother, so there's a lot to wonder about the effect it will have on the Canadian version of the show going forward.

For many fans, the immediate question being raised is whether the season being cancelled means that Big Brother Canada as a show will be cancelled completely. It's a fair question considering season 8's issues weren't only related to the pandemic. There were the controversial ejections of two players, Jamar and Kyle, with the decision to kick Jamar off the show being an especially controversial decision which some fans accused the show's production crew of making a racist decision. Plus the season started with a self-eviction and was heading towards another in the week it was cancelled. As a whole, it wasn't on a great path, and several choices that lead to that were within the show's control. On top of all that, fans likely haven't forgotten that Big Brother Canada neared official cancellation when it was put on hiatus after season 5. Fan support was strong enough to bring it back not long after, but the possibility of it ending was present. And this time fan's might not be as motivated after how this season sputtered.

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In this case, it should at least be made clear that all the announcements about Big Brother Canada ending is strictly referring to the current season. Past that, the future of the show has not been made certain. The controversy and abrupt ending don't work in the show's favor, though, so the worries are understandable. However, the ratings were still strong, and nothing is certain yet, and if talk of the show ending as a whole happens, then host Arisa Cox would surely let the fans know quickly to demand its renewal. She's Big Brother Canada's biggest supporter and was an important part of it bouncing back from hiatus after season 5.

Should Big Brother Canada move on from this season, another question is how will the show be adjusted in reaction to the controversies of this season. Ideally the show learned the right lessons from this. Be more careful with who's cast and ensure everyone will be able to properly handle the Big Brother house and game environment. Stop using twists early on that basically tell some players that the audience doesn't like them, not to metniont, there's plenty for them to learn from the Jamar-Kyle situation. It's hard to imagine the producers would make the same mistakes twice, and it might even be expected that the next season would be set up to be safer and avoid any similar drama.

The show easily could try to completely move on from this season, and that's why it's also unlikely that any players from this season ever get to play again. Viewers have sympathy for a lot of these fans who finally made it on the show only to have the pandemic cut their time short. Obviously it's unfortunate and ideally many of the bigger players or personalities could get another chance, but realistically this show has only had returnees once before. It wasn't even a full cast then and the ratings for that season were on the lower end. Even in the off chance an all-star season does occur, there are still so many other seasons with bigger characters that fans will want to see play more than the season 8 cast, who they only got to watch for a few weeks. Again, it's unfortunate, but it's likely the case.

Big Brother Canada shouldn't and likely isn't doomed by this polarizing, incomplete season, but should there be future seasons then the show definitely won't be reminding people of season 8 often, if ever. The hope is that while leaving the season behind, the show will learn from and own its mistakes, and create a better, full season again when the world gets back to being as close to normal as it ever does these days.

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Big Brother Canada 8 finale airs on Wednesday, April 1st at 7pm EST on Global.

Watchmen Director Helming New Thriller For Universal


Watchmen director Stephen Williams has signed on to lead a new original horror/thriller movie for Universal Pictures. Williams has been directing and producing for television for a number of years. He originally worked with J.J. Abrams on Lost as a director and later executive producer and has since been involved in several other TV productions for the past decade. These include The Walking Dead, Person of Interest and How to Get Away With Murder.

According to Variety, Williams' next big project after Watchmen is directing the original horror movie Don't Go in the Water for Universal. Peter Gaffney wrote the script for the film. While plot details are being kept secret, it is being described as a "suspenseful monster movie." Even though things in Hollywood have slowed during the current pandemic, it seems that work hasn't completely shut down, as movie studios are still developing new projects.

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Stephen Williams first started working with HBO on Westworld, directing two episodes of the sci-fi drama. He then worked with fellow Lost alum Damon Lindeloff on the Watchmen seriesWatchmen has garnered praise for its exploration of the alternate universe created by Alan Moore in the original Watchmen comic book series and its exceptional performances by its cast, particularly Regina King. Williams directed two episodes of the limited series, including "The Extraordinary Being". Even thought Lindeloff has no plans to continue the show, Williams' work on Watchmen has garnered the attention of many executives in Hollywood.

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Source: Variety

I Am Legend’s Biggest Change From The Book Broke The Movie


2007's I Am Legend, starring Will Smith, changed the vampires from the novel into more zombie-like creatures called Darkseekers, making the movie worse as a result. While using the title of Richard Matheson's novel suggested that it would be a more faithful adaptation than previous versions - 1964's The Last Man on Earth and 1971's The Omega Man - changing the creatures completely altered the entire point of the story, especially the ending.

Matheson's I Am Legend book ends with Robert Neville being executed by the vampires for crimes he committed against them, noting as he dies that he's the boogeyman to the vampires instead of vampires being the boogeyman to humans. This is starkly different to the I Am Legend movie ending, in which Neville sacrifices himself to save two others - Anna and Ethan - by blowing up his laboratory with a grenade, presumably killing every Darkseeker inside as well. It was certainly a more Hollywood type of ending, but one that was noticeably different from the novel. This is partly because I Am Legend portrayed the Darkseekers as mindless, zombie-like creatures, a direct contrast to the novel’s intelligent, human-like vampires.

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Changing I Am Legend's creatures - which were created by the virus outbreak in the movie - made adapting the book's ending impossible, as the Darkseekers showed almost no signs of heightened intelligence earlier in the movie. I Am Legend originally had an ending closer to the book's, but that was changed after negative reactions from test audiences. In the original I Am Legend ending, Robert Neville discovers that he had captured the significant other of one of the vampires’ leaders. He then realizes that his attempts to cure the monsters looked less like medical research and more like torture. So, he releases the Darkseeker that he captured and escapes with Anna and Ethan, unsettled by what he just discovered.

The thing is, I Am Legend isn't supposed to refer to him being a legend for the remaining humans, as the final cut shows, but rather to him being a legend to the Darkseeker, being the monster that haunts their nightmares. Had the I Am Legend movie portrayed the Darkseekers more like the vampires of the book, this would have been a much easier idea for audiences to go along with. It would still be a downer ending, as Neville happens to come across as a monster, but that change would at least make it fit more logically in the film.

This flaw isn’t unique to 2007’s I Am Legend though, as it's something that's also been done in the other two adaptations, The Last Man on Earth and The Omega Man. All three versions made the “vampires” into more mindless creatures and changed the original ending substantially. It most likely has to do with the desire to make lead characters “likable”. If Neville is doing experiments on intelligent, human-like creatures, he becomes much more unsettling to watch. The solution? Make them less human. It makes sense but misses the point of the story.

By changing “vampires” to the mindless “Darkseekers”, I Am Legend breaks the main twist that makes the novel more than just another sci-fi story. While a more faithful version of the original ending was filmed, it was rejected, not just because it was a sad ending, but also because it didn’t make sense given how the Darkseekers were portrayed in the rest of the movie.

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