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The Challenge: Jay’s Ex-Girlfriend Cheated on Him With Johnny Bananas


Every season of The Challenge involves complicated relationships between the players that have developed over years of the competition series. In Total Madness, however, rookie Jay Starrett has an interesting connection to Johnny Bananas that may become a problem later in the game. To put it simply, Jay's ex-girlfriend and Johnny's current girlfriend, Morgan Willet, cheated on him with Bananas.

On the premiere episode of The Challenge: Total Madness, Jay stood out as a strong competitor. This year, the challengers have to sleep in an underground bunker without any windows, limiting their access to both the sun and fresh air. While most competitors were thrown off by their living situation, Jay expressed that this was like a holiday for him after sleeping on the ground during his time on Survivor. Jay was immediately thrown into elimination, but he managed to use his rock climbing skills to send fellow rookie Asaf Goren home. Now, Jay is the only competitor with a red skull on his helmet, which means he's currently the only one who can make it into the Total Madness final, which requires winning an elimination.

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Despite his strong showing in the first episode, nothing was mentioned about Jay's past connection to Johnny Bananas. Thankfully, we're here to break it down for you. Jay dated Morgan Willet in the summer of 2018 after she won Big Brother: Over the Top (via Heavy). Morgan ghosted Jay after their short fling, but they reunited on Ex on the Beach season two when Jay showed up as one of Morgan's exes. Although their relationship was a little confused when Morgan's other ex, Corey Brooks, arrived, Morgan chose to stick things out with Jay. They were one of the stronger couples in the house, and they ended the season committing to a relationship with one another.

After Ex on the Beach ended, Morgan explained on a podcast with Reality Steve that she left three days later to film The Challenge: War of the Worlds. On War of the Worlds, Morgan teamed up with Johnny Bananas, but the pair was eliminated almost immediately. When they were kicked off the show, Johnny invited Morgan to travel with him for a while and she said yes. During that trip, Morgan and Johnny got together, and have been dating ever since. At Ex on the Beach reunion, however, which took place after Morgan's time on War of the Worlds, Jay accused Morgan of cheating on him with Johnny. Although she at first denied it, she later admitted that she kissed him and refused to take a lie detector test to corroborate her story. As for cheating on Jay, Morgan defended herself, saying, "I left Ex on the Beach in a relationship with Jay...but we had only been in this quote, unquote relationship on a TV show...I don't consider any relationship real until you are dating when cameras are off." She also admitted that nothing beyond a kiss happened with Johnny until she and Jay were broken up, though Jay didn't believe her.

So there you have it. Jay has plenty of reason to hate Bananas, if he so chooses. However, Bananas is also one of the strongest competitors on The Challenge. Actually, that's an understatement -he's the biggest star of the entire franchise. It might not be in Jay's best interest to go after Bananas, but their fraught history could lead to some serious tension down the line. It looks like we'll just have to wait and see what happens.

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The Challenge airs on Wednesdays at 8pm EST on MTV.

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Disney+ Will Fix The Simpsons Aspect Ratio By The End Of May


Disney+ will fix The Simpsons' aspect ratio by the end of May. Now in its 31st season, the animated series still remains massively popular while continuing to keep things relevant with its often-biting (and always hilarious) social commentary.

Though The Simpsons was originally found on Fox, the past year has brought a multitude of changes to the entertainment industry as a whole. Disney has achieved a status unlike never before, and because of that status, a new home for the dysfunctional town of Springfield has arrived. The launch of Disney’s subscription streaming service Disney+ was indeed substantial, but before the initial novelty of it all could even begin to fade, Simpsons fans were already bothered by the service’s handling of the iconic comedy series. The aspect ratio was all wrong and fans began pointing this out in November of 2019, right after Disney+’s launch. Because The Simpsons has been on TV for so long, a large number of its seasons were released in the 4:3 aspect ratio. This somewhat compact ratio was the broadcasting standard until the proliferation of flatscreen TVs allowed for the now standard 16:9 ratio, (which The Simpsons officially adopted in 2009).

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With a swift outcry from fans on its hands, Disney was quick to admit that a mistake had been made and that they would set to fixing it as soon as possible. Exactly how soon was possible? The Mouse House initially said that aspect ratio issues with The Simpsons would be cleared up by early 2020. Much time has passed since then without any changes, but now, according to a Tweet from the official Disney+ Twitter account, all aspect ratio issues with The Simpsons first 19 seasons (and part of the 20th) will be fixed by the end of May. You can see the full announcement below:

This is great news for those fans who have been waiting since Disney+’s launch for a solution to this problem. A compromised aspect ratio is never a good thing, and in the case of The Simpsons, utilizing 16:9 instead of 4:3 on the older seasons will result in many of the comedy’s rich visual gags being cut out or altered. The end of May isn’t exactly soon, but now that Disney has at least given a timeline for the completion of this project, fans will be able to rest easy. Of course, some would argue that there are more pressing matters in the world right now to concern one’s self with, but the fact of the matter is that if Disney is streaming The Simpsons, then it has to be done right. The inclusion of the series on Disney+ was a factor in some people signing up for the service, and as such, it’s only fair to deliver the right product.

When a series that has been around as long as The Simpsons has, the expectations of its fanbase can often be quite high. This is something that Disney should have anticipated with their handling of the iconic series, and something that the entertainment juggernaut should learn a valuable lesson from. Fans will notice when the franchise they are familiar with doesn’t meet up to the necessary standards. If Disney wishes to continue to dominate the entertainment industry, they would do well to also be sure they completely understand the properties they take on.

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Disney Star Wars Keeps Breaking Hyperspace Logic | Screen Rant


Star Wars: The Clone Wars season 7, episode 6, "Deal No Deal" is yet another example of the Star Wars franchise confusing viewers with its depiction of hyperspace travel. The Star Wars explanation of hyperspace is a ship entering a different dimension to travel vast distances, akin to a wormhole. While the famous bending of light and distant stars signifies a ship going into hyperspace, there is no evidence that this means the ship is actually speeding up to "enter" hyperspace. According to the canonical definition, the visual warping of space simply means that the ship is entering the hyperspace dimension, not astronomically increasing its speed.

Clone Wars season 7, episode 6 features Ahsoka and her friends, Trace and Rafa Martez, making the Kessel run to the planet Oba Diah, but it began with them leaving Coruscant on the Silver Angel, a ship recently constructed by Trace. This mission sees them go through hyperspace more than once, and while Trace dumps the spice on their way to Oba Diah, forcing the group to attempt to double-cross the Pykes, the real mystery regarding hyperspace travel happens early on.

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Towards the beginning of the episode, the Silver Angel enters hyperspace and experience heavy turbulence. Trace apologizes and says that she "left the airbrakes on." She flipped a switch and then the ship starting flying smoothly. This doesn't make sense from either a scientific perspective or a Star Wars perspective; they're flying through space, a vacuum in which there's no air and obviously unable to create air resistance via the "air brakes." This inconsistency is one of several examples found in the Disney Star Wars sequel trilogy and falls into Clone Wars as well.

In Star Wars: The Rise of SkywalkerPoe Dameron uses "lightspeed skipping" to evade chasing TIE fighters. In doing this, Poe makes multiple jumps to hyperspace, coming out in different planets each time, to throw the fighters off his trail. Han Solo warned about making quick, blind jumps into hyperspace in A New Hope, claiming that you could accidentally "fly through a star." Poe's perfect jumps were either due to random luck or they were plotted and he was lucky enough not to collide with any objects. The scene looks fantastic, but forces many Star Wars fans to question how hyperspace actually works.

Another example of this hyperspace inconsistency can be found towards the end of Star Wars: The Last Jedi. Admiral Holdo saves the fleeing Resistance ships by aiming her ship at the First Order cruisers and charting a course right through the fleet. This sequence was inspired by Han Solo's warning about flying though a star in A New Hope, but it seemingly contradicts the Star Wars definition for hyperspace. Given that hyperspace is a ship entering another dimension, how did Holdo's ship slice through the First Order fleet? It's possible that the "wake" of such a big ship entering hyperspace could slice through a nearby fleet, but that would still rely on the ship drastically speeding up before entering the dimension, which is supposedly not the case.

But before that, Star Wars: The Force Awakens had a few hyperspace inconsistencies of its own, beginning with the Millennium Falcon entering hyperspace from inside a cargo ship. Given what viewers saw in The Last Jedi, why didn't the Falcon destroy the cargo ship with its "wake" when it entered hyperspace? Another example is when the group lands on Starkiller Base. Han says the only way to penetrate the planet's shields is to enter the atmosphere at lightspeed. As soon as they come out of hyperspace, they're only a few hundred feet off the ground and Han is able to pull up immediately and land. The logic of exiting hyperspace that close to the ground, on a planet no less, seems to even defy Star Wars' science, with something like that never taking place in the original trilogy or prequels. Overall it seems Disney is keen on pushing the understood boundaries of hyperspace in Star Wars, and that includes with Clone Wars.

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Game of Thrones: Why Lady Stoneheart Didn’t Appear In The Series


How come Lady Stoneheart wasn't in HBO's Game of Thrones? No Game of Thrones fan will be able to forget the infamous Red Wedding episode, in which Robb Stark and most of his kin were brutally slaughtered by Walder Frey, who secretly aligned with the Lannisters in revenge for Robb reneging on his promise of marriage. While "The Rains of Castamere" was an emotionally exhausting piece of television, fans took comfort that one of the most famous victims, Catelyn Stark, didn't remain dead for long in George R.R. Martin's original books. Following Catelyn's literary demise, the Lady of Winterfell is resurrected by Beric Dondarrion and essentially becomes a mute zombie with an almighty grudge against the Lannisters, leading the Brotherhood Without Banners against all those who wronged her.

As early as Game of Thrones season 4, fans were expecting an appearance from Lady Stoneheart, and were disappointed when the undead wife of Ned was nowhere to be found. Theories and speculation continued all the way until Game of Thrones' eighth and final season and every time a vaguely mysterious woman with a hood was spotted, the Stoneheart rumor mill would chunder back into operation, albeit always destined for disappointment. The rumors weren't entirely without foundation. Catelyn Stark actress, Michelle Fairley, spoke openly about her desire to return and Lena Headey teased Lady Stoneheart's appearance on social media.

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Because of this, and because (Lady Stoneheart is such a popular character in A Song of Ice & Fire) it would be logical to assume that Game of Thrones simply ran out of time, missing the opportunity to introduce Lady Stoneheart to the series. The fact that Game of Thrones season 8 was widely criticized for rushing its ending only adds further weight to this theory, but the reality is quite different. In a 2014 interview with VultureGame of Thrones season 4 director, Alex Graves, confirmed that producers weren't sure what to do with Lady Stoneheart as of season 3, and the topic wasn't raised for season 4. Graves added that bringing back Fairley would only make sense if the Stoneheart character was to be explored properly, rather than just returning for a brief cameo.

George R.R. Martin later corroborated Graves' sentiments and added to the explanation behind Lady Stoneheart's omission. Speaking with Joe around the time Game of Thrones season 8 premiered, the franchise's creator stated that the decision to cut Stoneheart from the series was made around the time of season 4/5, along with a selection of other side characters that were deemed non-essential to the plot. However, Martin has also conceded that Lady Stoneheart is the one element from the books he wishes could've been adapted into the HBO live-action series.

On one hand, most viewers felt that Game of Thrones didn't successfully conclude the storylines the show did draw from the novels, so throwing in Lady Stoneheart and other subplots might've only served to muddy the waters. Furthermore, some parts of Lady Stoneheart's story were adapted via other characters; Arya toured around Westeros getting revenge on the figures that had wronged the Stark family, and Brienne of Tarth acted on behalf of Catelyn throughout most of the TV series, allowing Lady Stark to get a measure of revenge even without coming back from the dead.

With that said, the prospect of Michelle Fairley returning to Game of Thrones as Lady Stoneheart was a tantalizing one right until the end, and even if her story was merely a subplot to the goings on elsewhere in Westeros, Stoneheart surely would've been a highlight in a massively controversial and divisive final few seasons.

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Bachelorette’s Tyler Cameron Mocks Peter Weber’s New TikTok Video


While The Bachelorette's Tyler Cameron and Hannah Brown have been dominating our news feeds with an endless stream of TikTok videos while in quarantine, Tyler wasn't too impressed with Peter Weber's new video featuring Kelley Flanagan. In fact, Tyler threw a little shade at Peter on Twitter as the video made the rounds on the Internet.

For the past couple weeks, Hannah Brown has been quarantining with ex Tyler Cameron in his hometown of Jupiter, Florida. Although the visit between the two exes was obviously planned, it's unclear if Hannah meant to stay as long as she has, or if she ended up stuck in Florida due to new coronavirus self-isolation regulations. Either way, Hannah, Tyler, and the other friends trapped together have been making the most of a bad situation. They've taken to social media to ease their boredom, posting an endless stream of TikTok videos featuring different members of the Quarantine Crew. Apparently, Peter also wanted to get in on the "quarantining with your ex" trend. A few days ago, he was spotted with Kelley Flanagan in Chicago doing a very poor job of socially isolating. While fans weren't sure if it was a one time thing or if Peter and Kelley were still hanging out, a new video shows that the two exes have a quarantine crew of their own.

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In a new TikTik video, Peter and Kelley take on the "Something New" dance craze that's taking over the social media platform. The video involves standing in line and doing a little jig, each person following the one before them. Peter starts off the video, followed by a couple of people we don't know. After the two unidentified women do their dance, Dustin Kendrick from Hannah Brown's season of The Bachelorette appears. He's followed by none other than Kelley herself, who finishes the video out strong. You can watch the full video in the tweet below:

While many fans liked seeing Peter and Kelley together again, Tyler wasn't so thrilled about the performance. Soon after the video was posted, Cameron asked Dustin to force Peter to delete TikTok for good. He tweeted, "Hey @dustinbkendrick I’m going to need you to grab Peters phone right now and delete the TikTok app #theboxgonewrong." However, fellow Bachelor Nation stars immediately called out his hypocrisy after so many weeks spent posting his own videos. Wells Adams replied to Tyler's tweet with a simple, "Pot meet kettle." You can see the tweet for yourself below:

Although Tyler's comment comes off as shade, it's likely he's just kidding around. He and Peter have a strong friendship and have spent a lot of time together outside of The Bacheloretteso his trolling is probably a sarcastic dig between friends. Still, it does seem interesting that Tyler is calling out Peter for his TikTok videos with an ex while Tyler and Hannah are doing the exact same thing. Is it possible there's a little friendly competition going on here?

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