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Disney Offers Up Tons of Digital Movies from the Vault for $4.99 and Up

Walt Disney Studios is offering movies from their vault starting at $4.99 each in HD/UHD every week in April and May starting this week.

Psych: The True Story Behind The Show’s Pineapple Obsession


Psych had a reputation of having a humorous obsession with pineapples, but why, and where did it come from? The tropical fruit made multiple appearances throughout the USA series, and the show's attachment to pineapples even extended to promotional photos of the cast, comic con conventions, and merchandise.

Through its eight-season run, Psych made use of a number of recurring jokes and gags. These included Shaun's long list of fake nicknames for Gus (Dulé Hill), references to popular movies from the 1980s, Gus' "Magic Head" moniker that originated in a season 1 episode, and many more. Among the most well-known gags in Psych is the show's frequent use of pineapples. Pineapples have appeared on Psych since the very beginning, and even had a presence in Psych: The Movie, which was released years after the show ended. Chances are that a pineapple will appear in some capacity in Psych The Movie 2: Lassie Come Home as well.

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So what's the story behind the pineapple joke in Psych and why did the show keep going back to it? According to Psych creator Steve Franks, it all started with an unscripted line from the pilot episode [via EW]. During a scene in Gus' apartment, Shawn (James Roday) picked up a pineapple off the fridge and said, "Should I slice this up for the road?" Franks says the pineapple was just a prop, and it was Roday who decided to do some improvisation with the pineapple.

Franks says that Roday "loved it so much that I, off of his enthusiasm, grew to love it as well because we’d done this scene 15 times in all of the different pieces of coverage and every time he got to that pineapple part, he sold it in such a way that it was the most acting he did the entire day." Dulé Hill added that the scene with the pineapple stemmed from Roday's ability to work with whatever was around him. After that, they began looking for ways to incorporate pineapples as often as they could.

USA even did a "Spot the Pineapple" sweepstakes where viewers would guess the location of the pineapple in each episode, as there was a pineapple in nearly every episode of the series. Sometimes, the show would simply drop a spoken reference to a pineapple, or have the word "Pineapple" printed somewhere. Considering that Psych ran for 120 episodes, the show was loaded with fun, pineapple cameos. Some were out in the open, while others were intentionally hard-to-spot. Either way, fans developed a fondness for the gag. It's interesting that what started as just a brief moment of improvisation turned into a joke that fans would be on the lookout for in every episode.

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Shaun of the Dead Trends as Photo of Ohio Protestors Goes Viral

Everyone is mentioning Shaun of the Dead as a picture of protestors captures the attention of social media.

Grand Theft Auto Online Free Money Logins Lead To Lost & Missing Items


A new glitch in Grand Theft Auto Online is causing players to lose all of their items upon starting up the game. This is especially troubling because Rockstar Games announced not too long ago that anyone playing Grand Theft Auto Online during the month of April would receive half a million dollars of in-game currency for free just by logging in.

This isn't the first glitch to be present in Grand Theft Auto Online's free money giveaway, as recently it was reported that some players have been able to receive their promised $500,000 more than once, with players on the Grand Theft Auto subreddit reporting they had received the gift from Rockstar three and even four times. Others have claimed they did not receive the promised free money in Grand Theft Auto Online at all, despite having played the game multiple times in the month of April. Now, it seems like an even more detrimental glitch is possible.

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As recently documented by Polygon, some Grand Theft Auto Online players trying to get their free money are instead logging into the game only to find out they inexplicably have lost everything. Players have said they lost "weapons, vehicles, and even entire rental properties." On Twitter, Rockstar addressed these concerns and said they were working to find a solution, with issues for PC players apparently resolved later in the day. However, since then multiple players have replied to Rockstar's message, stating they are still missing items and that their issues are not only occurring on the PC version of Grand Theft Auto Online, but on the PS4's as well.

The most troubling thing are the reports of players who have logged back in to their games after being told their Grand Theft Auto Online accounts were back to normal, only to find certain vehicles or items still missing, expressed best by Twitter user @TutorGored above. Clearly, this is not an issue which is just plaguing PC players, but it does not seem to be affecting the Xbox One version of Grand Theft Auto Online as strongly as it is the PC and PS4 ones.

It appears that Rockstar is working hard to try and resolve this errors as fast as possible, a task which is probably made slightly more difficult since the entire company is now working remotely. Hopefully Grand Theft Auto Online players will have their items all returned soon, but until then it may be safer for players to not log in to the game for a day or two, just in case they end up losing something valuable.

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Sources: Polygon, Rockstar/Twitter

Code 8 Movie Ending & Spinoff Setup Explained | Screen Rant


The Code 8 ending wraps up the stories of virtually every character while also setting up a spinoff series. Based on their 2016 short, Jeff Chan and Chris Paré returned to write and direct the feature-length edition. Set in the fictional Lincoln City, the world-building intro established that, in an alternate present, 4% of the population live with superpowers. Despite once being revered and even recruited to help build the city itself, such empowered people are now viewed with prejudice and forced to eke out a living on the fringes of society.

Starring The X-Files and The Babysitter 2 actor Robbie Amell, Code 8 follows the journey of lowly construction worker Connor Reed. Struggling to make ends meet and look after his terminally ill mother, he is forced to turn to more criminal methods. With the ability to produce and control electricity, Connor is recruited into a gang that works for local crime boss Marcus Sutcliffe (Greg Bryk). The gang is headed up by Garrett - who is played by the cousin of Robbie and Arrowverse stalwart, Stephen Amell. Unfortunately, with conflicting agendas and two government agents on their trail, things in Code 8 increasingly go awry.

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Code 8 also stars Sung Kang (Fast & Furious 9) as Agent Alex Park and Laysla De Oliveira (Locke & Key) as fellow superpowered gang member Maddy. The rest of the cast is filled out by lesser-known actors and cinematic newcomers like Kyla Kane as Nia and Vlad Alexis as Freddie. Having helped to raise the budget through crowdfunding, the Amell cousins also served as producers. The efforts ultimately paid dividends - with the film not only surpassing its crowdfunding goals but set to produce a short-form spinoff via Quibi. Here are all the ways Code 8 simultaneously concludes and sets up threads for the future.

Throughout Code 8, Sutcliffe was frequently threatened by members of a mysterious organization known as The Trust. Owing money to them, the majority of the crimes orchestrated by Garrett's gang were in pursuit of paying off the debt. After a few ill-fated attempts, Connor provided some intel that could lead to a huge score. Unfortunately, once the job was complete, Sutcliffe's men turned on the gang. Though they failed to kill Connor and Garrett, they were successful in taking out Maddy and Freddie.

Connor would later blame Garrett's greed and overstepping his position on provoking Sutcliffe's wrath. While that may have had an element of truth to it, Sutcliffe was likely to have betrayed them either way. After all, the heist had a reward that said to be more than double what was owed to The Trust. As such, in a move that would impress even The Dark Knight's Joker, reducing the number of those set to receive a cut meant that Sutcliffe could not only clear his debt but salvage his increasingly declining business and reputation.

In the wake of Sutcliffe's betrayal, it appeared that Connor had come to see the realities of the world he had been drawn in to. Seeming to now accept that he was out of his depth, he arranged a covert meeting with Agent Park. There, he revealed the location of Marcus Sutcliffe's hideout. While the information was solid, the police never actually made it to Sutcliffe. As the crime boss tried to make a getaway, Connor and Garrett were waiting for him - having seemingly known which way he would flee. It's unlikely that Park and his agents were aware of this part of Connor's plan, as it could have gone wrong and with Sutcliffe escaping.

As things stood by that point in the film, Connor was still holding on to the aims that had driven him the entire film. As such, in line with his previously established aptitude for criminal schemes, Connor was simply using the police to coral Sutcliffe into an ambush. Rather than turning him over to the police, Connor wanted to enact a more brutal vengeance on Sutcliffe alongside Garrett. Given that the spinoff will center on Connor and Garrett teaming up, this set-piece served as a decent tease for what that duo could look like when at full force against common enemies. The deception also established that while Connor was the main character, he wasn't entirely a hero. Equally, though the world of Code 8 was one filled with superpowered people, it wasn't quite as black-and-white and driven by superheroism.

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Much of Sung Kang's character remains shrouded in mystery by the Code 8 ending. At the end of the film, such things clearly seemed to be weighing on the detective - as represented by his pensive stare when receiving his medal. One of the reasons for such an expression is surely down to not feeling deserving of the honor being bestowed upon him. While he deserved credit for his part in shutting down Sutcliffe's drug empire, it wouldn't have been possible without Connor's information. Plus, it was Connor himself that effectively brought direct justice to Sutliffe and his lieutenant, Rhino. As such, given that Alex Park was established as the more moral of the two central detectives, he is likely feeling the disconnect between him being rewarded and Connor remaining vilified; Connor will now have to endure time in prison.

Equally, it was revealed partway through Code 8 that Park's daughter has powers. Since such gifts are said to hereditary, there's a chance that the detective himself is "power enabled" and is actually keeping such a fact secret. In either case, however, that's a level of conflict that was only briefly touched on - and could produce some interesting character turns in the planned Code 8 spinoff. That goes extra considering that the government is now voting whether to target superpowered people more directly and that the synopsis for spinoff suggests that corrupt cops will play a part. As a result, Park could directly have to team with Connor against some of his own - including, potentially, his morally ambiguous partner, Davis (Hannibal's Aaron Abrams).

Rather than ending the film with Connor, Code 8's final scenes instead centered on Nia. Visiting her father in prison, the pair had a near-wordless exchange that concluded with a rare smile from Nia. The reason for this is clearly to cut to credits on a feeling of hope and success. After all, Code 8 spent its runtime slowly unfurling Nia's backstory and what led to her indentured servitude. With Sutcliffe now officially dead, the debt she and her father owed was effectively wiped out. As a result, in at least that one sense, they are both now free. It's a much more heartwarming place to end things, given that everybody else's storylines end in quite a bleak fashion - especially with Connor both losing his mother and now heading for prison.

It also helped push Connor more towards being a hero, especially if Code 8 is viewed through the prism of being an origin story. Though he briefly gave in to the temptation of sacrificing Nia to save his mom, he ultimately made the noble choice. And while he wasn't able to save his mother and enjoy a true reunion with her, he helped ensure a reunion between another parent and child. It remains to be seen whether Nia will return in the spinoff. If not, however, Code 8 told a complete story through her - while leaving the majority of others open-ended.

The biggest set-up for the Code 8 spin0ff comes via Garrett's meeting with Wesley Cumbo (The Umbrella Academy's Peter Outerbridge). As a leading member of The Trust, Cumbo lurked on the periphery of the film's action. As the dust settled, however, Garrett brought them more to the fore by paying off the debt that Sutcliffe owed. While his killing of Sutcliffe was driven by revenge, the character frequently demonstrated his own thirst for increased power. As such, he opted to kill two birds with one stone and ingratiated himself with a group that will likely play a larger role in the spinoff.

After all, the Code 8 spinoff synopsis states that Connor and Garrett will team up against an elite criminal organization - as which The Trust could definitely be described. Whether Garrett can be trusted or will merely be using Connor to usurp another empire, however, will also no doubt hang over future proceedings. Given all of this, it's easy to see why Chan and Paré have been praised for their world-building and why fans are excited to see what comes next for Code 8's surviving characters.

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