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Too Hot to Handle: Francesca Considering Online Marriage with Harry to Get Him to Canada


Just two weeks back, nobody knew who Too Hot to Handle's Francesca and Harry were but now we are concerned about their every plan. It seems like it is getting difficult for this steamy couple to stay away from each other any longer. They wish to get married and eventually quarantine together in Canada. After featuring on the popular Netflix show, they both have become the talk of the town. We saw their love blooming on-screen, and now we’re eager to know where their relationship is headed.

 The 27-year-old Canadian beauty and the 23-year-old Aussie boy have been dating each other since the filming of the show has completed. However, they did break up in between for a while, but then they realized their undeniable love for each other and quickly got back together. They were one of the first couples on the show who formed a passionate connection. Therefore, they didn’t care much about the rules or prize money and indulged in a sizzling smooch that was worth $3,000. 

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Recently, Capital FM talked to Francesca and she revealed that they are considering getting married so that they can spend this lockdown time with each other. She said, “It's been really hard because I haven't seen him since the beginning of March." She added, "If this quarantine goes on for another few months, that's just a really long time without seeing the person you care about the most. And if that's our resort - obviously, I want to marry him - we'll celebrate later with our friends, but if that's the only way I can get him to Canada is to do the online marriage, we're honestly debating it.” Check out the full interview below:

During the show, Francesca once tried to divert her attention from Harry by pursuing Kelz, but she soon realized that she was pretending it. She took advice from Rhonda, who was going strong with Sharron at that time, and finally conveyed her genuine feelings to Harry. So, when they were given a chance to spend the night in chastity suite, they didn’t control their erotic urges and had sex that cost $20,000 from the prize money. However, they were able to earn the money back by not touching each other the entire night the next time.

They might not come across as an ideal couple, but they are the only ones who are together after the show. Another on-screen pair of Sharron and Rhonda had the potential of becoming a lifelong couple, but due to long-distance, they decided to end their relationship. Now Rhonda is dating a new man. Now, Francesca has over 3 million followers on Instagram and Harry will soon cross that number. There is no doubt that this young pair is going to be a power couple in the coming times. They will soon be entertaining million-dollar sponsorships together. Who would have thought a wedding would have come out of a TV show catering to singles who have issues with commitment? It seems they have shown growth after all. 

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Too Hot to Handle season 1 is available to stream on Netflix.

Source: Capital FM

John Wick 4 and Saw 9 Get Delayed a Full Year as Lionsgate Shifts Its Release Slate

Lionsgate has done some major shuffling that includes The Hitman's Wife's Bodyguard, but Chaos Walking will keep its original slot.

Wolverine Is ‘The Best There Is’ At One OTHER Thing


The X-Men’s Wolverine likes to remind people, “I’m the best there is at what I do… but what I do isn’t very nice.” While Logan is undoubtedly the best at slicing and dicing enemies who get in his way, Wolverine is also a man of many talents and passions – and there’s one other thing he does extremely well. In Wolverine: First Class #6, readers got a look at what that not-so-secret thing Logan does - watch hockey.

The story begins with Kitty Pryde, Teresa Cassidy, Illyana Rasputin, and Amp – a new mutant – having a slumber party at the mansion. While Wolverine is technically supposed to be their chaperone, Logan is more interested in watching the Stanley Cup Finals on TV. As he meticulously arranges his beers and snacks, Wolverine informs the girls that he doesn’t care what they do – as long as they don’t interrupt his hockey game.

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The girls take this to heart and decide to start a brutal training program in the Danger Room – releasing several combat robots in the shape of the Brotherhood of Evil Mutants. Once that gets boring, the girls leave, not realizing that the robots are still active and intent on tracking them down. The girls remain oblivious, however, and decide to play a game where they tell each other about their secret crushes. Meanwhile, the robots track down Wolverine, who’s still intent on watching his hockey game. Furious that the robots are blocking his view, Wolverine launches into a berserker rage, informing the robots that he’s the best there is at what he does – and what he does is:

After just a few quick slashes, the robots fall into pieces – and Wolverine ends his speech with a patriotic note about the importance of hockey to Canadian citizens. According to him, he's entitled to watch hockey "for as long as I feel like it! It's my moral right as a Canadian." Hilariously, Wolverine just goes right back to watching the Stanley Cup Finals as if nothing has happened. But the worst is yet to come.It turns out Teresa and Amp are attracted to the same boy and a devastated Amp – who has the power to amplify the emotions of others – gets Kitty and Teresa to fight each other in retaliation. The fight ends up spilling into the living room where the girls accidentally smash Wolverine’s television set.

This drives Logan into one of his scariest (and funniest) berserker rages ever as he chases after the girls for ruining his hockey night. Suddenly motivated to do something other than fight each other, Kitty and Teresa begin running for their lives. Before things get too ugly, however, Amp uses her powers to calm Logan down and then admits that she’s upset that no boy will want to date her because of her inhuman appearance. Logan softens and winds up comforting Amp for the rest of the night – causing her to develop a crush on Wolverine.

While Wolverine has gone crazy many times, not being able to watch his hockey game ranks as one of the funniest ways to trigger his berserker fury. Being able to watch hockey better than anyone else might not be the first thing people think of when they consider Logan’s greatest talents – but it’s definitely one of his most relatable passions. Especially for Canadians.

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Too Hot to Handle: Chloe Breaks down Exactly What a ‘Geezer’ Is


Chloe recently took time to break down exactly what a "geezer" is, referring to a term she used often on  Too Hot to Handle. The contestants were not just Americans and hailed from across the globe so naturally, there were going to be some unfamiliar slang terms that needed clarifying.

The Netflix triumph of Too Hot to Handle came as no surprise to fans as they have been trapped inside for too long and needed a great new dating show. The streaming network grouped some young, hot singles together on a tropical island then refused to let them take part in sexual activities. Naturally, bonds were formed, and rules were meant to be broken as viewers watched their prize pot fall each episode.

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Many fell in love with Essex girl, Chloe, who was tiny but mighty in spunk. At first, she may have rubbed viewers the wrong way as she was intense, but not too long into filming she won everyone over. She spoke with a heavy cockney accent and often used terms like "geezer" to express herself. American fans were left confused at what certain catchphrases meant but Chloe took to podcast I Don’t Get it to clarify. For those who are not aware, banter is a huge deal in the United Kingdom as it is usually used amongst friends and family to pick on one another but in a funny way. Many "lads" will go off on each other, mocking their women of choice or reminiscing about a night out. During the podcast, Chloe explained that she tried giving Bryce a chance, but he was “cringey” with his piano playing, another slang word for creepy.

As for the term geezer, for Americans it usually would refer to a cranky older man but for the Brits, it is just a term for dude or man. So, when Chloe used the slang term, she was just referring to Bryce, for example, as a random guy. Fans really loved the reality star's open and honest personality and found it easy to relate to the young woman and her happy attitude.

Even though Chloe did not find love on the show, she is still practicing all she learned from Lana and the workshops as she gets back into her daily routine. She is hoping once the pandemic is over to implement the lessons and find a great guy who will respect her for who she is and what she wants out of life, not like Kori Simpson who seemed to use her on the show and break her heart in two.

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Source: I Don’t Get It

Too Hot to Handle: Who Is Rhonda’s Hunky New Boyfriend?


Rhonda Paul from Netflix's Too Hot to Handle has been showing off her new man on Instagram. Reality TV fans are curious to know who Rhonda has picked as her new love interest. Here's what we know.

Rhonda and Sharron were one of the two couples to make it out successfully as they journeyed to bettering themselves. The couple immediately hit it off and were together (nearly) the entire duration of the show. However, they did face some hardship when Rhonda has trouble getting Sherron to put his guard down and trust her. After spending some time apart, getting to know other people, Sherron decided he wanted to go all-in with Rhonda instead of risk losing her. The two successfully made it out of the chastity suite without hooking up but did end up with a hefty $16k debit to the $100k prize pot.

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Sadly, the couple did not last long once filming ended as they both have confirmed their split. Rhonda has moved on pretty quick she has begun showing off a new man in her life. Even though the couple made it official while they were participating on the show, she and Sharron could not make it work in the real world due to many reasons. Sharron explained that he and Rhonda still speak all the time and every day but will just remain friends. Rhonda is wasting no time moving on, she been hinting at a new relationship with photos of a mystery man on her story. She tagged @itsdavidpablo in the photo of them together wearing masks, however, fans weren't convinced that it was him. Check out David's latest photo below:

After posting a few cute quarantine photos of her and her new man wearing masks and holdings hands, Rhonda finally revealed via her Instagram Live who her new man is and he goes by the name of "Diante David Pablo." She confirmed that she's in a happy and healthy relationship and asked for her fans to support her through the changes. While there has yet to be any tagged photos of the two or pictures together as a couple, it does show that they are in the same area in Texas together,

If you stalk his page, you will see that he's original from Flint, Michigan. He also has a startup called Powered by Pennies. Based on his photos, he travels all over the United States promoting his business. While he doesn't have quite as many followers as Rhonda, due to her sudden fame, he does have over 26k followers.

Fans were a bit shocked that Sharron and Rhonda could not make it work as they had such great chemistry on the show. The Jersey guy went back to old ways as he started to close himself off as he became busy with three jobs and helping his family. He shared with fans that he had recently lost his grandmother to cancer and had a lot on his plate. At least the two reality stars can still work at being friends as they both went through a once in a lifetime adventure. Fans are glad to see that Rhonda is happy, regardless of who she's with.

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Source: Rhonda Paul, @itsdavidpablo

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