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RHOC’s Kara’s Keough’s Double Tragedy: Father Dies After Losing Baby


Real Housewives Orange County's star Kara's Keough's experienced a double tragedy as her father died weeks after losing her baby. The family is still mourning and now will have to attend another funeral.

Gina Keough used to be a housewife on the main roster. She was a successful real estate agent who will forever be remembered for taking Simon Barney’s side against Tamra Judge in their divorce. Fans also remember her three children and an odd marriage to Matt Keough. The two were going through a divorce but still living under the same roof when cameras stopped filming.

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Kara has been the only one of the couple’s three children to remain somewhat in the spotlight as she shared a picture of her wedding and growing family throughout the years. Sadly, over the weekend she had to share some devastating news as she lost her beloved father and Oakland Athletics legend, Matt Keough. The young mother took to her Instagram to let followers know that her father had passed away. In a touching tribute, she said he would have to be on “grandpa duty” while up in heaven. Matt was a former MLB player and was only 64 years old at the time of his death and the cause of death has still not been released.

Kara had only told fans a couple of weeks ago that she had tragically lost her newborn son during childbirth. Kara had revealed that on April 6, their son, McCoy Casey, had been born at three in the morning but experienced shoulder dystocia and a compressed umbilical cord which resulted in his death.

In her heartbreaking post, she asked her father to watch over her son and teach him how to play ball while also finding lifelong friends. The Bravo personality shared a picture collage of memories she had with her father as her way of honoring him. Some photos were of her wedding to former NFL player Kyle Bosworth, while others showed her daughter playing with her father.

The family’s oldest son, Shane Keough, who tried making it big as a ballplayer like his father, also posted a touching tribute saying his all-time favorite place was sitting on his father’s shoulders. He also posted a picture of him as a child being carried on his father’s back. Even his old baseball team paid tribute to the legend on their Twitter account, acknowledging all he had done for the sport. The pitcher will be forever missed as be brought joy to the sport and his family.

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How Firefox Will Protect User Email Addresses By Creating Fake Ones


Firefox is working on a new service called Private Relay which could help protect user email addresses and their privacy through the creation of aliases. With so many websites and organizations asking to be linked to a user's email, this could prove to be a popular service to aid with the growing risk of user information being stolen online.

Firefox has been growing in popularity since 2004 and is the preferred choice by many over the Google Chrome browser. This is partly due to the fact that where Chrome has become an all-in-one application with browser features, Firefox has remained just a browser and been able to focus on what can separate it from the competition. With an emphasis on security, a customizable experience, and still being able to do everything the competition can, Firefox has made itself into a competitor in a busy market.

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Private Relay is a new security-focused feature by Mozilla and currently in a closed beta. However, a public beta is scheduled for later this year, according to ZDNet. The new feature will allow Firefox users to generate a unique email address with a single click which can then be used online to subscribe to newsletters, open new accounts, or send contact requests within web forms. The alias will receive the emails and forward them to the real email address, along with the option to disable or delete spam and/or any other unwanted communications. Through Private Relay, Mozilla is hoping to create a simpler email alias solution that all users can easily utilize, in order to protect themselves digitally.

In the past people have always tried to escape newsletters or spam they have signed up for. These emails not only clutter up inboxes, but can be distracting or even harmful. To avoid these, people have tried many different options including creating a second email account for the sole purpose of signing up to websites. The downside of this is that if there ever was an email from a company that the user wanted to see, they would need to search for their login information in order to gain access to the other account. Another option some often turn to is using a temporary email website. Sites like these create an email and inbox for a short period of time which gives users enough time to sign up and receive a verification email before the account erases. Though this may sound appealing, there is no way to receive emails once the account is gone. Apple has also mentioned it is working on a similar email alias feature for its Sign in with Apple login system which will utilize a user's Apple ID, rather than the standard website sign-in.

Despite there being other ways to get around spam emails or a cluttered inbox, an email alias is the best option. Not only is it keeping your account secure, but it also gives users a customization option for the type of emails they want to receive. If done correctly, Mozilla Firefox's Private Relay sounds like an option that will not only keep users safe from online scams but also help to declutter inboxes and focus user attention on the emails that actually matter.

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Source: ZDNet

The High Note Will Premiere on Demand This May, Watch the New Trailer

Focus Features is releasing The High Note, which stars Dakota Johnson, Tracee Ellis Ross and Ice Cube, later this month on digital platforms.

Chris Evans Groomed His Dog and Instantly Proved He Should Stick to Acting

Avengers: Endgame star Chris Evans is spending his time indoors like everybody else and had to give his dog a haircut.

Batwoman Gives Batman Villain Hush A New Origin For The Arrowverse


Batwoman has fully embraced Tommy Elliot’s (Gabriel Munn) comic book counterpart as the Batman villain Hush, but he's been given a new origin story for the Arrowverse. Since Batwoman season 1 began, Tommy became one of the earliest DC characters to invade the Ruby Rose-led drama while serving as a connection to the still-missing Bruce Wayne. With the promise that Batwoman would feature the origin story of how he becomes Hush, viewers had to wait quite a while after his debut in episode 3. Following Crisis on Infinite Earths, the second half of the season has dived deeper into the criminal world of Gotham City, which includes the current plot at Arkham Asylum.

With Alice (Rachel Skarsten) plotting away inside the walls of the infamous psychiatric hospital, Tommy is the latest member to join her squad. Having both been defeated by Gotham’s new heroine, Batwoman season 1, episode 18 “If You Believe in Me, I’ll Believe in You” explores Alice beginning her obsession with Lucius Fox’s mysterious journal while the heroes are doing the same. Tommy believes it has a “failsafe” in taking down the Dark Knight and perhaps even Batwoman. Along with Mouse, Alice offers to help Tommy break out of Arkham Asylum in exchange for the journal. But to help Tommy get out, the villainess had to go great lengths to accomplish it and that’s where Hush begins to get his Arrowverse origin story.

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Alice cuts Tommy’s face-off that she attaches to a different inmate to make it look like Tommy had committed suicide by hanging himself. Teasing that his new face could be anyone he wanted, Alice gives Tommy his Hush look once his head is all wrapped in bandages. While this version of Tommy still has a massive obsession with Bruce, the birth of Hush is a bit different in the comics. Throughout DC Comics lore, Tommy is responsible for making himself look almost identical to Bruce by self-performing plastic surgery. Unlike the comics, Tommy became a real estate mogul rather than being a neurosurgeon or having any ties to the medical field.

Given the brief hints that were given in the latest Batwoman episode, it’d appear that Tommy will want his new face to look like Bruce. If Alice actually honors their deal, it might get tricky in how Batwoman tackles the issue that Bruce is presenting currently without being there in the flesh. Since he is MIA and no one has been cast as Kate’s famous cousin since Batwoman began, the plot point might get resolved off-screen, but never a true pay-off on-screen. Even if Tommy has Bruce’s face underneath the bandages, it’d be odd for the Arrowverse to introduce Earth-Prime’s Batman through Hush having his face before viewers even meet the real deal.

Since the Arrowverse can’t properly use Batman/Bruce Wayne, excluding Kevin Conroy’s older (and now dead) version of the Caped Crusader on Earth-99, Hush’s new face may never be seen until the show gets the green light to properly introduce him by Warner Bros. Taking Alice out of the equation, Tommy's evolution into his villainous counterpart still sticks mostly to the source material with an Arrowverse spin. But given that Hush only played a small part in Batwoman season 1, episode 18, it remains to be seen what role he plays in the rest of the shortened season.

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