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KUWTK: Sofia Richie ‘Tipped Off’ Kourtney on Scott Disick’s Health Concerns


Keeping Up With the Kardashians fan favorite Scott Disick is really going through it right now. Yesterday, the news broke that he was in a Colorado rehab facility. Now we found out that it was actually his girlfriend Sophia Richie that "tipped off" his ex-wife Kourtney Kardashian in order to get him some help.

The initial reports claimed that he checked in for "alcohol and cocaine abuse." However, that actually wasn't the case. Instead, Scott decided to seek treatment "in an effort to finally come to terms and deal with the pain" resulting from the sudden deaths of his mom and dad, in late 2013 and early 2014, respectively. Aside from the initial reports completely mucking up Scott's reasons for treatment, there was another major issue. Scott's privacy was completely violated. In addition to leaking the news, someone shared a photo of Scott during a group therapy session at the facility. That is extremely personal and it may result in a legal consequence for the person who did this, especially if it's someone who works at the facility, according to Scott's lawyer Marty Singer. At this moment, his attorney is the only one from Scott's inner circle who has publicly addressed this situation, but there are reports circulating about the backstory.

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E! News reported that Scott's recent troubles stem from the coronavirus pandemic. The quarantine has been difficult for him because he "does really well when he is keeping busy." However, he has much more time to think during quarantine and he was reportedly "spiraling in his thoughts." An inside source said that Scott's longtime girlfriend Sofia was "extremely concerned with the choices he was making and how out of control he became very quickly." As her concern grew, she reportedly "tipped off" Kourtney,  the mother of his three children. Apparently, Sofia "didn't know what else to do."

Another source indicates that wasn't exactly the case and claimed that Kourtney "knew something was up" and thought he was "acting off." As a result, she "put a halt to it immediately. She ultimately gave him an ultimatum and he had no choice but to seek help." After that, Scott flew from Los Angeles to the Colorado facility, where he only stayed for a few days, leaving after the photo leaked to the press.

The semantics about whether Sofia "tipped off" Kourtney or if Kourtney took action solely based on her own observations don't matter. The important thing is that they were both on the same page and they want the best for Scott. Keeping Up with the Kardashians fans saw Scott spiral a few seasons ago after the sudden deaths of his parents. However, he admitted that he never really processed the loss on the most recent episode of Keeping Up With the Kardashians. The truth is that grief is a more fluid and complicated concept than some people realize. It's a great thing that Scott is seeking help to work through these issues and that he has such a solid support system that includes Sofia, Kourtney, and the other Kardashian family members.

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Source: E! News

New Twilight Book Explained: Why Midnight Sun (Probably) Won’t Be A Movie


The Twilight fandom is finally getting the long awaited novel Midnight Sun, but contrary to the Twilight Saga, this one probably won’t become a movie. Back in 2005, Stephenie Meyer introduced readers to a world where vampires, werewolves, and humans coexist, all told through the eyes of mortal Bella Swan, who fell in love with vampire Edward Cullen in Twilight. The book was followed by three more novels, and it wasn’t long until they made the jump to be big screen.

The film adaptation of Twilight was released in 2008 with Catherine Hardwicke as director and with Kristen Stewart as Bella Swan and Robert Pattinson as Edward Cullen. Though it got mixed reviews from critics, it was a big hit with the audience, making way for four more films as the final novel, Breaking Dawn, was split into two. Twilight went on to become a big cultural phenomenon, and Meyer teased an expansion of sorts through another novel: Midnight Sun.

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Given that the Twilight Saga is told from Bella’s perspective (one that has proven to be problematic), Midnight Sun will be Edward’s version of the events, something that fans have been waiting to read. Now, after years of waiting and not getting any updates on it, Midnight Sun is finally coming out in August 2020 – but what does the future hold for this story?

Midnight Sun is referred to as a companion novel to Twilight, and is a retelling of the events of that novel but told by Edward Cullen. Meyer once stated this was the only book from the series that she planned to rewrite from Edward’s perspective, but everything changed in August 2008, when twelve chapters of the unfinished manuscript were leaked. Meyer stated that she wasn’t in the correct frame of mind to continue writing the book after the incident, and decided to put it on hold indefinitely, but not before making the leaked chapters available on her website so her readers could take a look.

Meyer later said she would go back to it once everyone forgot about it, and in 2015, after the release of the Twilight gender-swapped version titled Life and Death: Twilight Reimagined, she revealed she felt comfortable to go back to Midnight Sun – but then Grey: Fifty Shades of Grey as Told by Christian happened, which was the same concept as her project. Midnight Sun remained on hold for a couple more years, until she announced that it’s finally being published in August 2020. Although a retelling of Twilight from Edward’s perspective would be interesting to watch on the big screen, it’s too late for it to become a movie, at least in the way Twilight became known.

The cast is much older now, and they are all involved in different projects – for instance, Robert Pattinson is now part of DC’s movie universe as the new Batman. It would be hard for Midnight Sun to repeat the success of the films from the Twilight Saga without the original cast, and it’s also to be seen if fans would still be interested in more films from the world of Twilight. Of course, Midnight Sun could go through a full recast for the sake of bringing the story to the big screen, but that would also depend on how well received the book is with both old and new readers.

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Amazon’s Upload Season 2: Biggest Questions It Needs To Answer


Amazon’s Upload wasted no time in establishing the biggest mysteries the main characters were going to try to solve, and season one left a couple of questions that future episodes should answer. From the mind of Greg Daniels (co-creator of Parks & Recreation) comes a new sci-fi comedy satire series titled Upload, which touches on themes like consumerism, capitalism, and the dynamics between humanity and technology, all with a good dose of (sometimes dark) humor.

Set in a near future where technology controls everything, even the afterlife, Upload follows Nathan (Robbie Amell), a young man who after a car crash is pushed by his girlfriend, Ingrid (Allegra Edwards), to “upload” his consciousness so he can keep on “living” and they can be together (essentially) forever. Once uploaded to Horizen’s Lakeview Hotel, Nathan meets Nora (Andy Allo), a customer service rep who serves as an “angel” to the uploads under her watch, among those Nathan. They soon develop a strong bond, and together find out there are some strange things going on with Nathan’s memories, and that his death was no accident.

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Season 1 of Upload saw the combined efforts of Nathan and Nora to restore his memories and find out who could have killed him, all while also dealing with their feelings for each other and Ingrid, as she has full control of Nathan’s afterlife and can delete him completely if she wants. The first season didn’t fully solve all its mysteries, preparing the ground for a future season – and here are the biggest questions Upload season 2 should answer.

The events of the series are kickstarted by Nathan’s death. After a car crash that leaves him on the edge of death, he’s forced to make the decision of uploading under Ingrid’s data plan, granting her full control of his new “life”. It’s later revealed that Nathan wasn’t exactly dying and could have recovered, so there was no need to make the upload, and it was all part of a plan that involved Ingrid’s dad, Oliver. After Nathan broke up with Ingrid, she confronted her father and told him she changed the settings in Nathan’s car to protect the driver, but her efforts obviously weren’t enough. Whether Nathan’s accident was Oliver’s work or someone else’s remains unknown, as Nora realized that there are more people involved in Nathan’s death and the erasure of his memories.

Whoever messed with Nathan’s memories targeted specific ones related to the project he was working on with his friend and business partner, Jamie (Jordan Johnson-Hinds), but later on, someone attacked Horizen’s database, creating a glitch that temporarily turned uploads into pixelated versions. It’s unknown what was the attacker’s goal and if they are involved in Nathan’s death. It’s possible that the man sent to “kill” Nathan’s consciousness when he was taken out of Lakeview and later tried to kill Nora was involved in it, but again, it’s unknown who he was working for.

Nora fell in love with Nathan, but was aware that having a relationship with an upload is complicated and, in a way, not real – and it’s even more complicated when the upload is under the control of someone else, like Ingrid. Though Nora went out on dates, she ended up telling Nathan she was up for giving their relationship a chance, and told him he loved him. However, as Nathan was downgraded to a 2gig plan, he ran out of data before Nora could come clean about her feelings, and so she believed he left her hanging. By the end of Upload season 1, Nora was leaving on a weekend getaway with Byron, her off-and-on again date. It’s yet to be seen if Nora will return to Horizen and will continue to be Nathan’s “angel”, and if she will choose real-life relationships over what she has with Nathan.

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The biggest twist in Upload season 1 came right at the end of the final episode. After Nathan ran out of data and was left frozen in his 2gig room, Ingrid arrived and gave him 1GB so she could talk to him. Once reactivated, Ingrid told him she was going to be there forever as she decided to upload – and because a person has to be dead to be uploaded, this means Ingrid is now dead too. As it was her decision, it’s understood that she killed herself, but there might be something else behind that. Perhaps it’s part of an agreement or plan to continue having Nathan under her control even though he’s no longer under her data plan, or she simply took her obsession to another level.

As mentioned above, Nathan was uploaded under Ingrid’s data plan, as her family has unlimited data because her father works for Horizen. This meant that anything Nathan needed or wanted to buy in-app had to be approved by Ingrid first, and if she wanted, she could delete him completely. On a brighter side, this allowed him access to all amenities at Lakeview, but at the cost of his freedom. As his family doesn’t have enough money to support that “lifestyle”, he decided to downgrade to a 2gig plan, which means he only has 2GB of data a month and as such had to be moved to a solitary and dull part of the hotel. Nathan’s plan was for Jamie to give him his part of the money from their project so he wouldn’t have to become a 2gig, but after his memories were restored, he realized that wouldn’t be possible. With Ingrid now an upload too, it’s yet to be seen if she will continue to pay for his extra GBs or if he will try to find new ways to be upgraded and thus continue seeing Nora.

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When Will Marvel Movies Resume Production? Disney CEO Offers an Update

CEO Bob Chapek doesn't know when Disney can resume large productions again, leaving the future of Marvel somewhat in flux.

Sekiro Multiplayer Mod Lets Players Fight Together Online


A new mod gives Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice players the chance to show off their skills or call in help for tough fights by adding online multiplayer to the previously single-player only Soulslike. Unlike previous games by From Software, Sekiro didn’t have any multiplayer features at launch, much to the chagrin of players who relied on summoning friends to help with bosses or built elaborate PvP fight clubs in Dark Souls and Bloodborne.

When it launched in March 2019, Sekiro was lauded for its incredible swordplay, but stirred controversy due to its lack of any difficulty options making the game unapproachable for many players. Developers from around the games industry, including those behind God of War and Celeste, weighed in on the controversy, which revived an ongoing discussion about difficulty and accessibility in games. Despite its divisiveness, Sekiro ended up winning the Game of the Year at 2019’s Game Awards, beating out the likes of Control and Death Stranding.

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Sekiro Online may not be the difficulty solution that some players were looking for, but it does offer the opportunity to experience Sekiro in a new way. Mod creator LukeYui recently posted the beta version of Sekiro Online to NexusMods and shared a video that shows the current state of the mod. Currently, Sekiro Online supports up to six players for both PvP and PvE action. Like in Dark Souls and Bloodborne, players using Sekiro: Online will be able to summon others to their game or invade unsuspecting hosts.

In the video, there are some glimpses of network problems, with characters momentarily freezing or moving erratically, but overall, Sekiro Online seems to offer a viable way to play the game, or at least the start of one. The issues seen in the video look fairly minor, but given how fast-paced and demanding Sekiro’s combat is, even a small amount of lag could render parts of the game nearly unplayable. LukeYui also notes that crashes and bugs are to be expected, given that the mod is made by a single person who is not a professional developer.

Sekiro may not garner the same level of devotion as Dark Souls or Bloodborne, but it’s still inspiring fans to fix what many saw as holes in the original release, whether it’s a mod that adds multiplayer or adjusts the game’s difficulty. At the very least, it should help pass the time until From Software finally reveals more about its next game, Elden Ring.

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Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice is available on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC.

Source: LukeYui/NexusMods, LukeYui/YouTube

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