Ridley Scott established one of the most important science fiction franchises in history when he made Alien in 1979. This tale of a deep-space crew preyed upon by a vicious alien species spawned three sequels and more recently, two prequels. These star-studded movies have big budgets and even bigger cultural impacts.

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With their stunning visual imagery, insane action sequences, and butt-kicking protagonist Ellen Ripley, the Alien films make perfect fodder for internet memes. From facehuggers to AI to Xenomorph queens, the creatures who make the franchise so memorable also translate into hilarious virtual content. This list showcases 10 of the most knee-slapping Alien memes a fan can hope for.

10 How Cute

In Prometheus and Alien: Covenant, Michael Fassbender plays the AI David, a humanoid robot constructed by Peter Weyland to assist human passengers onboard the Weyland Company's exploratory ships. After Peter Weyland dies, David goes rogue.

David, obsessed with his own creation, becomes curious about bringing other lifeforms into the world. In Alien: Covenant, David engineers his own version of alien creatures. Father David uses humans as bait for his children ⁠— and has one heck of a smile.

9 Facehugger 2000 CPAP Mask

The second stage in an alien's life cycle is aptly referred to as a facehugger. This cuddly creature is a cross between a spider and a crab. The facehugger is a parasite who attaches itself to a host's face. From there, it implants an embryo into the host.

An inventive memester decided to explore alternate uses for the facehugger. Do you suffer from sleep apnea? Try the Facehugger 2000 CPAP Mask!

8 D&D Alignments

The second installment in the Alien franchise is directed by James Cameron. Released in 1986, Aliens combines Cameron's action-packed approach to storytelling with the dark, industrial moods evoked in the original film.

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There are few better ways to size up how characters in a movie behave than to organize them by their D&D moral alignment. Aliens takes the terror to the next level by introducing the alien queen. The Xenomorph royal fits snugly into the chaotic evil category.

7 "I Am The Gatekeeper!"

Sigourney Weaver's role as Ellen Ripley is legendary. She's the ultimate final girl and one of the most important science fiction characters in cinematic history.

Weaver is no genre novice, though, as this meme proves. "I am the gatekeeper!" is a reference to the 1984's Ghostbusters. In it, Weaver plays a musician targeted by an ancient god for possession. The photo in this meme comes from the 1999 sci-fi spoof Galaxy Quest.

6 There's A New Disney Princess In Town

In 2019, Disney acquired the production company 20th Century Fox. This was big news in the entertainment world, and it further consolidated Disney's power in Hollywood.

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20th Century Fox produced the Alien movies. This means, technically, Disney now owns the rights to the Xenomorph Queen. Does this mean there's a new Disney Princess in town? Only time will tell.

5 Free Hug, Anyone?

Jokes about facehuggers are plentiful. This meme finds the ultimate trickster, the fox, getting tricked by a box labeled "Free Hug!." Always curious, the fox pokes its head inside. Guess what happens next?

The facehugger was originally designed by famed artist H.R. Giger. A Swiss surrealistic artist, Giger's set and creature designs give the Alien series its influential metallurgical, gothic aesthetic.

4 Xenomorphs Vs. Zombies

The Alien movies ⁠— especially the original ⁠— feel like hybrids between horror and science fiction. With their otherworldly themes and concepts, these films also employ classic monster movie scares.

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As this meme proves, the alien Xenomorphs hunt people for the bodies, while their monster compatriots, zombies, are after your brains. A next-level meme, though, would size up which of these creatures is more likely to win in a fight.

3 Inside The Xenomorph

Somebody did Alien fans the ultimate favor by constructing a Xenomorph-shaped cookie jar. If the idea of placing your hand into a deep well shaped like a terrifying alien isn't too frightening, this may be the new kitchen item for you.

While this meme pokes fun at those with rough exteriors and sweet dispositions, there isn't much sweetness to be found in a Xenomorph, no matter how deep you dig.

2 Jonesy Vs. Alien

Jonesy is the beloved orange cat in the original Alien film who survives the ordeal with Ripley. Unfortunately, the Nostromo's resident rodent catcher isn't able to keep the new invaders at bay when the aliens get onboard.

This adorable meme takes the hard edge off the Xenomorph by comparing its disposition to Jonesy's. At the end of the day, an alien needs time to groom and nap too, right?

1 Try A Breath Mint

Alien 3 includes a very intense scene between Ripley and a Xenomorph, with the Xenomorph getting within inches of Ripley's face. Audiences watch on in terror as Ripley reconciles with the fact she's about to die. Instead, the alien suddenly retreats.

This scene also raises some important questions about Xenomorph dental hygiene. There's no way that mouth oozing with saliva smells very good.

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