Schitt's Creek was one of the most unique and irreverent comedies of the last few years. It followed the wealthy Rose family who lost all their money and were forced to move to a rural town in Canada called Schitt's Creek.

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The show recently aired its sixth and final season which was full of ridiculous and touching moments, just as it was in the first season. In order to celebrate Schitt's Creek's end, here is a list of some of the best moments of season one that fans might have forgotten about.

10 David Went Turkey Hunting

After Stevie called out David for being afraid of killing an insect, David tried to prove that he can be "one with nature" and tagged along on Roland's annual turkey shoot. Unfortunately for David, the hunt went a little too well.

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David shot a turkey in the neck and immediately became scarred by the experience. Luckily, Moira got an interesting new hairdo that wiped the gory images from his brain.

9 Moira & David Tried To Take Part In A Pyramid Scheme

For most of the first season, the Roses had a massive superiority complex. Thankfully, Moira and David were brought down a peg in the episode "Allez-Vous." Moira was sent a range of Allez-Vous beauty products from one of her old friends, which turned out to be a pyramid scheme.

Thinking that they could swindle some of the town's locals, the two had a luncheon where the gave a cringy and ridiculous sales pitch. Unfortunately, for the two, it turned out that most of the townspeople had been Allez-Vous reps for years.

8 Moira & Johnny Broke Bob & Gwen's Cabin

In order to get some alone time as a couple, Roland graciously offered Moira and Johnny his cabin. After having followed Roland's confusing directions, the two ended up at a surprisingly beautiful cabin.

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However, in a surprise twist, the cabin actually belonged to Bob and Gwen. Moira and Johnny were than mortified to find out that the two had been waiting for them to come out of their bedroom.

7 Everyone Forgot Alexis' Middle Name

In the episode "Bad Parents," Moira had to fill in Alexis' community service form. Moira successfully got through most of the form but was stumped when it came to Alexis' middle name.

This resulted in a hilarious exchange which revealed not only did Moira and Johnny not remember Alexis' middle name but that David didn't even know that she had one. Later in the season, it was revealed that her middle name was Claire.

6 Moira Became A Spokesperson For Fruit Wine

Early in the season, Moira hoped to make her come back as the spokesperson for Herb Ertlinger Winery, a local fruit wine company. Although Moira didn't like the wine itself, she happily agreed to do a few commercials.

However, when it came time to make the commercials, Moira seemingly lost all her acting abilities and locked herself in her trailer. Thankfully, Johnny was able to pull her out of her funk and remind her of the talented actress that she was.

5 Johnny Had An Existential Crisis At Carl's Funeral

In the episode "Carl's Funeral," Johnny was roped into giving a eulogy for a man that he had never met called Carl, and predictably, it did not go well.

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After it was implied that Carl committed suicide, Johnny started to panic about being stuck in Schitt's Creek forever and ended up having an existential crisis right at the pulpit. Luckily, Moira was able to save the day by breaking into song.

4 Moira's Suprise Birthday Party

Near the end of season one, Johnny decided to host a surprise party for Moira's birthday. In order to keep it a secret, he enlisted the help of Jocelyn and Roland who pretended that the party was a fundraiser.

However, Moira nearly ruined it all when she tried to take over the planning. Luckily, the evening turned out surprisingly great and it became the Roses' first positive interaction with the rest of the town.

3 Alexis Thought Jocelyn Was Having An Affair With Mutt

While Alexis was serving community service, she became reacquainted with Mutt, the mysterious bad boy she kissed at the tailgate party earlier in the season.

When Mutt mysteriously left during their service, Alexis decided to follow him and saw him talking to Jocelyn. In typical Alexis fashion, she quickly jumped to conclusions and assumed that Jocelyn and Mutt were having an affair. In a funny twist, it turned out that Mutt was actually Jocelyn and Roland's son.

2 David Told Stevie He Was Pansexual

One of the things that fans loved about David was that he never tried to shy away from who he was, and that included his sexuality.

In the episode "Honeymoon," Stevie and David had one of the most nonchalant yet significant conversations about sexuality ever seen on TV. In the exchange, Stevie explained that she thought, like her, David only drank "red wine," to which David replied that he liked "the wine and not the label."

1 Moira Slapped Roland

In the second episode of the season, "The Drip," Johnny needed to get Roland's signature so that he could try to sell the town. After a bizarre dinner, Roland revealed that he used to be a big fan of Moira's soap opera, Sunrise Bay. Moira played the role of Vivian Blake, who was best known for viciously slapping people.

Therefore, in order to sign the papers, Roland asked Moira to slap him and after a ridiculous back and forth, she eventually lost it and slapped Roland right across the face.

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