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Every New Comic on Marvel Unlimited This Week: May 25


This week, Marvel Unlimited unveils premiere issues of Deadpool and Annihilation: Scourge, the continuing story of Amazing Mary Jane, Excalibur, and King Thor, while the tale comes to an end for Absolute Carnage and Star Wars. Building on a catalogue of over 27k titles, Marvel’s subscription-based archive, Marvel Unlimited adds 24 new comics this week that hit store shelves November 20 of last year. Each week, Screen Rant takes a look at the latest update to Marvel Comics' digital library, Marvel Unlimited - here are just a few of the standout titles in this week’s Pull List! 

In this week’s digital update, Marvel Unlimited crowns Deadpool king in the Merc with a Mouth’s 2019 debut from writer Kelly Thompson and artist-extraordinaire Chris Bachalo. Kicking events off with a monster hunter of legendary proportions with Elsa Bloodstone, Kraven the Hunter and Gwenpool, Deadpool is named King of the Monsters but can he keep his crown — and his head? And the Scourge is on the hunt in the Negative Zone, as Annihilus - the Living Death that Walks - and Blastaar fall to the horde’s insatiable appetite in the premier issue of Annihilation: Scourge - Alpha. In a desperate act to save the imperiled Negative Zone, the villains seek the aid of the warriors and heroes of another dimension, Silver Surfer, Fantastic Four, and the sole-survivor of the Nova Corps, Richard Ryder. Don’t miss the premiere issues of Deadpool, Annihilation: Scourge - Alpha, 2099 Alpha, Fantastic Four 2099, and Absolute Carnage: Captain Marvel, all new this week on Marvel Unlimited.

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And the hijinx in Hollywood continue in the second issue of Amazing Mary Jane, as the aspiring starlet comes under the mentorship of enchanter, Mysterio. But when Vulture, Scorpion, Tarantula, and Rhino crash the studio set, the production looks ready to fold. Catch up with MJ on location in this sensational new series from writer Leah Williams and artist Carlos Gomez. Anchors away! Krakoa’s newly-liberated mutant squads Excalibur and Marauders return in this week’s Marvel Unlimited update, as Kate Pryde ferries Captain Britain and England’s heroes back to their lighthouse-base, but not before supernatural selkies from Scottish lore ambush the crew, in Excalibur #2, “A Tower of Flowers.” The Hellfire Trading Company, the responsible for distributing island-nation Krakoa’s powerful pharmaceuticals and for managing a clandestine mutant-smuggling ring, is looking for a new Red Queen in Marauders #2. Set sail with scurvy dogs, Storm, Pyro, Iceman, Lockheed and Captain Kate as they plunder and pillage contraband cargo on the high seas, and maybe land a big gig, in Gerry Duggan’s Marauders, “The Red Coronation.” 

Nothing gold can stay and several titles ride into the sunset this week, including the conclusion of the Absolute Carnage comic event and and an end, and a promise of a new beginning, for Star Wars. The Absolute Carnage crossover-event that left the Marvel Universe reeling in pandemonium comes to its violent end as Venom and Carnage face off in a explosive duel to the death. And the Rebels square off against the Galactic Empire in the thrilling conclusion to the Star Wars monthly title from Jedi Archivist Greg Pak. Before the devastating Battle of Hoth and Skywalker’s reluctant retreat to the jungle-planet of Dagoba, Luke, Leia, Han, and Chewie are confronted by a vengeful Darth Vader as a world crumbles around them in the final chapter of Star Wars, “Rebels and Rogues.” 

Catch up on your favorite stories, including Deadpool, X-Men, and Rebel Scum from start to finish in this week’s update to Marvel Unlimited - check out the complete list below. Don’t miss this week’s entire lineup on Marvel Unlimited, available on the App StoreGoogle Play, and online.

New on Marvel Unlimited: Week of May 25, 2020/ In-store Date November 20, 2019

  • 2099 Alpha #1
  • Absolute Carnage #5
  • Absolute Carnage: Captain Marvel #1
  • Aero #5
  • Amazing Mary Jane #2
  • Amazing Spider-Man #34
  • Annihilation: Scourge - Alpha #1
  • Avengers #26
  • Captain America #16
  • Captain Marvel #12
  • Deadpool #1
  • Excalibur #2
  • Fantastic Four 2099 #1
  • Gwenpool Strikes Back #4
  • Immortal Hulk #27
  • King Thor #2
  • Loki #5
  • Marauders #2
  • Marvel’s Spider-Man: High Velocity #4
  • Punisher Kill Krew #5
  • Spider-Verse #2
  • Star War #75

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How Darkseid Originally Killed Batman in The Comics | Screen Rant


Batman is an incredibly prepared hero, who seemingly has a plan for every scenario. But did the Caped Crusader have a plan to escape death at the hands of Darkseid?

Darkseid was introduced during Jack Kirby's Fourth World saga as one of the New Gods. Darkseid is the ruler of Apokolips and is considered the greatest threat to New Genesis, the home-world of the more heroic New Gods. Though Darkseid and the Highfather, the ruler of New Genesis, had a treaty between the two worlds (involving trading their sons Orion and Mr. Miracle at birth), the former would secretly find ways to attack and hurt the citizens of New Genesis. Darkseid was a ruthless and cunning dictator who would stop at nothing to acquire the "Anti-Life Equation," a formula that would enable him to conquer the entire universe and bend all beings to his will. Of course, time and time again Darkseid's efforts would be thwarted by the DC Heroes, whether they were fellow New Gods, or the Justice League. Despite Darkseid's insurmountable strength and stamina, making him a truly frightening foe, he could never truly achieve the victory he desired, until DC's Final Crisis.

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Final Crisis opens with Orion, Darkseid's son and protector of New Genesis, who arrives on earth after being mortally wounded by Darkseid. A bullet was found in Orion's corpse, one that contained Radion Toxins, a poison that can harm New Gods. Once the Justice League becomes aware of the looming threat coming to earth, Batman gets captured by an Alpha Lantern (a robotic Green Lantern) and brought to Darkseid. Darkseid had finally attained the Anti-Life Equation and began to use it to subjugate all of Earth to his will, though some heroes remained unaffected and tried to either fight back or simply survive this new world. Batman had actually played a role in Darkseid's plan, as he planned to create a clone army of Batman (as Darkseid admired Batman's intelligence and strength). However, Batman, as a result of the trauma he endured for most of his life, was unable to be properly cloned, and every clone created had died. Once Batman had made his escape from Darkseid's prison, he managed to recover the bullet used to kill Orion, with the intention of killing Darkseid. Once Batman encountered Darkseid, he taunted him for giving him the means of the latter's defeat. Darkseid however, was ready to fire his Omega Sanction, an eye beam attack that cannot miss and will either destroy the target, or trap them in an endless cycle of life and death.

Batman decided that he would break his "no-gun" rule in favor of stopping Darkseid, deciding that the latter's cruelty was enough to warrant an exception. When the two fired their attacks, Batman managed to hit Darkseid, greatly wounding him, but Darkseid also managed to strike Batman, apparently reducing him to a skeleton. Shortly afterward, Superman reached Darkseid's headquarters himself and found the corpse of his friend, and with this revelation, Batman was declared dead.

Though Batman was declared dead, Darkseid was ultimately defeated and the Anti-Life Equation was undone, with the world gradually returning to normal. However, as with most deaths in comic books, Batman's demise was greatly exaggerated, as the caped crusader managed to cheat death. Batman, who had amnesia, was actually sent back to the pre-historic era, and would gradually be sent forward in time until he reached the present day. Darkseid however, had a backup plan in the event that his plan in Final Crisis would fail, and he had sent a creature known as a Hyper-Adapter after Batman. This creature would chase him throughout time until the two reached the present day and, when it caught up to him, would eradicate all life on earth. Darkseid had essentially transformed Batman into a ticking time-bomb, one that would unknowingly kill his friends and family without them being aware of it. However, Tim Drake and Dick Grayson had found evidence that Bruce was alive and well in the past, and the heroes prepared for Bruce's return. Bruce, as he made his way forward in time, would gradually remember who he was, and was able to recognize the situation he was in. Once he returned to the present day, Bruce and the Justice League managed to disarm the threat of the Hyper-Adapter, ensuring that Darkseid's last-ditch effort to eradicate all life would be for naught.

Though Batman may not have truly been dead, Darkseid was one of the few villains to truly overwhelm Batman and defeat him. Darkseid was also the one character that Batman chose to use a firearm against, a line he swore he would never cross with any villain, including vicious foes like the Joker. Given the circumstances, Batman's actions were understandable, but given Batman's devout "anti-firearm" rule, his willingness to break it demonstrated just how much of a threat Batman considered the New God. Furthermore, Batman's "Death" had a profound impact on the DC Universe, with heroes like Superman and Dick Grayson grieving for a long while. After a fierce battle for the cowl, Dick Grayson, the first Robin, took on the mantle of Batman and would protect Gotham City in his mentor's memory alongside Damian Wayne, Bruce's son. While Darkseid is not the first villain to defeat Batman in combat, he might be the only one who killed him.

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Pixar Zoom Backgrounds: Get Free Pictures Of Favorite Animated Movies For Your Next Call


Whatever your favorite Pixar movie is, there’s a good chance a virtual background exists that you can download and use during your next Zoom call. Zoom backgrounds have become all the rage recently, with many companies and brands making available official and high-quality images that are specifically optimized for use as a virtual background.

Zoom backgrounds might not have been something many considered a few months ago, but with so many having to take their personal and work lives online for the first time, Zoom has become the go-to video-conferencing solution for many. In turn, this has resulted in a greater need for people to customize their backgrounds to either liven up their routine Zoom calls and meetings, or to disguise their existing real world backdrop. Whatever the reason, and as the demand for custom backgrounds has grown, so has the supply with an abundance of images for Zoom users to choose from.

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Recently adding to the long list of official third-party backgrounds Zoom users can now download from is Disney. In fact, Disney has made available a lot of virtual backgrounds over the past few weeks, providing consumers with the ability to choose from its many properties, including Disney animation and Star Wars. Further adding to the Disney options are Pixar movies with a variety of full resolution official virtual backgrounds available to download for the following Pixar titles:

  • A Bug's Life
  • Brave
  • Cars 3
  • Coco
  • Finding Nemo
  • Incredibles 2
  • Inside Out
  • Monsters, Inc.
  • Ratatouille
  • The Good Dinosaur
  • Toy Story
  • Up
  • WALL-E

Regardless of whether you're more interested in taking your next Zoom call from Andy’s room in Toy Story, the mansion from Incredibles 2, the streets from Coco, or even the kitchen where Remy from Ratatouille is cooking up a storm, the process of actually adding the background is the same and easy to do. Once you have the image you want to use downloaded the quickest solution is to start a Zoom call from your mobile phone. Once live, the user can tap the three-dot menu and then use the “+” button in the “Virtual Background” section to upload the image. Once uploaded, the new background will be immediately applied to the current call.

For those who tend to access Zoom via the website on a laptop or computer, the process is largely the same, although you won’t need to already be taking part in a call to begin with. Instead, log in to Zoom, tap on the profile picture and then use the same plus button found under “Virtual Background” to upload the image. While these Pixar images will brighten up any Zoom call or meeting, there are plenty of great virtual backgrounds available online.

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How World War Z Originally Ended (& Why It Was Changed)


The ending of World War Z went through some major changes before the film was released; here's how the movie originally ended and why it was altered. Starring Brad Pitt and released in 2013 amid the zombie craze in Hollywood, World War Z seemed destined for success until reports of major reshoots surfaced. Nevertheless, when audiences and critics alike saw World War Z, most were somewhat surprised to see that the end result was a decent blockbuster.

After watching Gerry Lane (Pitt) and his family survive the outbreak, the movie shifts to follow his attempt to find the source of the virus and potentially a cure. This finale places Lane in a World Health Organization building with a few fellow survivors, but the information he seeks is at the center of the building, which has been overrun by the zombie-like individuals. As World War Z concludes, Lane infects himself with a pathogen that can hide him from those who are infected, and he is able to walk past the rampaging zombies unharmed. A montage that closes the film shows humanity fighting back against the horde, ringing a hopeful ending of humanity finding a way to survive. But this is very different from the original plan for World War Z's conclusion.

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World War Z's original ending begins with Lane and Segen (Daniella Kertesz) flying to Moscow where they are immediately drafted into the army being built to fight the zombies. Instead of going to the WHO building, the original ending features a time jump showing a bearded Lane still fighting in Russia during the winter. It's during this time he realizes the zombies move slower in the cold, giving the humans an advantage in these conditions. He's been out of communication with his family this entire time, but he is finally able to speak to his wife, who has secretly had to strike up a relationship with Matthew Fox's paratrooper to keep her and the kids safe. Later on, Lane, Segen, and a character named Simon begin traveling through Russia to go to the United States and save Lane's family. World War Z's final scene had them arriving in America and storming the country to find his family.

This bleaker ending for World War Z came as a result of the script not being entirely finished when production began on the film. After filming was completed and Forster assembled the first cut of the film though, Paramount executives and Pitt did not like the ending. Those who have seen the early cut of World War Z described the ending to Vanity Fair as "abrupt and incoherent," which lines up with the description of the footage that has since been revealed.

In order to fix the ending, Paramount hired Damon Lindelof to re-write the script, ordered seven weeks of reshoots, and spent tens of millions of dollars shooting over 40 minutes of 2-hour blockbuster. Even though all of these changes saw World War Z's budget balloon to over $200 million, it still managed to do fairly well at the box office - earning $540M worldwide. The end result gave Paramount a film that was successful enough to generate sequel conversations, with David Fincher most recently attached to the project. Whether or not World War Z becomes a franchise remains to be seen, but it is clear that the original ending was dramatically different from what audience saw.

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The Only Battle Suicide Squad’s Director Says He Won With Warner Bros.


Suicide Squad director David Ayer says the only battle he won against Warner Bros. pertained to Diablo's (Jay Hernandez) backstory. Expectations were high for the DC film when it was released in 2016, but it didn't take long for Suicide Squad to get hit with poor reviews from fans and critics alike. Many noted the film's muddled tone was likely a result of studio influence, as Warner Bros. sought to please test audiences with a lighter tone found in other superhero movies at the time. In the years since, Ayer has spoken about how much Warner Bros. changed from his original plan in reshoots.

Ayer's reveals seem to have increased in frequency lately, possibly because of the release of the Snyder Cut of Justice League. For example, Ayer revealed just last week that there was supposed to be a romance between Harley Quinn (Margot Robbie) and Deadshot (Will Smith), but it was taken out during reshoots. Additionally, Diablo was supposed to live; in Suicide Squad, he sacrifices himself at the end to save the rest of the team. Diablo was one of the characters fans enjoyed, partially because of his tragic, compelling backstory. The film revealed Diablo killed his entire family with his fire powers during a moment of intense anger, making him a very complicated character.

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According to Ayer, keeping Diablo's violent backstory was the one fight he managed to win against Warner Bros. After a fan expressed their surprise that the backstory was kept in the film, Ayer responded with, "It was the only battle I won. Decision makers were allergic to Diablo killing his family." He then went on to say that Diablo's past actions represent themes he likes to explore in his films: "death, guilt, redemption and emancipation from toxic relationships..." You can see his full message in the space below.

This certainly feels like the first instance where Ayer described something in Suicide Squad that turned out how he wanted it to. Last week's Snyder Cut announcement has led to some calling for the release of Ayer's original Suicide Squad cut. While Ayer initially downplayed the calls by saying his cut may "always be just a rumor," he later confirmed its existence and even revealed it's almost complete. Undoubtedly, this will encourage those fans who actually wish to see it, though it's important to remember Warner Bros. hasn't indicated they have any interest in it.

It's hard to deny that Ayer's original intentions for Suicide Squad were essentially shredded to bits by studio-enforced reshoots, and on some level, it would be interesting to see his version of the film. Considering how many people appreciated Diablo's backstory (now known as the one thing Ayer managed to keep intact despite Warner Bros.' best efforts), there might be even more now who want to see the Ayer Cut released. For now, it remains a dream, though hopefully Ayer will continue to share more about what his original ideas were.

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