Warning! Spoilers ahead for Venom #25!

Carnage, the symbiote offspring of Venom, is one the most dangerous and disturbing villains in the Marvel Universe. Apparently, he's also one of the hardest to kill, as he's always coming back to cause terrible chaos and mayhem. Thought to have been killed during the Absolute Carnage event, the red and malicious symbiote forced Venom to awaken the Symbiote God Knull. Afterward, it was assumed Carnage had been slain by Venom so he could save his son Dylan. However, things were not as they seemed.

A few issues later, Eddie notices that there is a darkness within him and Venom, his other half. Together, they head to Isla de Huesos to try and sort themselves out, otherwise known as Venom Island. It's there that the darkness is made known, and it carries a sinisterly familiar red hue.

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In its totality, Venom Island never stops delivering on the action, intensity, and big surprises. It begins with Carnage making himself known, having been hiding within Venom ever since Absolute Carnage. He causes Eddie to crash his plane down to the island below, trying to overtake and infect him, forcing the Venom symbiote out and and causing a desperate Eddie to cut his own hand off to prevent Carnage from forcibly bonding with him. Despite praying to Thor and receiving a lightning blast to try and expel the symbiote, Carnage does succeed in taking over Eddie. However, Eddie's son Dylan has a connection to all symbiotes and can control them as well. Despite being thousands of miles away, Dylan connects with Venom and they work together to save Eddie from his Carnageized state. How? Why, forming into a giant Venomized T.Rex of course.

Thanks to Dylan, Carnage is successfully removed from Eddie and his other in the final issue of Venom Island, and they are later rescued by the Avengers. Also, Eddie comes clean to the Avengers about awakening Knull, the Symbiote God, whose on his way to Earth with his fleet of symbiote dragons. Thor is no stranger to Knull, having battled with him before. Eddie shares that he feels as though the end of days is coming, and that old and new threats are about to rain down upon all of them. As a result, Venom and the Avengers determine to work together no matter what happens. While is seems as though they may still have some time to prepare before Knull's arrival, the final pages take readers back to the shores of Venom Island where a large, red fin is gliding through the ocean, leaving the island behind.

Naturally, Carnage is still alive, no longer hiding and free to bond with whomever he wishes, first bonding with a shark to escape the island. He's heading somewhere as of yet unknown, but it can't be good. One can imagine that wherever he's going, it'll be to cause untold damage and mayhem, doing whatever he can to ensure that Knull arrives to Earth with to consume and assimilate the entire planet. Carnage is the ultimate bad penny. An extremely disturbed, psychopathic penny. He's always going to turn up at the absolute worst time for the heroes, of which Venom is now an unlikely part of that number in the Marvel Universe.

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