In 2018, 1999 cult classic shark flick Deep Blue Sea finally got its first sequel; now Deep Blue Sea 3 is on the way, and here's what we know. There's really no doubt about what Deep Blue Sea is most famous for. It's the scene where Samuel L. Jackson's character, who seems primed to step up and take charge of the situation, is suddenly devoured by a shark after giving a rousing speech to his fellow survivors. The moment is completely unexpected on first viewing, and it's very effective.

That's not say that Sam Jackson's surprise death is all Deep Blue Sea has to offer lovers of shark cinema. For one, the premise of accidentally creating super-intelligent sharks while trying to cure Alzheimer's, while silly, is original and creative. The human cast is also full of talent, and recognizable faces, even outside of Jackson. Thomas Jane plays the lead hero of the story, LL Cool J is the comic relief cook, and Michael Rapaport is his usual fast-talking self.

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Unfortunately, Deep Blue Sea 2 failed to replicate the magic of the original, earning terrible reviews from critics and a muted response from fans. However, Deep Blue Sea 3 has a different creative team, and a brand new story to tell. Will this one be a worthy sequel? Here's everything we so know so far.

Deep Blue Sea 3 is a bit of an odd project, as it clearly exists, and there have been updates on its progress, but nothing officially confirmed by any particular studio involved. It was in August 2019 that reports first revealed the coming of Deep Blue Sea 3, with the news that the sequel was likely to go straight to Netflix. Since then, Deep Blue Sea 3 has received an official R-rating from the MPAA, and a release date of July 28, 2020 has been reported. However, if the release date really is that soon, it's very curious why there hasn't been a single bit of marketing yet.

Deep Blue Sea 3, directed by John Pogue (The Quiet Ones), and written by Dirk Blackman (Underworld: Rise of the Lycans), stars Tania Raymonde (Lost) as Dr. Emma Collins, the leader of a team studying the effects of climate change on great whites nearby a small island. Things get turned upside down when Emma's marine biologist ex-boyfriend Richard (Nathaniel Buzolic, The Originals) shows up looking for a particular set of bull sharks, presumably the genetically modified ones that escaped into the open ocean at the end of Deep Blue Sea 2.

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