101 Dalmatians was first released by Disney in 1961. It was an instant triumph — commercially due to its use of low-cost animation modes, and critics lauded it as the single best Disney movie since Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs (1937). The film was so popular that it was converted into a franchise. The first live-action remake was released in 1996, which soon led to multiple sequels and TV syndication.

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In fact, a film entirely devoted to Cruella is set to release in 2021, starring Emma Stone as the fur-loving dog-murderer. The performances in the original movie have been beloved for half a century, due to the poise and depth with which each role was written. So, it's interesting to evaluate the moral objectives of some of the main characters in 101 Dalmatians. The list given below classifies each character according to the Dungeons & Dragons alignment system.

10 Anita Radcliffe - Lawful Good (Crusader)

Anita Radcliffe, the adoptive mother of Pongo, Perdita, and their fifteen puppies, was apparently a close friend of Cruella de Vil while they were at school together. However, she doesn't quite like Cruella anymore, considering her strange tastes in interior decoration and fashion sense.

As a Crusader, Anita believes that everyone maintains the same high code of conduct that she follows. This is shown when Cruella calls her after kidnapping her puppies, her voice dripping with false sympathy, but Anita simply tells her that they have called Scotland Yard for help, and even scolds Roger when he loudly accuses Cruella of stealing the pups.

9 Roger Radcliffe - Neutral Good (Benefactor)

Roger Radcliffe is a brilliant musician, composing songs often on the spot, to the merriment of everyone in earshot. He is a virtuous and trustworthy person, caring for his wife and pets deeply. Roger embodies the Benefactor, as someone who is intent on providing help to others.

This is shown through his intense concern for the missing puppies, although he disregards Pongo when the latter catches a whiff of his babies in the cold night air. In the end, when Anita wonders what to do with their 101 Dalmatians, Roger suggests that they buy a larger place in the country, where they can have a "Dalmatian plantation."

8 Pongo - Neutral Good (Benefactor)

Pongo, the Dalmatian dad, is a dopey, lovable character. Like Roger, Pongo also displays traits of the Benefactor; feeling Roger's loneliness, he orchestrates a meeting with Anita, which ends up in the couple getting married. He is also incredibly dedicated to his new babies, gently nudging a newborn with his nose to show his adoration.

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Pongo becomes morose when Cruella's henchmen steal the puppies and escapes the Radcliffe home with Perdita to bring them back home. Due to his friendly nature, Pongo has a lot of friends, including a horse and a cat, who help him on his mission.

7 Patch - Chaotic Good (Rebel)

Patch, named for the black markings around his right eye, is the Rebel of the litter. He loves nothing more than watching the Thunderbolt show, but hates Dirty Dawson, the villain, so much that he growls things like, "I'd like to tear his gizzard out."

Patch's behavior is directly linked to his brother, Lucky, whose proud spirit flustered Patch, making him think that his parents preferred him less. However, he loves his siblings dearly, which is shown when he yelps angrily at Horace for abusing Lucky (who was just trying to watch some television.)

6 Perdita - Lawful Neutral (Judge)

Unlike her "husband," Perdita is a firm believer in order and hierarchy; as Pongo tends to spoil the kids by letting them watch too much violence on TV, it falls to Perdita to be the bad cop and enforce discipline. These features classify her as a Judge.

Although Perdita can get stressed out easily, opting to evade hostile situations instead of tackling them, her demeanor changes when her puppies are in danger. For instance, her natural poise and elegance disappear entirely when she and Pongo aggressively break through the kidnappers' window when they see their little ones cornered.

5 Rolly - True Neutral (Undecided)

The only one of the Dalmatian brood who has absolutely no care in the world, with the singular exception of food, is Rolly. He generally likes to just laze around all day, rarely joining in the roughhousing that his rambunctious siblings love doing. Rolly is considerably chubby, but never stops hungering for more food; in fact, his favorite line seems to be "I'm hungry, mother."

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He is a True Neutral, because he was the least worried when he was abducted along with his litter and was equally unconcerned about this status when he returned home.

4 Lucky - Chaotic Neutral (Free Spirit)

Even though Lucky is the most delicate puppy, at least physically, he makes up for it with his energy and playfulness. As a Free Spirit, Lucky happens to be a contradictory mix of brave and easily scared. For example, he loves watching Thunderbolt up close, with his paws on the screen, but he runs away when Dirty Dawson shows up.

Nevertheless, once he has reached a safe distance, he turns around and yaps at the TV, as if warning the villain not to come any closer. Lucky is also gentle with his siblings; this is shown when he assures Patch that he is not at fault for their situation.

3 Horace - Lawful Evil (Dominator)

Horace is the less threatening of the pair of kidnappers, being more laid-back than his partner, Jasper. He has even shown to be more perceptive, given that he can, to a degree, identify signs of sentience in the puppies, a notion that Jasper sneers at.

Horace represents the Dominator; while Cruella's presence makes him rather anxious, he is still a wicked person — he knows the exact nature of the gruesome fate that awaits his captives, but the promise of money has him shedding all semblance of honor or decency.

2 Jasper - Neutral Evil (Malefactor)

Being a Malefactor, Jasper exhibits far more callous behavior than Horace. For instance, he has the audacity to sass Cruella herself if he does not like the way she is treating them. Like Horace, Jasper is also in it for the money, but his greed has blinded him to several alternative possibilities.

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For instance, Jasper considers himself the smarter of the two, even though there is evidence to the contrary, a classic case of the Dunning-Kruger Effect. Even though he is normally calm under pressure, Jasper can erupt into both verbal and physical violence when enraged, which is shown when he plans to kill the Dalmatian puppies because they tried to escape.

1 Cruella De Vil - Chaotic Evil (Destroyer)

The thought of killing innocent puppies would send a shiver down the spine of the evilest villain, but not Cruella. Her fondness for the latest in fashion combines with her absolute lack of empathy, creating an elegant (and repulsive) monster.

Cruella is a Destroyer, as she puts her smallest whims ahead of the well-being of others; in the case of the puppies, ahead even of the sanctity of life. In addition to her evilness, Cruella barely shows respect towards people, as seen when she simply charged into the Radcliffe home and offered to buy the baby Dalmatians.

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