There were a lot of people on Full House, and with lots of people come lots of emotions. Sometimes they were happy, like when Uncle Jesse and Becky got married or someone's birthday rolled around. Other times, though, the Tanners and their loved ones would get a bit sad.

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Whether it be from a loss or a different negative change in life, everyone has felt sad at one time or another, and the characters of Full House are no different. Luckily, they've got each other to lean on when things get a bit rough. Here are the ten saddest episodes ranked from least sad to saddest:

10 Love On The Rocks

Steve is on a trip, and he and DJ have not been able to talk much while he’s been gone. DJ starts to question whether their relationship is what she really wants or if they've grown too far apart to be truly happy together.

When Steve comes back, DJ takes him hiking up a mountain, and they talk about their relationship. The moment that breaks everyone's hearts is when they decide that it's over between them.

9 Goodbye Mr. Bear

While packing up things to donate to charity, Joey may have accidentally given away Mr. Bear, Stephanie's beloved Teddy bear. She's extremely saddened that he's gone, and she doesn't want any other bear. She makes lost bear flyers and even tries to get the police involved!

After watching old home videos, Stephanie remembers that her mom was the one to give her Mr. Bear, which makes it all the sadder that he's gone. Thankfully, Michelle pulls Mr. Bear out from the place where she hid him!

8 A Fish Called Martin

Michelle wins a fish at the fair and is excited to take on the new responsibilities of owning a pet. Unfortunately, Michelle misunderstands when Joey says that fish need to stay clean, and she gives her new friend in a bubble bath, which he does not survive.

Not only does the family have to break it to her that her fish has passed away, but they also tell her how it happened. Hearing her say, "I put him in there," is enough to make any fish lover cry!

7 Fuller House

Uncle Jesse has just gotten married, and he is preparing to move into Becky's apartment. As he gets ready to say goodbye to Michelle, the two have a heart to heart, realizing that things will not be the same as they were before.

Jesse gives Michelle the pink bunny picture that hung in his room, and Michelle gives him her stuffed pig. The move is difficult on both of them, but Jesse eventually moves back!

6 Our Very First Show

The family is going through a lot of changes in the pilot episode. As DJ says, first her mom passes away; then her grandma leaves after she had been staying with the family to help out and then DJ even has to give up her own room.

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She doesn't like that everything keeps disappearing, but Danny tries to help her feel better by telling her that they are all still a family who will stick together to get through the hard times.

5 Slumber Party

Stephanie gets invited to a honeybee mother/daughter sleepover, but she doesn't have a mother to go with her. Joey volunteers, but it's just not the same, especially when the other girls want to wear high heels and put on makeup.

Stephanie leaves the sleepover very upset and then confides in DJ about how sad she is. They talk about how hard it is to see other girls with their moms and how they miss out on a lot without their mom. In the end, Stephanie ends up going back to the sleepover with DJ.

4 Under The Influence

Kimmy and DJ get invited to party, but Kimmy begins drinking. She embarrasses herself in front of many people, and then she decides that she wants to drive home, even though she is now very drunk. DJ fights her for the keys and ends up taking care of her all night back at the Tanner house.

Kimmy gets mad at DJ for ruining her fun, and DJ reveals that her mom was killed in a crash because of a drunk driver; she didn't want to lose her best friend the same way. Kimmy understands the seriousness of her mistake, and the two make up.

3 Michelle Rides Again Part 2

After falling off of her horse and hitting her head, Michelle loses her memory. Her family tries their best to help her remember things and reintroduce her to her life, but Michelle is still unsure about everything. The walk down memory lane takes a sad turn when she asks about her mom, and they have to tell her that her mom passed away.

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Michelle has the realization that even if she gets her memory back, she won't remember her mother because she was so young. Her family says that they will tell her whatever she wants to know about her mom, and this makes her feel a tiny bit better.

2 Silence Is Not Golden

While working on a project for school, Stephanie's friend Charles reveals that his father physically abuses him. Stephanie is upset by this and afraid for him, but she promises she won't tell anybody. Still, she tells her uncle when she fears that Charles could be in more danger, and after some calls are made by Uncle Jesse, Charles gets put into foster care.

Stephanie gets angry and feels hurt, but Jesse helps her to understand that they did the right thing.

1 The Last Dance

Grab your tissues because this one is a tear-jerker. Jesse's grandfather Papouli has been visiting, but he sadly passes away during his trip. Everyone is upset by this, particularly Jesse and Michelle.

They talk together about how it's okay to be sad, and then they share a hug and cry together. Jesse also takes Papouli's place at Michelle's school to teach the students a Greek dance that Michelle and Papouli had been working on.

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