Luna Lovegood is one of the most loved, fan-favorite characters from the entire Harry Potter series. Her bravery in being herself along with her individuality, creativity, and compassion made many fans fall in love with her.

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Because of these things, there were many times where fans felt inspired by Luna. However, she also lived a difficult life which made fans feel sorry for her at certain points in the series.

10 Felt Sorry: Seeing how she was picked on for being weird

Luna wasn’t someone who was considered cool or popular by any means. She was discounted by others because she was eccentric and marched to the beat of her own drum.

While for the most part she was just ignored by people, there were people who would make fun of her and even do things like hiding her shoes. People didn’t treat her very kindly even though she was a good person.

9 Inspiring: That was wasn’t afraid to be herself

Even though Luna didn’t have many friends for most of her time at Hogwarts, she didn’t let this change who she was. She was still herself through and through.

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Even though people called her Loony and talked behind her back, she still walked around with her original style and didn’t let what people said to get her too down. This is definitely something that many people can learn from.

8 Felt Sorry: That she wasn’t good at seeing her dad’s ideas were out there

While Xenophilius Lovegood clearly loved his daughter a lot, he didn't’ do her any favors by teaching her his out-there beliefs. By having her believe in things like crumple-horned snorkacks, she was at a disadvantage in the world and a target to be mocked.

His eccentric beliefs and the way he sheltered Luna weren’t really fair to her.

7 Inspiring: How good and caring of a friend she was

While Luna didn’t have many friends at school for a while, she really should have. Her classmates were missing out on her friendship because she’s an extremely caring and insightful person.

When she finally made friends from Dumbledore’s Army, those friendships meant a lot to her. She’s extremely loyal, and she was always looking out for the people she cared about.

6 Felt Sorry: When people discounted her because she was eccentric

While Luna might have been sorted into Ravenclaw, many people don't view her as very smart because she was eccentric.

People like Hermione and other Ravenclaws discounted her intellect because she could believe in some silly things. While this could have been frustrating, she was also really smart in other ways and her creativity was part of this intelligence.

5 Inspiring: Her creativity and individuality

The wizarding world sometimes seems to be occupied by people who like to play by more logical rules which seems strange given that they are in a world full of magic.

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Luna is one of the most whimsical and creative characters from her ideas to her wardrobe. She likes to have come up with her own ideas and she’s a true original, and this is something that we can all draw inspiration from.

4 Felt Sorry: Finding out about what happened to her mother

One of the most tragic things that ever happened to Luna was the death of her mother. Not only did her mother die when she was young, but Luna also witnessed the accident and saw her mother die.

This would be extremely tragic for anyone to see, but the fact that Luna was just a child makes it even sadder.

3 Inspiring: When she helped lead the resistance at Hogwarts

After Harry, Hermione, and Ron leave to look for the Horcruxes, there are other members of Dumbledore’s Army who lead the resistance at the school.

Luna, Neville, and Ginny re-start the organization and are actively fighting back against Voldemort who was running the school at that point. This took a lot of bravery, and it showed just how committed Luna was to the cause.

2 Felt Sorry: When she was imprisoned in Malfoy Manor

Another of the most tragic things that happens to Luna is when she’s used by the Death Eaters as a way to manipulate Xenophilius Lovegood. While exactly everything she goes through isn’t known, she at one point is taken as a prisoner in Malfoy Manor.

Given how kind and good Luna is, seeing her be taken and put in a dungeon by Death Eaters is especially sad.

1 Inspiring: When she became a Magizoologist

While Luna did many heroic and brave things, such as fighting in the Battle of Hogwarts, which were inspiring, one of the best was the way she lived her life after.

She went on to become a famous magizoologist and follow her dreams of living a unique, curious life. She also had a family, and it was great to see her thrive in adulthood considering everything she went through as a teenager.

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