Harry Potter's best friend is often the most comedic of the Golden Trio. Sometimes he comes off as shallow and insensitive, but he's always by Harry's side, and Harry enjoys his company. Where Hermione is kind and moral, Ron makes Harry smile and feel at home.

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But being the Chosen One's best friend can leave Ron feeling a bit left out sometimes, especially when Hermione is the brains of the group. Ron often feels like he has no role in Harry Potter series, and even in his own family, where all of the Weasleys seem sure of their paths. Yet, through it all, he maintains his jovial personality.

10 FUNNY: "Why Couldn't It Be 'Follow The Butterflies'?"

In the Chamber of Secrets, Hagrid's being taken away from his home by the Ministry, but he manages to leave a cryptic message for Harry and Ron while they're hidden under the Invisibility Cloak. He knows that they want to learn more about the heir of Slytherin, so he directs them to Aragog, his friend - who also happens to be an enormous spider.

Ron's greatest fear is spiders, so he's not too happy about this next adventure. In fact, he's terrified, whimpering the whole way through the Forbidden Forest while Harry is forced to put up with him. In the end, it's Ron's stolen car that saves them, though.

9 HEARTBREAKING: "You Have No Family!"

Ron and Hermione accompany Harry on his quest to find and destroy Voldemort's Horcruxes in the last two installments of the Harry Potter franchise. After discovering his locket around Umbridge's neck, they find that they have no idea how to destroy it. They take turns wearing it because being under its influence for too long heightens the wearer's negative emotions.

Ron's been wearing it all day when he notices that Harry and Hermione have been spending a lot of time alone. He grows jealous, but Harry isn't having it. Ron yells at Harry that he doesn't know how he feels because he doesn't have any family. Maybe Ron isn't speaking as himself, but it's still an extremely hurtful thing to say, especially since it's the only wound of Harry's that will never entirely heal.

8 FUNNY: "You're Gonna Suffer, But You're Gonna ... Be Happy About It."

Nobody really takes Divination classes seriously at Hogwarts - at least in Third Year - so Harry and Ron use this time to catch up on sleep. But when Professor Trelawney checks on their progress, Ron attempts to read Harry's tea leaves.

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According to his studies, Harry's going to suffer, but be happy about it. Even Ron doesn't sound too sure about this one. Trelawney takes a look, and immediately drops the cup as if it's scalding hot. She looks at Harry with her enlarged, fearful eyes and whispers to him that he's got the Grim. Everyone gasps, except for Hermione, who thinks it's all a load of rubbish.

7 HEARTBREAKING: "Yeah, That's Me - Ron Weasley, Harry Potter's Stupid Friend."

Admittedly, Ron isn't thinking straight in this scene, and he's not placing himself in the best light with this quote. After Harry's name is selected by the Goblet of Fire, Ron is jealous. He refuses to listen to Harry, just assuming that he's cheated. Harry tells him he's being stupid, and Ron agrees with this quote. Even though he's being unreasonable, his words ring true.

Clearly he harbors some insecurity being Harry Potter's best friend, constantly compared to both him and Hermione. This is a recurring topic throughout the series, and it bothers Ron even when he destroys Voldemort's locket in the Deathly Hallows. The Weasley family is known for being poor, but just because he's not the Boy Who Lived, that doesn't mean Ron's worthless. Ron is courageous, loyal, and very logical when he wants to be - it's very out of character for him not to realize that Harry would never have entered himself in the Triwizard Tournament.

6 FUNNY: "It's Beautiful, Isn't It? The Moon."

Ron has just gorged on the love potion-infused chocolates that Romilda Vane has left Harry. Unawares, Harry casually enters their dorm room to find Ron gazing avidly at the moon. "Divine," Harry says, a little weirded out. Ron confesses that he's in love, and asks Harry if he thinks "she" knows of his existence.

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Incredulous, Harry says, "I bloody well hope so. She's been snogging you for three months." But Ron is confused - he's not talking about his girlfriend Lavender Brown, but Romilda. Harry thinks he's joking, at which accusation Ron throws the empty box at him and declares his love again.

5 HEARTBREAKING: "And You? Are You Coming, Are You Staying?"

When Ron decides that he's leaving Harry after their argument, he demands Hermione what she's going to do. It's an impossible choice to make, and a grossly unfair question to ask, especially in the heat of the moment.

Hermione is at a loss; she doesn't want to hurt or provoke Ron any further, but she knows she has to stay and help Harry finish what they started. Ron assumes the worst and leaves the tent, Disapparating to somewhere they can't follow him. His absence is heavy for a significant portion of the first Deathly Hallows film, and both Harry and Hermione feel it every day.

4 FUNNY: "She Needs To Sort Out Her Priorities."

After the trio's encounter with Hagrid's three-headed dog, affectionately named Fluffy, the First Years are pretty rattled. Hermione is the only one to notice that the creature is guarding something. Ron doesn't really care, though: "I wasn't looking at its feet. I was a bit preoccupied with its heads. Or maybe you didn't notice - it had three!"

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Hermione has had enough adventure for one day, so she says she's going to bed before either of them "come up with another clever idea to get [themselves] killed ... or worse, expelled." After she leaves, Ron shakes his head and tells Harry that she needs to sort out her priorities. We couldn't agree more.

3 HEARTBREAKING: "They Were Starving Him, Mum. There Were Bars On His Window."

Harry's early life with the Dursleys is a subject of pity and sympathy for viewers, and for other characters too. Ron decides to rescue him from their home during the summer before Second Year, aided by Fred, George, and Arthur's enchanted car.

Ron's words are, unfortunately, the truth. Harry has indeed been living with bars on his windows, excluded from meals, and spending most of his time pretending that he doesn't exist. But even though Ron knows the basics, no one will ever be able to understand Harry's reality as an orphan, not even his best friend.

2 FUNNY: "I Look Like My Great-Aunt Tessie ... Smell Like My Great-Aunt Tessie."

Ron receives this flattering dress robe in the mail one day before the Yule Ball, right in front of everyone in the Great Hall. He thinks it's for Ginny, who calls the garment "ghastly". Everyone laughs, because they know they're meant for Ron.

Horrified, he has no choice but to wear them to the Yule Ball. When Harry appears in a set of modern dress robes, Ron is further humiliated. "What are those?" he demands Harry, who tries to comfort his friend by saying his robes are probably more traditional. But Ron laments their frills and ... smell.

1 HEARTBREAKING: "No Wonder She Hasn't Got Any Friends."

Ron is jealous after Hermione proves just how skilled she is at magic in Charms Class. She helps him out by correcting his pronunciation of the levitation spell, but Ron gives up and demands to see her do it.

She gets it right on her first go. After class, Ron is walking with Harry and a sooty Seamus Finnegan, mocking Hermione's helpful advice. "She's a nightmare, honestly. No wonder she hasn't got any friends." But she's right behind them and rushes past, crying. Ron immediately regrets his words. Luckily, Ron is able to redeem himself, but we all know that their back-and-forth continues for almost the entire series.

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